Location name:
Warsaw - Muzeum Katynski, Poland
52.18165588N 21.06553459E
Last update:
14 January 2013
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarks
59281G159-28An-2PolandAir ForcePreserved
2256729Il-28PolandAir ForcePreservedAs 65
3101563101093Mi-2URNPolandAir ForcePreserved
5827565827128Mi-2RPolandAir ForcePreserved
873231873MiG-15bisPolandAir ForcePreservedAs 365
13121B-01312Lim-2PolandAir ForcePreservedAs 1132
60101A-06010SBLim-2PolandAir ForcePreserved
1011F-0101Lim-6bisPolandAir ForcePreserved
12171C-1217Lim-5PolandAir ForcePreserved
16041C-1604Lim-5PolandAir ForcePreserved
1802761802MiG-21PFPolandAir ForcePreserved
600606695160MiG-21UMPolandAir ForcePreserved
660494A6604MiG-21PFMPolandAir ForcePreserved
811396008113MiG-21MFPolandAir ForcePreserved
1480390217148MiG-23MFPolandAir ForcePreserved
136013Su-7BKLPolandAir ForcePreserved
176017Su-7BKLPolandAir ForcePreserved
3313313Su-7UMPolandAir ForcePreserved
8157815Su-7BKLPolandAir ForcePreserved
50617532368506Su-22UM3KPolandAir ForcePreserved
613176301Su-20RPolandAir ForcePreserved
2215542215012Mi-2TPolandAir ForcePreservedRemoved
15011C-1501Lim-5PolandAir ForcePreservedRemoved
460624606Su-22M4PolandAir ForcePreservedRemoved
625276302Su-20RPolandAir ForcePreservedRemoved
171017Yak-23PolandAir ForcePreservedRemoved
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