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32 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Myanmar. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Bago, Myanmar17.20481682N 96.41289520EA320Civil22 April 20171
Hmawbi, Myanmar17.12143707N 96.07790375ET-33Military17 October 2016
Hmawbi, Myanmar17.11761093N 96.05527496E2x DC-3, F.27Military17 October 2016
Magway, Myanmar20.17336845N 94.96466827EMiG-21Military17 October 2016
Meiktila, Myanmar20.88442230N 95.88107300ET-33Military12 March 2015
Meiktila, Myanmar20.89324188N 95.88698578ET-33Military12 March 2015
Meiktila, Myanmar20.88341904N 95.89197540E3x small propMilitary12 March 2015
Meiktila, Myanmar20.88385963N 95.89030457EDC-3Military12 March 2015
Meiktila, Myanmar20.89702034N 95.89601135ESmall propMilitary12 March 2015
Meiktila, Myanmar20.92801285N 95.91596222ET-33Military17 October 20161
Meiktila, Myanmar20.94171333N 95.91947174E2x MiG-21Military17 October 2016
Nampong, Myanmar25.36467361N 97.30223083ET-33Military12 March 2015
Namsang, Myanmar20.89501381N 97.73091125ET-33Military12 March 2015
Naypidaw - Defence Services Museum, Myanmar19.89557648N 96.25486755EVariousMilitary12 October 201640
Naypyidaw, Myanmar19.70655632N 96.11513519EF.28 at Sky Palace hotel and cafeCivil12 October 20161
Naypyidaw, Myanmar19.59851074N 96.20082855ET-33 - location seems to be incorrect, a T-33 should be near the airport here though, exact location TBCMilitary21 February 20181
Rangoon, Myanmar16.90409470N 96.13943481ET-33Military12 March 2015
Rangoon, Myanmar16.90411758N 96.13659668EF.27Civil16 February 20181
Rangoon, Myanmar16.90620422N 96.13810730EDC-3Notset21 September 2013
Taungoo, Myanmar19.02633286N 96.37586975EMiG-21Military17 October 2016
Thandwe, Myanmar18.45445442N 94.29954529EATR.72Civil31 December 20151
Yangon, Myanmar16.79449272N 96.14415741EF.27Civil10 November 20141
Yangon, Myanmar16.79861259N 96.13954163E2x F.27Civil16 February 20182
Yangon, Myanmar16.89466476N 96.13051605EF.28Civil16 February 20181
Yangon, Myanmar16.89086151N 96.14628601EF.28Civil30 January 20181
Yangon, Myanmar16.90834045N 96.13893127EF.27Civil16 February 2018
Yangon, Myanmar16.90631676N 96.12611389EA-5?Military16 February 2018
Yangon, Myanmar16.90535736N 96.12956238EDHC-8Civil16 February 2018
Yangon, Myanmar16.90920639N 96.13095856EF.27, DHC-8 fuselage?Civil16 February 2018
Yangon, Myanmar16.87091637N 96.15348816EF.27Civil22 March 20181
Yangon - Natural World Amusement Park, Myanmar16.80125999N 96.13912201E2x F.27Unknown29 January 20182
Yangon - Natural World Amusement Park, Myanmar16.80098724N 96.13919067ET-33, covered by tress, see older GE images for a clear viewMilitary29 January 20181