Location name:
Sharea Faisal - Pakistan Air Force Museum, Pakistan
24.87107849N 67.09588623E
Last update:
11 July 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
276An-26AfghanistanAir ForcepreNow painted as 278?
95775053503MiG-21bisAfghanistanAir Forcepre
IE1083GT014Gnat F.1IndiaAir Forcepre
44-3456827847B-26BPakistanAir Forcepre
892S680E-892-101AC.680EPakistanAir Forcepre
380An-12PakistanAir Forcepre
W4108Auster J/5FPakistanAir Forcepre
57-111TD-371Be.B95PakistanAir Forcepre
9463Br.1150PakistanNavyprec/n to be confirmed
53-11957310B-57BPakistanAir Forcepre
AP-AOU180-51322Ce.180GPakistanAir Forcepre
...Sabre Mk.6PakistanAir ForcepreAs 1622 (previously as 55-5005)
16261626Sabre Mk.6PakistanAir Forcepre
16321632Sabre Mk.6PakistanAir Forcedum
17561756Sabre Mk.6PakistanAir Forcepre
17921792Sabre Mk.6PakistanAir Forcepre
17971797Sabre Mk.6PakistanAir Forcepre
56-798183-1086F-104CPakistanAir Forcepre
57-1312283-5024F-104BPakistanAir ForcepreAs 57-1309
62-4556182HH-43FPakistanAir Forcepre
90-5314MushshakPakistanAir Forcepre
71-5618MiG-15UTIPakistanAir Forcepre
55-1536FT-5PakistanAir Forcepre
55-1615FT-5PakistanAir Forcepre
1003F-6PakistanAir Forcepre
1083F-6PakistanAir Forcepre
1606F-6PakistanAir Forcepre
4120F-6PakistanAir Forcepre
7624F-6PakistanAir Forcepre
10103FT-6PakistanAir Forcepre
10434F-6PakistanAir Forcepre
89-544F-7PPakistanAir Forcepre
70-424Mirage 5PAPakistanAir Forcepre
7601223926O-1EPakistanAir Forcepre
...PL-2PakistanAir Forcepre
3W-106A-5CPakistanAir Forcepre
3W-121A-5CPakistanAir Forcepre
44-140SF-25CPakistanAir Forcepre
4200/RAT-6GPakistanAir Forcepre
53-5259580-8598T-33APakistanAir Forcepre
55-3113580-9683T-33APakistanAir Forcepre
56-1601580-9951T-33APakistanAir Forcepre
64-1344840863T-37BPakistanAir Forcepre
D501/21Tiger MothPakistanAir Forcepre
J-750261Viking 1BPakistanAir Forcepre
62-862/8-862683A-1162CF-104TurkeyAir Forcepre
53-5090580-8429RT-33APakistanAir ForcepreRemoved
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