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50 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Denmark. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Aalborg, Denmark57.10926437N 9.85713005EF-104Military15 December 20121
Aalborg, Denmark57.08319473N 9.87427330EF-104Military15 December 20121
Aalborg, Denmark57.08724594N 9.84733486EDrakenMilitary26 April 20141
Aalborg - Museum, Denmark57.05595016N 9.88285923EVariousBoth16 July 20179
Allinge - Bornholm Technical Collection, Denmark55.25004196N 14.76462746EDraken (not visible, probably inside)Military6 August 20171
Bagenkop - Koldkrigsmuseum Langelandsfort, Denmark54.75065613N 10.71505737EDraken, MiG-23 (both inside)Military19 October 20163
Billund, Denmark55.73586273N 9.13065720EPA-28
credits: Mogens Juhl
Civil8 July 20151
Billund, Denmark55.74363708N 9.18325806EDC-9Civil24 October 20161
Bjerrinbro, Denmark56.37303925N 9.61533833EF-104Military16 November 20161
Brondby, Denmark55.61775970N 12.44210815ESmall propNotset13 April 20131
Egeskov - Museum, Denmark55.17657471N 10.48643112EVariousNotset15 December 201210
Egholm, Denmark55.73279190N 11.91296387EDraken (not yet visible on GE image, exact location to be confirmed)Military25 October 20161
Erslev - Baks Traktor- og Landbrugsmaskinmuseum, Denmark56.84516144N 8.70143700EPL-12Civil16 November 20161
Grena, Denmark56.39450455N 10.87916660EDraken (not visible, but should be at Terma gate which is here)Notset15 November 20131
Hedensted, Denmark55.78713226N 9.67817688EJetstreamCivil16 November 20161
Helsingor - Helsingor Teknisk Museum, Denmark56.02182770N 12.56288815EVariousNotset15 December 201229
Herlufmagle, Denmark55.36307144N 11.76491451ET-33 Preserved somewhere at this location, exact location to be confirmedMilitary16 October 20161
Herning, Denmark56.14597321N 8.94296265EF-100Military14 May 20131
Hjallerup - Hjallerup Mekaniske Museum, Denmark57.15987015N 10.15538216EDraken, F-104Military19 October 20162
Hjørring, Denmark57.42632675N 10.00025272EMi-8Civil6 March 20171
Højerup - Stevns Museum, Denmark55.27890778N 12.44265556EBergfalckeCivil16 November 20161
Jonstrup, Denmark55.75422287N 12.34406853EDrakenMilitary15 November 20131
Karup, Denmark56.27926636N 9.12007618EDraken, Meteor, T-33, F-84Notset15 December 20127
Karup, Denmark56.29582596N 9.14102936EDrakenMilitary15 December 20121
Karup, Denmark56.31359100N 9.11324215EF-104, MU-300 (not visible, to be confirmed it is here)Military16 November 20162
Karup, Denmark56.29160309N 9.12687969ET-33Military15 November 20131
Karup, Denmark56.30843353N 9.18124676EF-84Military15 June 20161
Kopenhagen, Denmark55.60800552N 12.65345955EDC-8Civil2 June 20141
Kopenhagen, Denmark55.60575104N 12.65225792EDraken, Metro, F.27Both3 April 20164
Lyngby, Denmark55.78675461N 12.52348900EKZ-III preserved inside the university.Civil16 October 20161
Nimtofte - Djurs Sommerland, Denmark56.42300797N 10.55121040ERallye wreck (with parts of a PA-28) - along the Jungle Safari canoe ride, exact location not 100% sureCivil16 November 20161
Odense, Denmark55.39704132N 10.38116264EH.269 (not clearly visible, hangs outside a pub as bilboard)Civil6 November 20141
Randers, Denmark56.50378799N 10.03178692EDrakenMilitary14 May 20131
Randers, Denmark56.48586273N 10.02771854EF-84Military15 November 20131
Roskilde, Denmark55.59600830N 12.12705994EUnknownNotset9 May 20131
Roskilde, Denmark55.64582825N 12.11085892EDrakenMilitary15 November 20131
Skrydstrup, Denmark55.23701859N 9.25471878EF-16Military15 November 20131
Skrydstrup, Denmark55.22605896N 9.27001572EDrakenMilitary15 November 20131
Skrydstrup, Denmark55.22688293N 9.27287674EF-86Military18 April 20141
Skrydstrup, Denmark55.22525406N 9.27135944EDrakenMilitary15 November 20131
Slagelse - Panzermuseum East, Denmark55.34921265N 11.50581264EBAC 1-11Civil16 October 20161
Springeren - Naval Museum, Denmark57.05884552N 9.89300060EAlouette 3 should be on display (not visible, probably inside)Notset15 November 20131
Stauning, Denmark55.99343491N 8.35215664EDoveCivil24 August 20161
Stauning - Dansk Veteran Flysamling Museum, Denmark55.99184036N 8.34632015EVariousNotset15 December 201245
Stilling, Denmark56.06932068N 9.98592949EB727Civil1 June 20161
Søndenbro, Denmark54.75000763N 10.71722031E3x F-84 (in parts)Notset15 November 20132
Sønderborg, Denmark54.96402359N 9.78740788ESeveral ATRCivil16 November 20161
Tirstrup, Denmark56.29995346N 10.61739826ECommuterNotset15 November 2013
Tønder, Denmark54.92661667N 8.84380722EDrakenMilitary2 June 20141
Vojens, Denmark55.24832153N 9.31309986EF-84 (should be in this park, not visible)Notset14 May 20131