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28 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Manitoba. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada49.90165710N 99.93562317WT-33Military14 December 20121
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada49.88737869N 99.94986725WBollingbrokeMilitary7 November 20161
Brandon - Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum, Manitoba, Canada49.90377808N 99.94241333WVariousBoth1 February 20162
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada58.76043320N 94.08665466WC-46 wreck, crashed here in 1979Civil21 September 20161
Garland, Manitoba, Canada51.65645218N 100.46177673WViscountCivil5 May 20161
Gimli, Manitoba, Canada50.63103485N 96.98551941WT-33Military23 December 20141
Gimli, Manitoba, Canada50.63174057N 97.04089355WC-46Civil6 January 20181
New Bothwell, Manitoba, Canada49.60937500N 96.89546967WH-34 in a paintball fieldMilitary8 January 20171
Portage la Praire - Fort la Reine Museum, Manitoba, Canada49.97420120N 98.24258423WCT-134Military5 May 20161
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada49.96637344N 98.29095459WT-33Military9 May 20131
Shamattawa, Manitoba, Canada55.96750259N 92.53182983WDC-3 wreck, exact location not 100% sure, GE image too blurryCivil16 December 20171
Thompson, Manitoba, Canada55.75111008N 97.84455109WNorsemanCivil26 September 20161
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.89374542N 97.24981689WDC-3, ConvairMilitary14 December 20122
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.88926697N 97.23763275WS-2Military14 December 20121
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.88973236N 97.236763WCl.600Military14 December 20121
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.89009476N 97.23630524WT-33, F-86, CF-100Military14 December 20123
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.89058685N 97.23652649WF-101Military14 December 20121
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.89011765N 97.23551941WT-6Military14 December 20121
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.88810349N 97.23757172WCT-134Military14 December 20121
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.87788391N 97.27379608WT-33Military14 December 20121
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.88521576N 97.24069214WF-5Military14 December 20121
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.88970184N 97.23748016WH-58Military14 December 20121
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.89025497N 97.23699951WF-104Military14 December 20121
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada50.05498886N 97.05060577WScrap yard, various plane partsUnknown9 May 2013
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.90456390N 97.25202179WVariousCivil3 December 20142
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.90111923N 97.24911499W2x unknownUnknown29 January 2016
Winnipeg - Canadian Starfighter Museum, Manitoba, Canada50.05687332N 97.04394531WF-104 (in one of these hangars, not sure which one)Military14 December 20141
Winnipeg - Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, Manitoba, Canada49.89563751N 97.22097778WVariousBoth1 September 201724