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54 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Chile. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Antofagasta, Chile23.44116592S 70.43202972WMirage 5Military6 May 20151
Antofagasta, Chile23.43911934S 70.43758392WHunter, T-33, T-37Military6 August 20171
Antofagasta, Chile23.43813515S 70.43858337WB-26Military6 August 2017
Antofagasta, Chile23.55026245S 70.40129852WVampire
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Antofogasta, Chile23.57450867S 70.39292908WHunterMilitary8 May 20161
Castro, Chile42.48856735S 73.77401733WCommander
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 January 2016
Chaiten, Chile43.01284409S 72.50067902WDC-3
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 January 20161
Chile - Museo Histórico de Carabineros de Chile, Chile33.44225311S 70.61188507WH.269 (inside?), small propMilitary6 May 20152
Colina, Chile33.13827896S 70.65797424WUnknown fuselagesNotset14 January 2013
Concepcion, Chile36.77233124S 73.05931091WHU-16Notset14 January 2013
Gorbea, Chile39.09757233S 72.67189026WBe.18Military8 November 20141
Iquique, Chile20.53459549S 70.18657684WT-37, T-6Military13 January 2016
Iquique, Chile20.53409767S 70.18943787Wseveral stored jets (T-33, C.101?)Notset14 January 2013
Iquique, Chile20.51797867S 70.17307281WVampire?Notset14 January 2013
Los Andes, Chile32.82086945S 70.59474182WDC-3
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 January 2016
Mejillones, Chile23.09919357S 70.45178986WA-26Notset14 January 2013
Mejillones, Chile23.09946632S 70.45295715WHunterMilitary14 January 20131
Melipilla, Chile33.57614136S 71.2620163WDC-3Civil7 January 20151
Puerto Montt, Chile41.43985367S 73.09922791WHunterMilitary14 January 2013
Puerto Montt, Chile41.43681335S 73.0983963WDHC.6Notset14 January 20131
Puerto Montt, Chile41.43753433S 73.09741211WDC-3, twin propNotset14 January 20131
Punta Arenas, Chile53.01087952S 70.83094788WF-80Military13 January 2016
Punta Arenas, Chile53.00630569S 70.83123016WVariousMilitary12 March 2015
Punta Arenas, Chile53.12757874S 70.87130737WT-33Military14 January 2013
Punta Arenas, Chile53.00895691S 70.83098602WMirage 5
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Quintero, Chile32.78415298S 71.52459717WHunterMilitary14 January 2013
Rancagua, Chile34.16689301S 70.76724243WT-37Military14 January 2013
Rancagua, Chile34.165905S 70.76687622WC.212, Be.18, Puma, Piper CubMilitary20 September 20171
San Felipe, Chile32.75545502S 70.72388458WT-37Military14 January 2013
San Felipe, Chile32.74833679S 70.70542145WBe.18Notset14 January 2013
Santiago, Chile33.39031982S 70.79580688WVarious stored airlinersCivil14 January 2013
Santiago, Chile33.38271713S 70.79195404WB737?Notset14 January 2013
Santiago, Chile33.37919617S 70.79507446WDC-3Notset14 January 20131
Santiago, Chile33.56190872S 70.68296814WUnknown propNotset14 January 2013
Santiago, Chile33.56145477S 70.68157959WUnknown propNotset14 January 2013
Santiago, Chile33.56094742S 70.68251801WT-37Military14 January 2013
Santiago, Chile33.55726242S 70.67847443WUnknownNotset14 January 2013
Santiago, Chile33.55649948S 70.67813873WMirage, HunterNotset14 January 20132
Santiago, Chile33.55624008S 70.67939758WMirageNotset14 January 2013
Santiago, Chile33.56727982S 70.69523621WLarge number of stored jets (Mirages, A/T-37, C.101)Notset14 January 2013
Santiago, Chile33.56783676S 70.69602203WHunterMilitary14 January 2013
Santiago, Chile33.38898849S 70.5435257WDC-3Notset14 January 20131
Santiago, Chile33.37662888S 70.51016998WHunter, MirageNotset14 January 20131
Santiago, Chile33.53125381S 70.66756439WDC-3Civil21 October 2016
Santiago, Chile33.56489944S 70.6951828WT-37
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Santiago, Chile33.57146835S 70.6893692WUnknown
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Santiago, Chile33.40364456S 70.57546997WDC-9 forward fuselage at KidzaniaCivil5 October 20161
Santiago, Chile33.54245377S 70.63017273WB737Civil21 October 20161
Santiago - Museum, Chile33.48715973S 70.69707489WVariousBoth16 May 201433
Vina Del Mar, Chile32.94470215S 71.47807312WVariousMilitary18 October 20161
Vina Del Mar, Chile32.94999313S 71.48286438WPC-7Military20 July 20151
Vina Del Mar, Chile33.03516006S 71.49934387WBe.18Notset14 January 2013
Vina Del Mar, Chile33.02569962S 71.58447266WSmall propNotset14 January 2013
Vina Del Mar - Museo Naval, Chile32.94718933S 71.48222351WVariousMilitary15 January 20169