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29 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Jordan. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Ajloun, Jordan32.31721878N 35.75567627EF-104Military18 September 2012
Al Karak, Jordan31.09372139N 35.70996857EF-104Military18 September 20121
Al Mafraq, Jordan32.33897018N 36.24199677EF-104?Military18 September 2012
Amman, Jordan31.96728706N 35.97178650ESmall propMilitary6 August 2017
Amman, Jordan31.97377968N 35.98238373EVariousBoth6 August 2017
Amman, Jordan31.97496986N 35.97766495ET-33?Military18 September 2012
Amman, Jordan31.97667694N 35.78697205EF-104Military10 July 2014
Amman, Jordan31.72321129N 36.01120758EVarious stored airlinersCivil1 November 20161
Amman, Jordan32.03350067N 35.97586441EA300 in use as i/a at the KASOTC special forces training centreCivil19 December 2016
Amman, Jordan31.97439003N 36.00047302E2x C-130 (being scrapped)Military6 August 2017
Amman, Jordan31.97337341N 35.98725128EB737Civil6 August 20171
Amman, Jordan31.96689987N 35.97477341ESeveral UH-1Military6 August 2017
Amman, Jordan31.97206116N 35.99892426EF-104Military6 August 2017
Amman - Sarh al-Shaheed Museum, Jordan31.98653603N 35.90645218EHunter (not visible, inside or wrong location?)Military10 July 20141
Aqaba, Jordan29.61661911N 35.02355957EDC-9, L.1011Civil6 August 20171
Irbid, Jordan32.53659058N 35.86915588EF-104Military18 September 2012
King Abdullah II, Jordan31.99880028N 36.21678925EAH-1Military6 August 2017
King Hussein, Jordan32.35425186N 36.24641800EF-104Military18 September 2012
King Hussein, Jordan32.34718704N 36.24375534ESmall propNotset18 September 2012
King Hussein, Jordan32.35541916N 36.24881363EF-5?Notset18 September 2012
Madaba, Jordan31.72865486N 35.78407669EF-104Military18 September 20121
Prince Hassan, Jordan32.17209625N 37.14139938EF-104Military18 September 2012
Prince Hassan, Jordan32.18972397N 37.11876678EF-104Military18 September 20121
Prince Hassan, Jordan32.17552948N 37.13877487EF-5, F-104Military18 September 2012
Shaheed Mwaffag, Jordan31.84219933N 36.79327393EF-16Military18 September 20121
Shaheed Mwaffag, Jordan31.82825661N 36.80519104E4x F-104, 1x Mirage F1?Notset18 September 2012
Shaheed Mwaffag, Jordan31.83223724N 36.79184341E11x Mirage F1 stored?Military18 September 2012
Shaheed Mwaffag, Jordan31.83971596N 36.78160858E12x Mirage F1 stored?Military18 September 2012
Suwaqa Al Gharbiya, Jordan31.38577461N 36.06592560EL.1011Civil3 November 20161