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18 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Ethiopia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Addis Abeba, Ethiopia8.97998142N 38.78597641EVarious stored planesNotset14 April 2013
Addis Abeba, Ethiopia8.98209000N 38.79028702EDC-3Notset14 April 20131
Addis Abeba, Ethiopia8.98458767N 38.80125427EB707, small propCivil4 November 2014
Addis Abeba, Ethiopia8.98091125N 38.80200195E2x DC-3Notset14 April 20132
Addis Abeba, Ethiopia8.98362064N 38.78534317ESeveral small prop, B737Civil4 November 2014
Bahar Dar, Ethiopia11.61764622N 37.32046127EMiG-21?Military29 June 2015
Burayu, Ethiopia9.05923557N 38.60840988EB737Civil10 October 2016
Dire Dawa, Ethiopia9.62169552N 41.85219193E2x MiG-15Notset14 April 2013
Dire Dawa, Ethiopia9.62800980N 41.85035706E2x MiG-15Notset14 April 2013
Dire Dawa, Ethiopia9.63021278N 41.84941483ESeveral plane partsNotset14 April 2013
Harar Meda, Ethiopia8.70919228N 39.00471115EVariousMilitary8 December 20151
Harar Meda, Ethiopia8.70844936N 38.99982071EVarious planes and plane partsNotset14 April 2013
Harar Meda, Ethiopia8.70788288N 38.99560928EVarious plane and helicopter fuselagesNotset14 April 2013
Harar Meda, Ethiopia8.71988869N 39.00040817E14 MiG-21, 2x HelicopterMilitary14 April 2013
Harar Meda, Ethiopia8.72188473N 39.00077057E4x An-12, Yak-40, helicopterNotset14 April 2013
Harar Meda, Ethiopia8.72749138N 38.99620438EMiG-21, other partsNotset14 April 2013
Harar Meda, Ethiopia8.73956966N 38.99259949EMiG-21Military14 April 2013
Mekele-Hawulti, Ethiopia13.49237728N 39.46075821EMi-24, MiG-21, MiG-23, Ce.421Both26 June 20153