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17 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Israel. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Beer Sheba, Israel31.25468254N 34.75683212EF-4Military21 September 20131
Beer Sheba, Israel31.24128532N 34.76796722EKfirMilitary21 September 2013
Beko'a, Israel31.81895447N 34.91642761EN.2501Military17 July 20151
Eilat, Israel29.55200768N 34.95580292EDC-3Civil7 January 20151
Haifa, Israel32.80633545N 35.03934860EOuraganMilitary21 September 2013
Haifa, Israel32.80960083N 35.04163742EVariousMilitary18 April 20161
Hatzerim - Israeli Air Force Museum, Israel31.23781013N 34.69636917EVariousMilitary17 July 201659
Hatzor, Israel31.76827240N 34.73262024EF-4, Kfir, A-4Military24 December 20162
Kfar Giladi, Israel33.23979187N 35.57274246EVautour (not visible on blurry image, but should be here)
credits: Erez
Military2 March 20151
Kibutz Revivim, Israel31.03791046N 34.71731186EDC-3Military9 January 20151
Nevatim, Israel31.20829773N 35.05277634EVariousMilitary3 February 2016
Ovda, Israel29.92502213N 34.94239044ELarge number of stored jetsMilitary21 September 2013
Ovda, Israel29.93998909N 34.95615387EUnknown jetMilitary21 September 2013
Ramat David, Israel32.66994095N 35.19267654EVariousMilitary21 September 2013
Tel Aviv, Israel32.02159119N 34.89495850EB707, B747Civil13 February 20151
Tel Nov, Israel31.82328606N 34.81998062EF-15Military21 September 2013
Yifat - Valley Museum, Israel32.67385483N 35.22521973EAg Commander (not visible on blurred image, but was seen here)Civil27 April 20171