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14 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Iraq. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Al Assad, Iraq33.80858231N 42.41061401EMiG-25Military20 October 2016
Al Assad, Iraq33.81988144N 42.46595383EMiG-21Military20 October 2016
Al Assad, Iraq33.80252838N 42.41740799ESeveral MiG-21Military20 March 2018
Al Taqaddum, Iraq33.35654831N 43.57338715E8x Il-28Military6 October 20163
Baghdad, Iraq33.31107330N 44.38827896EVariousMilitary24 January 20163
Baghdad, Iraq33.33396530N 44.35535049EVariousMilitary30 August 2017
Balad, Iraq33.95013046N 44.33055496E10x MiG-23Military6 October 2016
Baqubah, Iraq33.79172516N 44.60759735E3x Mi-2 (not visible on old and blurry image)Civil20 October 20161
H3, Iraq32.93859863N 39.73867798EVarious Su-22 (?) placed on runways and taxiways to prevent them from being usedMilitary20 October 2016
Habbaniyah, Iraq33.37016296N 43.58132935EMiG-21Military20 October 2016
Kirkuk, Iraq35.46802139N 44.35820389EMiG-15, Su-20, Su-22Military30 August 2017
Qayarrah West, Iraq35.78446579N 43.09534836EMiG-21 (here in 2003, not known if it is still here)Military20 October 20161
Tallil, Iraq30.95157814N 46.07622147EAn-26?Unknown10 October 2016
Tikrit, Iraq34.67926025N 43.51607895EMiG-19 wreckMilitary20 October 2016