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15 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Mozambique. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Beira, Mozambique19.802351S 34.90877914ESeveral MiG-15/17, MiG-21, An-26, 2x DHC-4Both23 January 20162
Beira, Mozambique19.80421257S 34.90542603EMiG-15/17, Mi-8, small propMilitary14 April 2013
Beira, Mozambique19.7973423S 34.89475250ESmall propCivil24 January 2016
Beira, Mozambique19.80373573S 34.90856171ECollapsed hangar with several MiG-21 and a small propMilitary14 October 20164
Chimuara, Mozambique17.83355522S 35.33271027EL-410Civil13 July 20161
Cuamba, Mozambique14.81781483S 36.53306961EAn-26Notset14 April 2013
Lichinga, Mozambique13.30081749S 35.24720764EFuselage of C-47 (not clearly visible, under the trees)Military9 October 20141
Maputo, Mozambique25.9289341S 32.57299805E3x B737Civil21 October 20161
Maputo, Mozambique25.9234581S 32.56456757EVariousMilitary11 October 20167
Maputo, Mozambique25.9178009S 32.56797791E3x An-26, 3x Mi-24Military11 October 20166
Montepuez, Mozambique13.12529278S 39.00347137EDC-3 (not clearly visible)Military24 October 20141
Pemba, Mozambique12.98971748S 40.52748871ESmall propNotset14 April 2013
Quelimane, Mozambique17.85537529S 36.87128830EAn-26Unknown16 April 2016
Tete, Mozambique16.10847282S 33.63565826EDC-3Military22 January 2016
Tete, Mozambique16.11250305S 33.63596344ESmall prop wreckUnknown22 January 2016