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82 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Belarus. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Baranavitsjy, Belarus53.11437988N 26.03425407ESu-17, Mi-24Military10 August 20162
Baranavitsjy, Belarus53.12575150N 26.03460121EMiG-19Military20 January 20131
Baranavitsjy, Belarus53.12242508N 26.03824615EMiG-29Military1 April 20161
Begoml, Belarus54.72945786N 28.06554031EIl-14Military1 April 20161
Biaroza, Belarus52.52470016N 24.96754837ESu-25, Mi-8, Mi-24Military1 April 20163
Biaroza, Belarus52.54640579N 25.00835800EMiG-17Military1 April 20161
Bobruisk, Belarus53.11914062N 29.22824478ESu-24 (not yet visible on GE image, placed in 2016)Military22 April 20171
Borovaya, Belarus53.95928192N 27.65268707E2x An-2Civil1 April 20162
Borovaya - Museum, Belarus53.96111679N 27.65202713EVariousBoth11 July 201637
Borovo, Belarus52.47468948N 31.15096474EAn-2, Mi-8Civil10 August 2016
Borovo, Belarus52.47313309N 31.14961243EMi-2Civil10 August 20161
Brest, Belarus52.11319351N 23.88769341EAn-24?Unknown22 January 2017
Čačersk, Belarus52.91941833N 30.91442108ETu-124Civil12 July 20161
Cherven, Belarus53.72182846N 28.38599014ESu-24 (only visible on latest GE image, not clear though, exact location to be confirmed, placed in 2015)Military22 April 20171
David-Gorodok, Belarus52.05299759N 27.19555473EMi-2 not visible, but confirmed to be in this town, probably in this area, exact location to be confirmedMilitary10 August 20161
Gomel, Belarus52.52813339N 30.99973869EAn-24Civil12 July 2016
Gomel - Museum, Belarus52.42955780N 31.01382256EVariousMilitary26 March 20164
Grodno, Belarus53.67241287N 23.87144661ESu-24Military10 August 20161
Hlybokaye, Belarus55.11944199N 27.67203331ESu-17Military18 December 20151
Jantarny, Belarus52.50700378N 30.98596573EMi-2Civil10 August 20161
Kalinkovich, Belarus52.12976837N 29.34523392EMiG-15Military10 August 2016
Klimavichy, Belarus53.70821381N 31.90795708ESu-9Military18 March 20161
Klimavichy, Belarus53.60902405N 31.96212196ESu-9Military29 March 20161
Kobrin, Belarus52.22996902N 24.38005829EMi-8Military1 April 20161
Korobchitsy, Belarus53.60150146N 23.73047638EAn-26, Su-24 (not yet visible on GE image, installed in 2015)Military10 August 20162
Krasnaya Volya, Belarus52.36887360N 27.06000137EMiG-23 (not visible on GE image, location may not be 100% correct)Military10 August 20161
Krychaw, Belarus53.71691132N 31.71653366ESu-9Military18 March 20161
Kukovyachino, Belarus55.15642929N 29.97149086EMi-1, Su-24, Su-27Military22 April 20172
Kukovyachino, Belarus55.16060257N 29.97355080ESeveral Mi-2 storedMilitary10 August 2016
Lida, Belarus53.87282562N 25.33973885ESu-7Military17 April 20131
Lida, Belarus53.87210083N 25.33884621EVariousMilitary1 April 20166
Lida, Belarus53.89010239N 25.30756950ESu-25Military22 April 20171
Lipki, Belarus53.91279984N 27.70659447EMi-2Civil10 August 20161
Loshany - Stalin Line Museum, Belarus54.05724335N 27.29286957EVariousMilitary14 January 20158
Lukomir, Belarus52.53615189N 24.70224190EMiG-15Military1 April 20161
Luninets, Belarus52.27031708N 26.83081245EMiG-17Military10 August 20161
Machulishchy, Belarus53.77878571N 27.58002472EMi-26 fuselage, maybe more wfuMilitary11 October 2015
Machulishchy, Belarus53.77761459N 27.58878899ESu-9Military1 April 20161
Machulishchy, Belarus53.77882767N 27.58793640EAn-26Military10 August 20161
Malech, Belarus52.48772430N 24.70505333ESu-7 (MiG-21 still visible was removed in 2008)Military10 August 20161
Malu Ulanova, Belarus54.26142502N 30.16461754EMiG-27Military13 August 20161
Minsk, Belarus53.86495209N 27.54585648EVarious storedCivil13 August 2016
Minsk, Belarus53.91253281N 27.67060471ESu-7Military20 January 20131
Minsk, Belarus53.83998489N 27.66025352EVariousMilitary19 January 20151
Minsk, Belarus53.84197617N 27.66071510EVariousCivil13 August 20168
Minsk, Belarus53.92634201N 27.57770920EMiG-17Military20 January 20131
Minsk, Belarus53.95757675N 27.73222733EVariousMilitary13 August 20169
Minsk, Belarus53.84017181N 27.65416908EMiG-15Military13 November 20141
Minsk, Belarus53.84144592N 27.65609550EMiG-23Military19 January 20151
Minsk, Belarus53.91701889N 27.53697968ELi-2Military1 April 20161
Minsk-Velikiydvor, Belarus53.89282990N 28.03220558EVariousCivil17 January 20156
Minsk-Velikiydvor, Belarus53.88129044N 28.04160309ESeveral Il-76Civil17 January 20159
Mogilev, Belarus53.88831711N 30.32796097ETu-134Civil19 January 20151
Mogilev, Belarus53.93716812N 30.35733223EYak-40Civil18 December 20151
Mozyr, Belarus52.04447556N 29.27392960EMiG-17Military10 August 20161
Mozyr, Belarus51.98572922N 29.15394974EMi-2Civil10 August 20161
Mstislavl, Belarus54.01466751N 31.70033646EMiG-17Military13 August 20161
Nova Pashkovo, Belarus53.94538879N 30.23977470EVarious (only visible on latest GE image)Both13 August 20165
Novyja Zasimavicy, Belarus52.59694290N 24.39633179EMi-24 - is around here, not sure of location. Previously a Mi-2 was at this spot, Mi-24 may have beenn installed here, or closeby.Military10 August 20161
Oktober, Belarus54.44438934N 27.76672554EMi-2Unknown10 August 2016
Orsja, Belarus54.41971207N 30.29157066ETu-16Military17 April 20131
Osovtsy, Belarus52.55857849N 24.89029694EMiG-15Military20 November 20141
Petrovichi, Belarus53.64443207N 25.67017174EMiG-15 not clearly visible, needs to be confirmedMilitary13 August 20161
Postavy, Belarus55.10995102N 26.87350845EMiG-23Military1 April 20161
Postavy, Belarus55.10671616N 26.84475327EMi-8Military10 August 20161
Pruzhany, Belarus52.56243134N 24.48178482EMiG-17 (not visible due to blurry image)Military10 August 20161
Pruzhany, Belarus52.55654144N 24.45120430EMi-24 (not visible due to blurry GE image)Military10 August 20161
Pruzhany, Belarus52.56138611N 24.45943069EMi-24, Su-25 (not visible on blurry GE image, installed August 2015)Military10 August 20162
Rechitsa, Belarus52.37089920N 30.39380264EMiG-15Military10 August 20161
Ross, Belarus53.29138947N 24.39802551ESu-24 not yet visible on GE image, installed august 2015, exact location to be confirmedMilitary13 August 20161
Senno, Belarus54.81234741N 29.70978355ESu-24, Su-27 (not yet visible on GE image, in this park)Military22 April 20172
Shchuchyn, Belarus53.60998535N 24.74142838EMiG-19 - plane has been moved to a new location, most likely to south bank of the small lake. New location to be confirmed.Military22 April 20171
Shchuchyn, Belarus53.62563324N 24.72797585EMiG-25 not yet visible on GE image, installed in 2015 (moved from location #14769)Military13 August 20161
Slutsky, Belarus52.99975586N 27.57150269EAn-2Military10 August 20161
Svetlaya Roscha, Belarus54.33398819N 28.38845825EVariousCivil17 March 20161
Tamašoŭka, Belarus51.56049347N 23.60247993EMiG-23Military10 August 20161
Vitebsk, Belarus55.13554382N 30.36049271ELarge number of Mi-2 fuselagesUnknown13 August 2016
Vitebsk, Belarus55.18529892N 30.20159721EVariousMilitary18 December 20144
Volkovyssk, Belarus53.15262222N 24.45766830EMiG-15Military27 December 20161
Zelva, Belarus53.14685059N 24.82171059ESu-24 (not yet visible on GE image, installed in 2015, exact location to be confirmed)Military10 August 20161
Zemst, Belarus50.99946213N 4.44690800EP.149Civil22 January 20171
Zodzina, Belarus54.10773087N 28.30137253ER.44 (not yet visible on GE image, exact location to be confirmed)Civil11 October 20161