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524 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in France. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Abbeville, France50.13933182N 1.82510078EMystereMilitary23 October 20121
Adriers, France46.27256775N 0.80345303EB.47Military20 December 20171
Adriers, France46.27162552N 0.80287635EHunterMilitary20 December 20171
Agen, France44.17243195N 0.59260929EPA-23Civil6 August 20171
Agen, France44.17600632N 0.59672499EC-212Civil6 August 20171
Aire sur l'Adour, France43.70856476N 0.25518093WCM.170Military6 April 20171
Aire sur l'Adour, France43.72389603N 0.27069008WCM.170Military29 November 20161
Ajaccio, France41.92487335N 8.78876019E2x wreckUnknown12 October 2013
Albert, France50.00551605N 2.64442086EPotez 36 (hanging inside railway station)Civil9 January 20151
Albert - Parc de Découverte Aéronautique, France50.00043869N 2.63702893EVariousBoth10 October 201860
Alençon, France48.44250107N 0.10902643ESeveral Flamants (also in hangars)Both19 December 201711
Allibaudières, France48.57986450N 4.11341906ELj-24Civil14 May 20151
Amberieu, France45.97435379N 5.34230328EMystere, T-6Military27 April 20152
Amberieu, France45.97288132N 5.34177828EMirage 3Military23 October 20121
Amiens, France49.89434814N 2.30437589ERallye hanging inside restaurant Steak EasyCivil11 October 2016
Angouleme, France45.72710419N 0.22159600EPuma wreckMilitary29 September 2016
Annemasse, France46.19751740N 6.26741457EM20Civil10 October 20161
Armissan, France43.17350769N 3.12144709ESuper MystereMilitary15 June 20151
Aulnat, France45.79135513N 3.16762185EMirage F1 i/a at "Group Auvergne Aeronautique"Military8 November 20171
Aulnat, France45.79060745N 3.16481614EVarious i/a at "Campus Aéronautique Aulnat"Both28 December 20173
Aulnat, France45.79116058N 3.15607357EL-29, L-39 and some ERJsBoth28 December 20172
Aulnay-sous-Bois, France48.96124268N 2.49571776EN.2501Military16 July 20171
Avignon, France43.90327835N 4.89812326ESE.210, Mirage F1 (not yet visible on GE image)Both30 October 20162
Avord, France47.04833603N 2.64477015EMirage 4Military23 October 20121
Avord, France47.04453659N 2.64089656EFlamantMilitary28 April 20151
Avord, France47.04639435N 2.63457584EFlamantMilitary28 April 20151
Avord, France47.03068924N 2.65162826EMirage 3Military27 June 20131
Avord, France47.06156921N 2.60882258ESuper MystereMilitary18 May 20151
Avord, France47.05198669N 2.64373589EEmb.121 (only visible on latest GE image)Military17 May 20171
Avord, France47.04671860N 2.63550115EVarious on base, exact locations for each not sureMilitary19 December 20173
Avord - Pôle aéronautique d'Avord, France47.03604889N 2.65425110EVariousMilitary19 December 20175
Bantheville, France49.35942078N 5.09860992EMH.1521 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil14 August 20181
Barcelonnette - Saint-Pons, France44.38569641N 6.61094761EFlamantMilitary23 October 20121
Baudricourt, France48.30977631N 6.06570292EMirage 3Military23 October 20121
Bayeux, France49.27623749N 0.70143151WVampire preserved inside shop "Fantastic Attic"Military19 December 20171
Bayeux, France49.27665710N 0.70078409WMystere 4 forward fuselage inside shop "Aure du commun"Military19 December 20171
Beauvais, France49.43163300N 2.08550501ECe.150 inside restaurant Le Wallaby (restaurant closed?)Civil1 August 2018
Becon les Granits, France47.49814606N 0.80928242WCM.170 submerged in lakeMilitary25 December 20171
Belvès, France44.78280258N 0.95608950EVariousMilitary19 December 20174
Bétheny, France49.28612137N 4.05834198EMH.1521Military9 May 20151
Beynes, France48.84608078N 1.89926684EMirage 3Military23 October 20121
Biscarrosse, France44.37034225N 1.12842417WPA-12Civil19 December 20171
Biscarrosse, France44.37001038N 1.12788999WHU-16 under restoration for Musée de L'Hydraviation (location #4564), will go on display there when finishedMilitary24 December 20171
Biscarrosse - Musee de l'Hydraviation, France44.38938522N 1.18231153WVarious (civil) seaplanesCivil3 November 20147
Bitche, France49.05768967N 7.45734453EMirage 3Military10 May 20181
Bordeaux, France44.81545639N 0.70976466WMirage 4Military23 October 20121
Bordeaux, France44.81482315N 0.71219194WMystereMilitary8 May 20151
Bordeaux, France44.81956100N 0.7018615W3x Mirage 3Military23 October 20123
Bordeaux, France44.83511353N 0.71459031WSeveral stored airliners (some for short time only)Civil23 October 2012
Bordeaux, France44.84502029N 0.70359826WFlamantMilitary23 October 20121
Bordeaux, France44.82879257N 0.62869078WCM.170Military23 October 20122
Bordeaux, France44.83897781N 0.71814084WMercure 100 and inside SE210, CM170 and moreBoth23 October 20125
Bordeaux, France44.83020782N 0.53358901WMirage 3Military27 April 20151
Bordeaux, France44.82122040N 0.70296597WJaguar (seen during open day, may not be here permanently)Military11 January 20181
Bordeaux, France44.84426880N 0.69674671WFalcon 50? fuselage and other plane partsUnknown19 December 2017
Bordeaux - Conservatoire de l'Air et de l'Espace d'Aquitaine, France44.81965637N 0.70770389WVariousBoth15 May 201754
Bordeaux Merignac, France44.83387756N 0.71304488WSE.210Military21 March 20171
Bordeaux Merignac, France44.83420181N 0.71566808WMercure 100Civil8 May 20151
Bourg-en-Bresse, France46.20503616N 5.28873014ECM.170Military23 October 20121
Bourges, France47.07159424N 2.41867089EAlouette 2, Alouette 3, O-1Military28 April 20153
Bourges, France47.05894089N 2.37614703EAlouette 2Military28 April 20151
Brest, France48.38484573N 4.49547482WSA.321Military26 September 20181
Brest, France48.37540436N 4.55437136WSuper EtendardMilitary26 September 20181
Brétigny-sur-Orge, France48.60129929N 2.32664180EMirage 3Military22 December 20171
Brienne le Chateau, France48.42267990N 4.49588108EVariousMilitary22 December 20173
Brignoles, France43.41513062N 6.02003479EPumaMilitary8 June 20151
Buc, France48.76805496N 2.12973499EMirage 3Military23 October 20121
Caen - Mémorial de Caen, France49.19811630N 0.38591355WMiG-21 inside museumMilitary17 January 20171
Caen Carpiquet, France49.17938614N 0.47296464W3x Yak-54, MS.733
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Civil23 June 20174
Caen-Carpiquet, France49.17851639N 0.47250882WN.2501Military17 April 20131
Caen-Carpiquet, France49.17808914N 0.47306764WCM.170Civil12 May 20151
Calvi, France42.52061462N 8.79139900ECe.421Civil31 March 20171
Calvi, France42.57051849N 8.76447201EB-17 wreck submerged at a depth of 30mMilitary22 December 20171
Cambrai, France50.19488525N 3.20892954ESuper MystereMilitary29 November 20161
Cambrai-Niergnies, France50.14365005N 3.26359153ECM.170, Super MystereMilitary29 November 20162
Cannes, France43.55011368N 6.95750570EBe.18Civil23 October 20121
Cannes, France43.55209732N 7.01735592ERallye inside restaurant l'AvionCivil1 August 20181
Castelnau-Magnoc, France43.27807999N 0.51854402EFlamantMilitary5 April 20161
Cazaux, France44.53514099N 1.13889432WMystereMilitary23 October 20121
Cazaux, France44.53884888N 1.12406194WMirage F1Military23 October 20121
Cazaux, France44.53876495N 1.12489069WMS.760Military29 April 20151
Cazaux, France44.53354645N 1.14173698WMirage 4Military23 October 20121
Cazaux, France44.54922104N 1.10336256WH-34, Alouette 3Military6 April 20172
Cazaux, France44.52659988N 1.14637721WMirage 3, JaguarMilitary29 April 20152
Cazaux, France44.52909470N 1.15255117WMirage 3Military25 December 20171
Cazaux, France44.55123138N 1.12695801WVariousMilitary29 April 201511
Cazaux, France44.54095078N 1.1298027WMirage 2000Military22 December 20171
Cazaux, France44.54099655N 1.12861097W2x Alpha Jet (not yet visible on GE image, exact location unknown)Military30 October 20182
Cerbere, France42.45810318N 3.16132140ECM.170Military2 March 20141
Cerny, France48.48362350N 2.33383298ESeveral aircraft as i/a inside buildings from "Lycée Professionnel Alexandre Denis".Military13 October 20177
Challanges, France47.01363754N 4.89495516EAlouette 2Unknown17 May 2015
Chambon-Sur-Voueize, France46.17179108N 2.42626095EHD.31Civil12 May 20151
Champagne-sur-Seine, France48.40312576N 2.79738307EAlouette 3 i/a at "Lycee La fayette"Military8 November 20171
Châteaudun, France48.06762695N 1.36608624EMirage 3Military27 December 20171
Châteaudun, France48.06610107N 1.36812234ECM.170Military28 December 20171
Châteaudun, France48.06336975N 1.37012756ESO.4050, 2x JaguarMilitary27 December 20173
Châteaudun, France48.06381989N 1.37630427EMirage F1Military27 December 20171
Châteaudun, France48.05453873N 1.36793172EMany stored planesMilitary27 December 201745
Châteaudun, France48.05163193N 1.38366735EMany stored planesMilitary27 December 201767
Châteaudun, France48.05035400N 1.38040781EVariousMilitary27 December 20178
Châteaudun, France48.06291580N 1.39398646ESuper MystereMilitary27 December 20171
Châteaudun, France48.06189346N 1.37736273EMirage F1Military27 December 20171
Châteaudun, France48.05371094N 1.36658013EVarious at scrapping areaMilitary27 December 201723
Châteaudun, France48.05274200N 1.37197673EVarious on "German runway"Military27 December 2017188
Châteaudun, France48.06279373N 1.37958348EN.2501Military27 December 20171
Châteaudun - Museum, France48.06443405N 1.37105834EVariousMilitary27 December 201738
Châteauroux, France46.85937500N 1.71900713EB747Civil15 November 20161
Châteauroux, France46.85718918N 1.73243701EB747Civil15 November 20161
Châteauroux, France46.85562515N 1.72803819EB747Civil15 November 20161
Châteauroux, France46.85427475N 1.73104227EA320, unknown fuselageCivil15 November 20162
Châteauroux, France46.85303497N 1.73309147ESmall propCivil15 November 2016
Châteauroux, France46.85283279N 1.73280895EMirage 2000 i/a at "C2FPA"Military27 December 20171
Châtellerault, France46.78099060N 0.54860103ECM.170Military2 March 20141
Châtellerault, France46.84709167N 0.54967946ECM.170Military10 October 20181
Chatellerault, France46.85034180N 0.58779329EMirage 3Military1 February 20131
Chaubuisson, France48.70707703N 2.90433002EBr.763Military23 October 20121
Cherence, France49.07831192N 1.69102395ECM.170Military23 October 20121
Cinq-Mars-la-Pile, France47.35150528N 0.46566474EMirage 3Military28 December 20171
Ciry le Noble, France46.60249329N 4.33051968EMirage 3Military28 December 20171
Civaux - Planete des Crocodiles, France46.44984436N 0.66391003ERallyeCivil18 May 20151
Clamart, France48.81402969N 2.25474811EAlouette 2 inside building of the military hospital "Hospital D'instruction Des Armées Percy", exact building unknownMilitary4 January 20181
Clermont-Ferrand, France45.77976227N 3.15944576EMirage 3Military23 October 20121
Clermont-Ferrand, France45.77847290N 3.16788578EMirage 3Military23 October 20121
Clermont-Ferrand, France45.78439713N 3.17183375EMirage 3Military23 October 20121
Clermont-Ferrand, France45.78217316N 3.15590668ESeveral ERJsCivil28 December 20177
Clermont-Ferrand - Michelin Museum, France45.79047775N 3.10581446EBr.14Civil16 May 20151
Cognac, France45.65438843N 0.32222721WCM.170Military23 October 20121
Cognac, France45.66800308N 0.3223047WCM.170Military23 October 20121
Cognac, France45.66815948N 0.32756352WTB.30Military3 May 20151
Cognac, France45.66467667N 0.31829736WCM.170Military23 October 20121
Cognac, France45.66737747N 0.31703174WSeveral dismantled TB-30sMilitary28 December 201715
Cognac, France45.66409683N 0.31813011WTB-30 inside HQ buildingMilitary28 December 20171
Cognac, France45.65404510N 0.32321155WCM.170 preserved inside hangar, exact location TBCMilitary28 December 20171
Cognac, France45.64833069N 0.31429589W2x Mirage 3Military28 December 20172
Cognac, France45.66464233N 0.31905949WMirage F1Military28 December 20171
Cognac, France45.65569305N 0.32318339WTB-30Military28 December 20171
Colmar, France47.91728210N 7.40619707EMirage 3Military23 October 20121
Colmar, France48.06686401N 7.34243679EN.1203Civil21 May 20151
Corbières, France43.75625229N 5.75118780EWA-52Civil30 January 20181
Corlier, France46.03889465N 5.49638033ESE.210 nose sectionCivil23 October 20121
Cormontreuil, France49.21605301N 4.05958652EMS.733 inside restaurant "Le Hangar"Civil8 January 20181
Couze-et-Saint-Front, France44.84648895N 0.71147096EN.2501Military27 April 20151
Couzon-au-Mont-d'Or, France45.83742905N 4.82668304EH.500Civil1 May 2015
Couzon-au-Mont-d'Or, France45.83704376N 4.82670975EFlamantMilitary1 May 20151
Creil, France49.24351501N 2.51102185ESuper MystereMilitary23 October 20121
Creil, France49.25018311N 2.52167702ECM.170Military23 October 20121
Creil, France49.24300385N 2.51721239EMirage 3Military28 December 20171
Creil, France49.25556183N 2.49890518EHD.31Civil23 October 20121
Creil, France49.24590302N 2.51273513EMirage 4Military28 December 20171
Creil, France49.26092148N 2.52611542EMirage 3Military23 June 20131
Creil, France49.26039886N 2.52453899EMirage 3Military23 June 20131
Creil, France49.24973679N 2.52021337EMirage F1 (not yet visible on GE image)Military1 June 20151
Creil, France49.26156998N 2.49950504EMirage 5 (only visible on latest GE image)Military28 December 20171
Creteil, France48.78459549N 2.46757627ECM.170Military23 October 20121
Croissy-Beaubourg, France48.82073212N 2.63594103EVarious around building (more inside?)Military28 December 20173
Cuers, France43.24454498N 6.12893009EAtlanticMilitary28 December 2017
Cuers, France43.24780655N 6.13097382EPA-23, AL-60Civil28 December 20172
Cuers-Pierrefeu, France43.24454880N 6.11920643EF-8Military23 October 20121
Cuers-Pierrefeu, France43.25028610N 6.12834644EMirage 3Military28 December 20171
Cuers-Pierrefeu, France43.24309921N 6.12573576ESeveral Super EtendardsMilitary28 December 2017
Cuers-Pierrefeu, France43.24830627N 6.13028383ERallyeCivil28 December 20171
Cuers-Pierrefeu, France43.24929047N 6.12754011ERallyeCivil28 December 20171
Cuers-Pierrefeu, France43.24646759N 6.11579609ESuper EtendardMilitary28 December 20171
Cuers-Pierrefeu, France43.24343109N 6.12788725E2x AtlanticMilitary28 December 20172
Darois, France47.38418579N 4.94087172E2x Robin R-3000Civil31 December 20172
Dax, France43.69231033N 1.05936635WGazelleMilitary3 May 20151
Dax, France43.68616486N 1.07646215WGazelle, Alouette 3Military2 April 20171
Dax - Musee d'ALAT, France43.69187546N 1.06446671WVariousMilitary23 October 201242
Dijon, France47.27528763N 5.09934187EH-34Military23 October 20121
Dijon, France47.27362442N 5.07565117EMystere IVMilitary1 May 20151
Dijon, France47.27067566N 5.07851553EMirage 3Military31 December 20171
Dijon, France47.27493668N 5.07500219EMirage 3 inside the Breitling hangar, exact location TBCMilitary15 July 20171
Dinan, France48.44549561N 2.09997654WCM.170Military22 March 20171
Dinard, France48.59327698N 2.08735824WDHC.5 and some stored airlinersBoth23 October 20123
Domazan, France43.94703674N 4.66693926EMiG-17, Mirage 5Military2 February 20182
Domgermain, France48.64079285N 5.84395027EAlouette 2Military31 December 20171
Drachenbronn, France48.98397446N 7.86009455EMirage 3Military4 May 20151
Drachenbronn, France48.98508072N 7.85946178EJaguarMilitary21 May 20151
Éauze, France43.85988235N 0.09639100E2x Alouette 2Military6 April 20172
Ensisheim - Parc du petit Prince, France47.86058044N 7.29481363EAn-2Civil29 November 20161
Estrées-Mons, France49.87216187N 3.04326653ESmall propCivil8 January 2018
Etain-Rouvres, France49.21775436N 5.68163300EAlouette 3Military7 November 20171
Etain-Rouvres, France49.22701263N 5.68438292EGazelleMilitary7 November 20171
Etain-Rouvres, France49.22898483N 5.67947006EPumaMilitary31 December 20171
Etain-Rouvres, France49.22161102N 5.67896891EGazelleMilitary31 December 20171
Etain-Rouvres, France49.22966766N 5.68072844EGazelle, exact location TBC, should be somewhere around hereMilitary31 December 20171
Evreux, France49.01763153N 1.19691265EBr.765Military23 October 20121
Evreux, France49.01501465N 1.22556555EN.2501Military23 October 20121
Evreux, France49.02476120N 1.22239828EMirage 3Military23 October 20121
Evreux, France49.04526901N 1.23016727EH-34, MH.1521Military31 December 20172
Evreux, France49.02235031N 1.20106637EJaguar, probably inside hangar, exact location TBCMilitary31 December 20172
Evreux, France49.03089142N 1.20864093ESeveral C-160s (All over the airfield)Military31 December 20173
Excenevx, France46.34307098N 6.35646057ECM170 and Mystère IV in the hangar of "Ailes Anciennes Haute Savoie". Contact needed before visit.Military6 March 20172
Fargniers - Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation, France49.65829086N 3.31589580EBe.18Military9 May 2015
Feniers, France45.75050735N 2.12933254ECM.170Military2 March 20141
Feurs, France45.70620728N 4.19279814ECM.170Military23 October 20121
Frejus, France43.41826248N 6.74557495EEtendardMilitary23 October 20121
Frejus, France43.42129135N 6.73880243EMD.315Military31 December 20171
Gap-Tallard, France44.46005630N 6.03806782EAS.350Civil5 April 2016
Gex, France46.33489609N 6.06630325EAlouette 3Civil31 December 20171
Gourlizon, France48.03529358N 4.2448101WLockheed L-1049 G Super Constellation - 4626/F-BHBG Display in the night club's garden.
credits: Erazkiel
Civil1 May 20141
Gramat, France44.74252701N 1.73235881EMirage 3Military27 June 2013
Grenoble, France45.21650696N 5.84910297EVariousBoth16 May 20157
Grisy-les-Platres, France49.13331604N 2.04721093EMirage 3 (dismantled)Military1 June 20151
Hagéville, France49.02284241N 5.86171055EVarious i/a inside hangar, exact location TBCMilitary22 December 20174
Hatten - Musée de l'Abri, France48.89860916N 7.96780205EVariousMilitary10 October 20183
Hyeres, France43.09635162N 6.13794565EH-34, SA.321Military31 December 20172
Hyeres, France43.08926392N 6.15895987ECM.175Military5 April 20161
Hyeres, France43.09041214N 6.14785147EEtendardMilitary2 January 20181
Hyeres, France43.09672165N 6.14159870ESeveral aircraft as i/a (probably this spot, but needs to be confirmed)Military31 December 20177
Hyeres, France43.09008408N 6.14837933EBr.1050Military31 December 20171
Hyeres, France43.09070587N 6.14594412ESuper Etendard, exact location TBCMilitary1 January 20181
Issoire, France45.53513718N 3.26185393ECM.170Military23 October 20121
Istres, France43.50902939N 4.95012283EMirage 3, Alouette 3 visible on latest GE image (not blurred)Military2 January 20182
Istres, France43.51789093N 4.95429277EMystere 2C visible on latest GE image (not blurred)Military2 January 20181
Istres, France43.53129196N 4.94932890EMirage 3 visible on latest GE image (not blurred)Military2 January 2018
Istres, France43.50348282N 4.96727943ESeveral aircraft in use as instructional airframe - not yet visible on GE imageBoth12 November 20162
Istres, France43.50722885N 4.94857883EVarious, visible on latest GE image (not blurred)Military2 January 20188
Istres, France43.52207184N 4.93669033EJaguar, MirageMilitary2 January 20181
Istres, France43.52078247N 4.95186234EMirage 4, visible on latest GE image (not blurred)Military2 January 20181
Istres, France43.51124191N 4.94861650EMirage 2000, visible on latest GE image (not blurred)Military2 January 20181
Istres, France43.52358627N 4.92979956E2x Mirage 3Military2 January 20182
Istres, France43.51975632N 4.93667269EMirage 2000Military2 January 20181
Kerisper, France47.59260559N 3.02630472WMS.880Civil25 April 20151
l'Etrillet, France48.00229645N 1.76008224WMirage 5Military5 May 20151
La Chazotte, France46.90242767N 4.07408142EF-84Military24 April 20151
La Chicotière, France45.84821320N 4.73275709ERallyeCivil17 May 20151
La Faviere, France43.12363815N 6.35992765ERallyeCivil27 June 20151
La Ferte-Alais, France48.49638367N 2.34273267EN.262, H-23 (inside?)Both3 January 20182
La Ferte-Alais, France48.49646378N 2.34176826EUnknown fuselageUnknown3 January 2018
La Ferte-Alais, France48.49660110N 2.33753395EDC-3Military3 January 20181
La Gare du Poteau, France44.18535995N 0.27619833WMirage F1Military12 November 20171
La Gare du Poteau, France44.18743515N 0.28384799WMirage 3Military6 April 20171
La Paille Basse, France44.94514847N 1.44048011EN.2501 (fuselage, not clearly visible)Military15 May 20151
La Reunion, France20.89073944S 55.50746155ECM.170Military17 October 20181
La Seyne-sur-Mer, France43.06331635N 5.86087322EAlouette 3 stored inside fortress "Fort Peyras"Military3 January 20181
La Teste-de-Buch, France44.61146545N 1.1268872WSeveral aircraft stored inside building at company "SOFEMA". Exact location TBC. Address: 501 avenue Gustave Eiffel - 33260 La Teste de BuchMilitary3 January 20184
La Wantzenau - MM Park museum, France48.66570663N 7.80937481EVariousBoth8 November 20172
Laillé, France47.99330139N 1.74663413WMirage 3, Mirage F1Military4 May 20152
Laillé, France47.99467087N 1.74542177WMirage 2000Military12 May 20151
Landivisiau, France48.52248001N 4.14076233WF-8, Etendard, Super EtendardMilitary17 June 20173
Landivisiau, France48.52396011N 4.14199734WCM.175Military23 October 20121
Landivisiau, France48.52693176N 4.13602543WSuper EtendardMilitary14 August 20181
Lann Bihoue, France47.77509689N 3.4370625WP-2, AlizeMilitary23 October 20122
Lann Bihoue, France47.77276993N 3.43975472WF-8Military23 October 20121
Lann Bihoue, France47.76742554N 3.46603608W2x N262, 2x Emb.121Military25 April 20154
Lann Bihoue, France47.77645111N 3.43681192WDC-3Military6 January 20151
Lann Bihoue, France47.76765823N 3.46399999WBr.1150Military5 April 20161
Lanveoc, France48.28065109N 4.41598225WEtendard, Super EtendardMilitary23 November 20162
Lanveoc, France48.27999115N 4.42415476WH-34Military26 April 20152
Lanveoc, France48.28285980N 4.45634127WSA.321 - note, not always seen at this location, but visible again on GE images of February 2018, may move around on baseMilitary3 September 20181
Lanveoc, France48.28008652N 4.43679762WSeveral MS.893 stored, exact location TBC, probably inside hangar(s)Military3 January 20185
Lapalisse, France46.25171280N 3.58856916EC-212Military16 May 20151
Latresne, France44.78068542N 0.49262935WCM.170Military23 October 20121
Latresne, France44.78173065N 0.49364701WVarious i/a at Aerocampus AquitaineMilitary13 December 201613
Le Blanc, France46.61756897N 1.06859100E3x Alouette 3 (i/a inside, exact hangar not sure)Military18 May 20153
Le Bourget, France48.95483398N 2.42308474EVarious storedBoth27 November 201755
Le Bourget, France48.95085907N 2.42320132EVarious storedNotset23 October 20126
Le Bourget, France48.94511795N 2.43332028EvariousBoth20 June 20159
Le Bourget - Musee de l'Air, France48.94668961N 2.43454218EVariousBoth27 September 2016106
Le Havre, France49.53065491N 0.08961578EMirage 3Military4 January 20181
Le Luc, France43.37757874N 6.38226795EH-21, MH.1521Military5 April 20162
Le Luc, France43.37894821N 6.38333273EAlouette 2Military4 January 20181
Le Luc, France43.38053894N 6.38433266EGazelleMilitary4 January 20181
Le Luc, France43.37869644N 6.38262463EAlouette 3Military4 January 20181
Les Andelys, France49.24512863N 1.40653861EMirage F1Military4 January 20181
Les Haies, France49.23366165N 2.45808268EVariousMilitary1 June 20153
Les Morvengeres, France48.53402710N 0.35121992EVariousMilitary24 April 20157
Limonest, France45.85038376N 4.78748560EMirage 2000Military29 March 20181
Limonest, France45.85411453N 4.78560019EMirage F1Military1 February 20131
Limonest, France45.85538101N 4.78720570EMirage 3 (only visible on latest GE image)Military28 April 20151
Lisieux, France49.17808914N 0.30820620ECe.172 (in crash position, only visible on latest GE image)Civil10 January 20151
Loheac - Manoir de l'Automobile, France47.86071396N 1.89650321WCM.170 insideMilitary12 May 20151
Lons-Le-Saunier, France46.67441940N 5.47445822EVariousBoth4 January 20184
Lorient, France47.74874115N 3.34064198WH-34Military23 October 20121
Lorient, France47.74540329N 3.34534764WSA.321Military3 September 20181
Loudes, France45.08315277N 3.75364780ECM.170Military23 October 20121
Lourdes, France43.18602371N 0.00652092WMany stored airliners, mostly for scrappingCivil11 March 20138
Lourdes, France43.18582916N 0.00668393EMS.760Military23 October 20121
Lourdes, France43.18625259N 0.00316393ETB-31 (inside terminal)Civil6 January 20151
Louvemont, France48.53267670N 4.90914774EJaguarMilitary8 November 20171
Luxeuil - Saint-Sauveur, France47.79004288N 6.36376524EMirage 3Military9 January 20153
Luxeuil - Saint-Sauveur, France47.78890228N 6.36630774ECM.170Military9 January 20151
Luxeuil - Saint-Sauveur, France47.79089737N 6.35709715EMirage 3Military5 April 20161
Luxeuil - Saint-Sauveur, France47.79250336N 6.37280512EFalcon 20Military4 January 20181
Lyon, France45.72954559N 4.92587471EMirage 3Military23 October 20121
Lyon, France45.73105621N 4.92380428EAlouette 3Military1 February 20131
Lyon-Corbas - Ailes Anciennes de Corbas, France45.65683365N 4.91618729EVariousBoth5 January 20186
Lyons-Corbas - Espaces Aéro Lyon Corbas, France45.65333557N 4.90970802EVarious (mostly inside)Both20 April 201745
Mâcon, France46.30255890N 4.79494095ERallyeCivil1 May 20151
Maconge, France47.21875000N 4.55588627EMH.1521Military14 August 20181
Marcé - Espace Air Passion museum, France47.56317902N 0.31585214WVarious (mostly small civil)Both13 October 201730
Marignane, France43.41641998N 5.22610664EAlouette 2Unknown23 October 2012
Marignane, France43.43663406N 5.23286247EAS.350Civil11 June 20151
Marmande, France44.49932480N 0.19616202EMicrojet 200BCivil2 January 20182
Marseille, France43.43515396N 5.20204926ESE.210, Mercure 100Civil23 October 20122
Martignas-sur-Jalle, France44.85866928N 0.78016597WDa.20Civil6 April 20171
Mas Palégry - Musée de l'Aviation, France42.65653992N 2.90655446EVariousBoth27 June 201610
Méaulte, France49.98312759N 2.67840290ECorvette
credits: Jos Vervoort
Civil29 November 20171
Melun, France48.61518097N 2.66841722EA300 fuselageCivil6 January 20181
Melun - Le Musée de l'Aviation de Melun Villaroche, France48.61362076N 2.66624641EVariousBoth10 October 201818
Merville, France49.27019119N 0.19701204WDC-3Military22 March 20171
Merville-Calonne, France50.62899399N 2.64661574ESE210, B727, N2501, ViscountBoth23 October 201216
Meulan, France48.99837112N 1.92824900EN.2501Military1 February 20131
Molsheim, France48.53069305N 7.50214815EMirage 5Military21 May 20151
Mont de Marsan, France43.90785980N 0.50328189WMystere IVMilitary29 April 20151
Mont de Marsan, France43.90713501N 0.50339812WMirage 4Military23 October 20121
Mont de Marsan, France43.90788269N 0.51881039WMirage F1Military29 April 20151
Mont de Marsan, France43.90568161N 0.50215352WCM.170Military29 April 20151
Mont de Marsan, France43.92225266N 0.49509394WMystereMilitary29 April 20151
Mont de Marsan, France43.91764832N 0.49474001WMirage 3Military14 October 20161
Mont de Marsan, France43.90634155N 0.49838999WVariousMilitary14 October 20165
Montauban, France44.02954102N 1.38014841EN.3202 (and Gazelle?)Military23 June 20182
Montauban, France44.03145981N 1.38022399EAlouette 2Military1 September 20131
Montauban, France44.03118896N 1.37994730EMH.1521, Alouette 3Military6 January 20182
Montauban, France44.03905487N 1.38246441EGazelleMilitary1 September 20131
Montauban, France44.02515793N 1.34466314EPumaMilitary1 September 20131
Montauban, France44.02956390N 1.37599194ESeveral PumasMilitary6 January 20182
Montayral, France44.48796844N 0.99090350EMH.1521Civil15 May 20151
Montazeau, France44.89516449N 0.12048376ESE.210 (forward fuselage)Civil15 May 20151
Montbonnot-Saint-Martin, France45.21971512N 5.80599833EMirage 3Military23 October 20121
Montelimar, France44.58087921N 4.73549891ESeveral N.1002Civil6 January 20185
Montelimar, France44.56620407N 4.73543882EMirage 3Military6 January 20181
Montelimar - Musée Européen de l'Aviation de Chasse, France44.58187866N 4.73502541EVariousBoth10 October 201867
Montpellier, France43.57828522N 3.94971180EMercure 100Civil23 October 20121
Montpellier, France43.57732773N 3.95401478EN.260Civil29 November 20161
Morlaix, France48.60046387N 3.81472111WSeveral CRJCivil29 August 20182
Morlaix, France48.59685135N 3.81304216WCM.170Military16 March 20181
Morlaix, France48.59894562N 3.81785798WVarious i/a at Lycée Tristan CorbiereBoth29 August 20187
Morlaix, France48.59945679N 3.81729293WVarious, inside Air Passion hangar, not sure whichBoth29 August 20184
Moyenpal, France48.06391525N 6.35884571ESE.210, An-2 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil14 November 20172
Nancy, France48.59174728N 5.95419121EMirage 3Military17 May 20171
Nancy, France48.58206558N 5.96387720EMirage 3Military17 May 20171
Nancy, France48.57630539N 5.94534588EJaguarMilitary17 May 20171
Nancy-Ochey, France48.58099747N 5.96728086EMystere (not clearly visible due to blurred image)Military10 January 20151
Nantes, France47.14929962N 1.60711432WL.1049Civil23 October 20121
Nantes, France47.15600204N 1.61337245WN.2501, Mirage 3Military23 October 20122
Narbonne, France43.19279099N 3.04839802ECM.170Military23 October 20121
Neuvy-sur-Barangeon, France47.30558014N 2.27577329ET-6Military24 April 20151
Nîmes-Garons, France43.76500702N 4.40617466EAtlantiqueMilitary16 June 20171
Nîmes-Garons, France43.75827789N 4.42451000EAlouette 3Civil16 June 20171
Nîmes-Garons, France43.75447464N 4.40892887EAlizeMilitary16 June 20171
Noyelles-Godault, France50.40727234N 2.98083401EMS.733 inside restaurant Tomate CeriseUnknown14 November 2017
Orange, France44.11151123N 4.84711695EMirage 5Military29 November 20161
Orange - Musee Aeronautique d'Orange de les amis la 5eme Escadre, France44.12489319N 4.83861113EVariousMilitary14 November 201640
Orange-Caritat, France44.14223480N 4.84751987EVariousMilitary15 June 201510
Orange-Caritat, France44.14149094N 4.84971809EUnknown helicopter? (not visible on blurred GE image, visible on Yandex map)Military8 January 2018
Orange-Caritat, France44.13563919N 4.86309195EMirage 3 (not visible on blurred GE image, visible on Yandex map)Military8 January 20181
Orange-Caritat, France44.13390350N 4.86534977EMirage 3 (not visible on blurred GE image, visible on Yandex map)Military8 January 20181
Orange-Caritat, France44.14272690N 4.85520506EH-34 (not visible on blurred GE image, visible on Yandex map)Military8 January 20181
Orange-Caritat, France44.13820267N 4.85033989EMirage 2000? (not visible on blurred GE image, visible on Yandex map)Military8 January 2018
Orleans, France47.98391724N 1.77638865EN.2501Military23 October 20121
Orleans, France47.98816299N 1.74750471ESeveral C-160 (mostly for scrapping)Military5 June 201720
Orleans, France47.99039841N 1.79560995ESuper MystereMilitary1 February 20131
Orleans, France47.98282242N 1.78131104EC-160 (nose)Military14 May 20151
Pamiers, France43.13352585N 1.64858699EN.2501Military5 April 20161
Paris, France48.93262100N 2.23083854EMirage 3Military4 May 20151
Paris, France48.92753601N 2.39687490EAS.350Civil5 April 2016
Paris, France48.92760468N 2.39868808EAS.350Civil5 April 2016
Paris, France48.86043167N 2.22294593EUnknown helicopter at Airbus facility (real, fake, drone?)Unknown26 September 2017
Paris - Cité des sciences, France48.89597702N 2.38846326EAlouette 3Civil4 June 20151
Paris - Fort de Vincennes, France48.84205246N 2.44370604E3x GazelleMilitary4 June 20153
Paris - Musée des Arts et Métiers, France48.86684799N 2.35552931EBreguet Type R.U1Military8 January 20181
Paris-Charles de Gaulle, France49.01066208N 2.55337596EConcordeCivil23 October 20121
Paris-Orly, France48.71751785N 2.36297226EEtendardMilitary23 October 20121
Paris-Orly, France48.73934555N 2.37580705EDC-9Civil23 October 2012
Paris-Orly, France48.73529434N 2.39299893EA300Civil2 April 2017
Paris-Orly, France48.72125626N 2.34790897ESE.210Civil2 April 20171
Paris-Orly - Musée Delta, France48.71582794N 2.37196279E3x Mirage 3, ConcordeBoth8 January 20184
Pau, France43.37120438N 0.4213497WGazelle, Alouette 3Military4 June 20153
Pau, France43.36791611N 0.41360572WGazelleMilitary5 April 20161
Pau, France43.37170792N 0.42021468WPumaMilitary5 April 20161
Pau - Musée des Parachutistes, France43.34633636N 0.38632509WN.2501, Puma
credits: Wijgert IJlst
Military23 November 20162
Pau-Lescar, France43.32452774N 0.445113WFokker 100 fuselageCivil22 November 20171
Peillon, France43.77315903N 7.42088938EMirage 3Military1 February 20131
Perpignan, France42.73045731N 2.87724352EVarious stored airlinersCivil23 October 2012
Perpignan, France42.74394226N 2.86631203ESeveral stored airlinersCivil12 October 20131
Perpignan, France42.73200226N 2.87473893ESmall propCivil26 April 20171
Persan-Beaumont, France49.16409683N 2.31041503EMirage 3Military23 October 20121
Peyrehorade, France43.55001831N 1.09090269WVarious i/a at Lycee Professionnel Regional Jean Taris (exact building not sure, frames may be split over several buildings)Both8 January 20188
Peyrelevade, France45.70426559N 2.03551674EBr.1150Military27 April 20151
Phalsbourg, France48.75748062N 7.20690155EAlouette 2Military21 April 20171
Phalsbourg, France48.77061844N 7.20332861EGazelleMilitary21 April 20171
Phalsbourg, France48.77041245N 7.20283508EAlouette 3Military21 April 20171
Plobannalec, France47.81967926N 4.25006866WVariousMilitary12 May 201510
Poitiers, France46.62759781N 0.35396287EH-34Military1 February 20131
Poitiers, France46.62731552N 0.35451239EN.1203Civil1 May 20151
Pont sur Yonne, France48.28671265N 3.24585366E2x Mi-2Civil13 October 20172
Pontarlier, France46.90953445N 6.32708788ECM.170Military23 October 20121
Pontivy, France48.03676605N 2.96259999WRallyeCivil5 April 2016
Portes-les-Valence, France44.87517548N 4.86587048EMirage 5, CM.175 at a company called La Surplus
credits: Jeroen
Military20 August 20152
Pringy, France45.95022964N 6.15969181EMirage F1Military6 May 20151
Reau - Musée aéronautique et spatial du groupe SAFRAN, France48.60423279N 2.65099978EVariousMilitary6 January 20182
Reims, France49.28329849N 4.00159740EMirage 5 - only visible on latest GE imageMilitary29 November 20161
Reims-Prunay, France49.21080017N 4.15200949ESmall propCivil11 October 2013
Rennes, France48.06154633N 1.73302495WSE.210Civil8 January 20181
Rochefort, France45.93686676N 0.98427325WAlizeMilitary23 October 20121
Rochefort, France45.93378830N 0.99418092WVariousMilitary9 January 20183
Rochefort, France45.93216705N 0.9614768WCM.170Military23 October 20121
Rochefort - Musée de l'Aéronautique Navale, France45.93463135N 0.9906776WVariousBoth13 October 201736
Romorantin, France47.32193375N 1.68406093EMirage F1Military5 October 20161
Romorantin, France47.31940842N 1.68215764EMirage 3Military28 April 20151
Romorantin, France47.31740570N 1.68373525EMirage F1Military9 January 20181
Romorantin, France47.31983566N 1.68575227ESeveral gliders inside hangar (exact hangar TBC)Military9 January 20185
Rosières-en-Haye, France48.77919388N 5.96815109EF-100 in one of the sheltersMilitary11 January 20181
Rouffignac, France45.95533752N 0.76237899ECM.170Military9 January 20181
Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles, France49.91352844N 1.09685457ESeveral aircraft stored to be used for art projectsCivil2 February 20184
Saillagouse, France42.44580460N 2.01501727EAlouette 2Military15 June 20151
Saint Cyr l'Ecole, France48.80681992N 2.07348180ESeveral small propsCivil11 January 20183
Saint Nazaire, France47.31382751N 2.16905403WSN.600, SO.4050, SO.30Both25 April 20153
Saint Nazaire, France47.29491425N 2.18397188WA300? cockpit sectionCivil26 September 2017
Saint Pardon, France44.90666199N 0.33288467WGazelleMilitary27 April 20151
Saint Rambert, France45.25339127N 4.82409286EVariousBoth20 April 20173
Saint Victoret - Le Musée de l’Aviation St.Victoret, France43.42084503N 5.23600149EVariousBoth24 November 201724
Saint-Côme-du-Mont - D-Day Experience, France49.32923889N 1.26856399WDC-3Civil24 November 20171
Saint-Dalmas de Tende, France44.05547714N 7.57937431ECM.170Military27 June 20151
Saint-Herblain, France47.24448395N 1.60793066WSeveral aircraft in museum, in the basement of the shopping centreMilitary15 July 20172
Saint-Laurant-sur-Manoire, France45.12672806N 0.80706543EMD.450 (parts)Military15 May 20151
Saint-Lubin-de-la-Haye, France48.82550812N 1.58363950EFlamant, MH.1521Military28 April 20152
Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef, France47.17059326N 2.13644409WG.159 (and SK-105 mockup fuselage) in use at a campsiteCivil5 June 20181
Saint-Valery-en-Caux, France49.83802032N 0.65961659ECM170 (only outside in summer)Military6 January 20151
Sainte-Mère-Église - Airborne Museum, France49.40856934N 1.31436932WC-47Military6 January 20154
Saintes, France45.70764160N 0.62867177WMystereMilitary13 April 20131
Saintes, France45.71017838N 0.63034165WMirage 3Military5 May 20151
Saintes, France45.70290756N 0.63051301WMirage 3Military20 May 20171
Saintes, France45.70768356N 0.63121498WVarious i/a, exact building unknownMilitary20 May 20176
Salon de Provence, France43.60169601N 5.10493088ECM.170Military23 October 20121
Salon de Provence, France43.61966705N 5.11199284ECM.170Military23 October 20121
Salon de Provence, France43.62405014N 5.11201477EMystereMilitary14 January 20151
Salon de Provence, France43.62221146N 5.11274862ECM.170Military23 October 20121
Salon de Provence, France43.61800385N 5.11526060EJaguarMilitary23 October 20121
Salon de Provence, France43.62808990N 5.10498142ECM.170Military23 October 2012
Salon de Provence, France43.61832047N 5.11474609ECM.170Military11 June 20151
Salon de Provence, France43.62150955N 5.11450338ETucanoMilitary10 January 20181
Salon de Provence, France43.62034988N 5.10965157EEmbraer 312 (exact location TBC)Military23 June 20181
Samoreau, France48.42914200N 2.74726748EMirage 3Military3 May 20151
Sarlat-Domme, France44.79077911N 1.24387884ECM.170Military29 November 20161
Sarre Union, France48.94968796N 7.07586718EMirage 3Military12 October 20131
Satolas, France45.71115494N 5.08381367EL.1011Civil23 October 20121
Satolas, France45.72842407N 5.08043480ESE.210Civil23 October 2012
Saumur, France47.25841141N 0.10896099W3x Yak.52Civil14 August 2018
Savigny les Beaune - Museum, France47.06050110N 4.81899500EVariousBoth27 September 201699
Séchault, France49.28183746N 4.76533222EJaguarMilitary9 March 20181
Seclin, France50.56893158N 3.04057240EMirage 3Military8 January 20151
Seynod - Musée des trois guerres, France45.89165497N 6.11459589EH-34, former Museum of WWI, WWII and Algerian War. Closed due to non respect of French's legislation of weapons.
credits: Erazkiel
Military12 September 20181
Solenzara, France41.92541504N 9.39269066EVautourMilitary12 October 20131
Solenzara, France41.92470169N 9.39739037EMirage 3Military12 October 20131
Solenzara, France41.91230392N 9.40189362EMirage F1Military12 January 20181
St Agnant, France45.89116287N 0.97400361WVarious stored and up for sale to be scrappedMilitary9 January 201818
St Agnant, France45.88988495N 0.97521472WVarious stored and i/aMilitary20 May 201719
St Agnant, France45.89506531N 0.98802572WFlamant, N.2501Military20 May 20172
St Agnant, France45.89575958N 0.98677039WMirage F1 (only visible on latest GE image)Military9 January 20181
St Agnant, France45.89676666N 0.98031932WVariousMilitary20 May 20176
St Agnant, France45.89881516N 0.98953235WMirage 3Military27 April 20151
St Agnant, France45.89625931N 0.99029839WVarious i/a insideMilitary9 January 201813
St Agnant, France45.89569092N 0.98902166WVarious i/a insideMilitary9 January 201827
St Amand-Montrond, France46.72768784N 2.48849750EMirage 3Military13 April 20131
St Dizier, France48.63159180N 4.90228510E2x JaguarMilitary11 January 20182
St Dizier, France48.63166809N 4.88703299EJaguarMilitary11 January 20181
St Dizier, France48.62780380N 4.89764404EMirage 4Military24 January 20181
St Dizier, France48.63249207N 4.89797258EVautourMilitary11 January 20181
St Dizier, France48.63063431N 4.89762259EMirage 2000, exact location TBCMilitary11 January 20181
St Dizier, France48.62770462N 4.89813757EF-84Military11 January 20181
St Dizier, France48.62959671N 4.89760113ECM.170Military11 January 20181
St Dizier, France48.63032913N 4.89786911ET-33Military11 January 20181
St Dizier, France48.63363266N 4.91894054EVariousMilitary11 January 20188
St Dizier, France48.63345337N 4.89879990EJaguar at fire training area, exact location TBCMilitary11 January 20181
St Dizier, France48.63780212N 4.91704988EMirage 3, Mirage 4, MH.1521Military11 January 20183
St Peravy la Colombe, France47.99831772N 1.70267820EN.2501 hulkMilitary23 October 20121
St Yan, France46.41120911N 4.02628517EN.262Military23 June 20171
St Yan, France46.40810394N 4.02679110EVarious in one of the hangarsMilitary16 January 20185
Tarbes, France43.22200012N 0.06860220E2x PumaMilitary14 June 20152
Tarbes, France43.22362137N 0.06872930EN.2501Military1 February 20131
Tarbes, France43.22119141N 0.07029802EPumaMilitary11 January 20181
Tarnos, France43.54635239N 1.49338889WCM.170, Alouette 2Military27 June 20132
Taverny, France, France49.03521347N 2.22059512EMirage 3, visible on latest GE image (not blurred)Military12 January 20181
Touchay - Musée Aéronautique du Berry, France46.71197891N 2.21837640EVariousBoth10 October 201812
Toulouse, France43.56667709N 1.47345352EMirage 3Military24 November 20121
Toulouse, France43.56775665N 1.47208989EMiG-15Military12 January 20181
Toulouse, France43.61747360N 1.49045944EMirage F2Military14 June 20151
Toulouse, France43.61818695N 1.48938346EVarious jet partsMilitary1 February 20131
Toulouse, France43.62002182N 1.49234056ENoratlasMilitary24 November 20141
Toulouse, France43.61993408N 1.49082494E2x fuselage, hangars house more instructional airframesBoth24 November 20144
Toulouse, France43.65173340N 1.37498510EVariousBoth10 January 20154
Toulouse, France43.61905670N 1.49265897ESuper EtendardMilitary14 June 20151
Toulouse, France43.63895798N 1.37151551EATR42, SN601, A340Civil21 May 20172
Toulouse, France43.54575729N 1.37450695EC-160 fuselage used for paratrooper training, exact location unknown, at military sideMilitary21 May 20181
Toulouse, France43.62229538N 1.38136876EL.1329Civil9 March 20181
Toulouse, France43.56955338N 1.46590745EVarious i/a at "IUT Département Génie Mécanique et Productique Techniques Aérospatiales"Military9 March 20182
Toulouse, France43.57205200N 1.47181106EMirage 3 (recently placed at this exact spot, on GE image visible at other site of the building awaiting placement)Military15 March 20181
Toulouse - Aeroscopia, France43.65940857N 1.36011004EVariousBoth19 June 201728
Toulouse - Ailes Anciennes, France43.65725327N 1.35936654EVariousBoth19 June 201749
Toulouse-Francazal, France43.54945755N 1.37584531EN.2501Military25 November 20121
Toulouse-Francazal, France43.54141998N 1.36027002EATR.42 not sure this is the exact airframe, parked at this ramp though, others are mostly newbuilds waiting for deliveryCivil21 May 20181
Tours, France47.43211365N 0.71067083EMystere, OuraganMilitary23 October 20122
Tours, France47.43347931N 0.70751601EAlpha Jet?Military23 October 20121
Tours, France47.44866562N 0.72710007EBe.99Civil23 October 20121
Tours, France47.43204117N 0.71518314EOuragan, T-33Military9 March 20182
Tours, France47.43999863N 0.72635740EAlpha JetMilitary9 March 20181
Tours-Sorigny, France47.26720047N 0.70517796EHR.100Civil23 October 20121
Toussus-le-Noble, France48.74706650N 2.10377884EVarious as i/a inside hangar, exact hangar unknownMilitary9 March 20188
Treillères, France47.27570343N 1.59232295WMirage 5, Ce.172, B737 cockpit inside "Miniplanes Modelisme Drones"Both8 November 20172
Uchaud, France43.76961517N 4.27846193EN.2501Military14 May 20131
Ussel, France45.53747559N 2.41987371ECM.170Military27 April 20151
Utah Beach - Musée du débarquement, France49.41535568N 1.17466331WB-26Military10 November 20141
Valence, France44.91775513N 4.96421480EAlouette 3Military9 March 20181
Valence, France44.91700745N 4.96488476EGazelleMilitary23 October 20121
Valence, France44.92454147N 4.96589422EUnknownCivil9 March 2018
Vannes, France47.72454071N 2.73329496WCM.170Military25 April 20152
Vannes - Musée aéronautique Vannes-Monterblanc, France47.73029709N 2.71965647WVarious (closed)Both6 January 20186
Varces, France45.10408401N 5.67904186EPumaMilitary3 July 2017
Varennes sur Allier, France46.31809235N 3.39236045ECM.170Military26 April 20151
Villacoublay, France48.77167130N 2.21520638EMS.760Military3 May 20151
Villacoublay, France48.76998520N 2.20645332EFalcon 20Military3 May 20151
Villacoublay, France48.77049255N 2.19162107EAlouette 2, Alouette 3Military4 June 20153
Villacoublay, France48.77576447N 2.18370962EMirage 2000
credits: WoensdrechtAS
Military6 July 20171
Villeperdue, France47.20470428N 0.63812864EH-21Military12 May 20151
Visan, France44.33684540N 4.90472031ECM.170, FlamantMilitary23 October 20122
Vitrolles, France43.44570923N 5.24543381EMirage 3 (more inside)Military22 October 20135
Viuz-en-Sallaz, France46.14709473N 6.39434242EN.2501Military6 May 20151
Vraux - Musée du Terrain d'Aviation de Condé-Vraux 1939/1945, France49.02780533N 4.23356342EMH.1521Military4 October 20182
Waltembourg, France48.75420761N 7.19675589EMiG-21, F-4 inside Disco "Airstrip"Military9 March 20182
Warluis - museum, France49.39349365N 2.14883471EvariousMilitary1 June 20156
Wasquehal, France50.68530655N 3.08463383ES.205Civil4 January 20181