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44 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Bolivia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Atocha, Bolivia20.93560219S 66.22040558WCe.U206Civil29 June 20151
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.41089058S 66.16464996WB-25Notset11 March 2013
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.41337204S 66.17396545WB727Notset11 March 2013
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.41238213S 66.1771698WB727?Notset11 March 2013
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.4151783S 66.17639923W3x B727Notset11 March 2013
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.42128754S 66.17367554W2x B727Civil13 January 2016
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.42306709S 66.16921997WB727, BAe.146, L.1011Notset11 March 2013
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.42686081S 66.16771698W2x B727, 2x B737Civil11 March 2013
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.41872787S 66.17251587WDC-3Notset11 March 2013
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.41716194S 66.17189026WVariousNotset11 March 2013
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.41974258S 66.14027405WT-29Civil8 July 20151
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.42142677S 66.17011261WC.212Unknown13 January 2016
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.45207787S 66.14052582WCe.206
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.45147324S 66.14048767WPC-7
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.4513092S 66.13916779WT-33
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.44744873S 66.14087677WCW-22
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Cochabamba, Bolivia17.42612267S 66.16773987WT-34
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
El Trompillo, Bolivia17.7994976S 63.17943192WUH-1Military13 January 20161
El Trompillo, Bolivia17.80416107S 63.17882538WSmall propNotset27 October 2013
El Trompillo, Bolivia17.80457687S 63.17522049WVarious small propsNotset27 October 2013
El Trompillo, Bolivia17.80729294S 63.17721176WLarge number of stored planesMilitary13 January 2016
El Trompillo, Bolivia17.80875969S 63.17633057WHelicopter (UH-1?)Military4 April 2015
El Trompillo, Bolivia17.8032856S 63.17587662WF.27Civil3 April 20161
La Paz, Bolivia16.5113678S 68.17225647WVarious proplinersCivil11 March 2013
La Paz, Bolivia16.50389481S 68.18261719WVariousNotset11 March 2013
La Paz, Bolivia16.50623322S 68.17089081WConvairUnknown13 January 2016
La Paz, Bolivia16.49924469S 68.18354034W2x DC-6?Notset11 March 2013
La Paz, Bolivia16.50252533S 68.17881775WVariousNotset11 March 2013
La Paz, Bolivia16.50139046S 68.17520905WT-33Military12 March 2015
La Paz, Bolivia16.50147438S 68.18498993WCv.240
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 January 2016
La Paz - Museo Aeroespacial de la Fuerza Aérea Boliviana, Bolivia16.50357056S 68.17398834WVarious
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 October 201620
Oruro, Bolivia17.95380402S 67.11230469WT-33Military4 October 20171
Puerto Suarez, Bolivia18.97992516S 57.81666946WSmall propNotset27 October 2013
Riberalta, Bolivia11.00399876S 66.07498169WCe.310Unknown13 January 2016
Riberalta, Bolivia11.0078125S 66.07450104WDC-3Civil13 January 2016
Robore, Bolivia18.32076645S 59.770401WT-6
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Santa Cruz, Bolivia17.77574539S 63.17403793WL.1049Civil1 January 20151
Sucre - Museo Historico Militar de la Nacion, Bolivia19.04568291S 65.25910187WT-23Military11 January 20151
Trinidad, Bolivia14.82808208S 64.91126251WAravaMilitary14 January 2016
Trinidad, Bolivia14.8265667S 64.90788269WDC-3, 2x unknown fuselagesCivil4 April 20151
Trinidad, Bolivia14.78324795S 64.95188141WB727Civil4 April 20151
Viru Viru, Bolivia17.64529419S 63.14148712WYak-40, L-410, unknownCivil13 July 20163
Viru Viru, Bolivia17.64729118S 63.13011932W3x B727, B737
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 January 20163
Viru Viru, Bolivia17.65687561S 63.12356949WB727, B737Civil11 October 2017