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44 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Mississippi. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Biloxi, Mississippi, United States30.43209076N 88.90022278WUH-1Military3 January 20171
Bolivar, Mississippi, United States33.65975571N 91.0511322WB727Civil1 November 20161
Bolton, Mississippi, United States32.30091476N 90.40802002WVarious i/a at Hinds Community CollegeCivil10 December 20163
Camp Shelby - Museum, Mississippi, United States31.19774055N 89.22383118WVariousMilitary3 June 20136
Columbia, Mississippi, United States31.29253387N 89.81752014WT-33Military3 June 20131
Columbus, Mississippi, United States33.50709152N 88.43174744WT-37Military2 September 20121
Columbus, Mississippi, United States33.61169815N 88.42168427WT-37Military12 September 20121
Columbus, Mississippi, United States33.62292862N 88.43653107WT-37, T-38Military24 December 20162
Greenville, Mississippi, United States33.48106384N 90.99090576WT-33 (601 is on a pole outside, 608 should be here as well, probably inside. Need confirmation of the 608 being here.)Military3 June 20142
Greenwood, Mississippi, United States33.48637390N 90.08429718WVarious stored airliners for scrappingCivil18 December 2012
Grenada, Mississippi, United States33.76205063N 89.80641174WA-4Military12 July 20151
Gulfport, Mississippi, United States30.40783119N 89.07977295WMartin 4-0-4Civil3 December 2013
Gulfport, Mississippi, United States30.41624832N 89.06348419WUH-1, 2x H-58Military24 December 2016
Gulfport, Mississippi, United States30.41730499N 89.06336212WH-58Military24 December 2016
Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States31.27013588N 89.25226593WF-84, F-101, T-33Military2 September 20123
Hawkins Field, Mississippi, United States32.32974625N 90.21731567W3x DC-3, Be.18Unknown5 September 2015
Hazlehurst, Mississippi, United States31.87068939N 90.4120636WF-86Military2 September 20121
Jackson, Mississippi, United States32.32899475N 90.08341217WUH-1Military27 September 2016
Jackson - National Agricultural Aviation Museum, Mississippi, United States32.33657074N 90.15776062WVarious small civilCivil2 September 20122
Keesler, Mississippi, United States30.40806198N 88.91158295WF-101Military2 September 20121
Keesler, Mississippi, United States30.40617943N 88.91163635WF-105Military2 September 20121
Keesler, Mississippi, United States30.40534019N 88.91099548WT-28Military2 September 20121
Keesler, Mississippi, United States30.40411758N 88.91098022WT-33Military2 September 20121
Keesler, Mississippi, United States30.40139198N 88.92314911WF-104Military7 July 20141
Key Field, Mississippi, United States32.34646988N 88.7472229WH-47Military24 December 2016
Magee, Mississippi, United States31.91012001N 89.79000092WUH-1Military18 September 20121
Meridian, Mississippi, United States32.54621887N 88.60605621WT-2Military24 May 20151
Meridian, Mississippi, United States32.54891968N 88.60666656WA-4Military2 September 20121
Meridian, Mississippi, United States32.55658722N 88.56022644WA-4, T-2 (T-45 is a replica)Military13 November 20182
Meridian, Mississippi, United States32.38771820N 88.68445587WT-2Military18 September 20121
Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States30.40862083N 88.76696014WUH-1Military12 July 20151
Olive Branch, Mississippi, United States34.98017883N 89.79059601WCe.337Civil3 January 20181
Olive Branch, Mississippi, United States34.98230743N 89.79051971WPA-60Civil3 January 20181
Pearl, Mississippi, United States32.24831390N 90.08979034WDC-9 and some small propsCivil14 July 2018
Pearl, Mississippi, United States32.24343491N 90.08924866WB.206? fuselageCivil14 July 2018
Petal, Mississippi, United States31.33615112N 89.26246643WDC-3Civil12 July 20151
Philadelphia, Mississippi, United States32.80072403N 89.10839081WT-2Military3 January 20171
Stennis Space Center, Mississippi, United States30.38814354N 89.62207031WA-7Military12 July 20151
Sumrall, Mississippi, United States31.41788673N 89.5486908WUH-1Military3 January 20171
Tupelo, Mississippi, United States34.26124954N 88.7636261WVarious stored airliners for scrappingCivil1 September 2013
Tupelo, Mississippi, United States34.26600266N 88.67932129WF-105 (moved here from Lackland in 2013, has been placed in 2015)Military3 January 20171
Tupelo, Mississippi, United States34.27149582N 88.7652359WH-6Military27 September 20141
Union, Mississippi, United States32.57257843N 89.10140991WTF-9JMilitary13 April 2013
Walnut, Mississippi, United States34.94983292N 88.90762329WUH-1Military2 July 20141