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30 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Norway. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Bergen, Norway60.30273438N 5.22990704E2x Small propCivil11 May 20171
Bodo, Norway67.27232361N 14.41498470EF-104 (only visible on latest GE image)Military15 December 20141
Bodo, Norway67.26493073N 14.36824894ESeveral somewhere on base, exact location not knownMilitary6 May 20152
Bodo - Norsk Luftfartsmuseum, Norway67.27605438N 14.41343689EVariousBoth22 October 201628
Bodo - Norwegian Starfighter Group, Norway67.27021027N 14.35243511EF-104, UH-1 (both inside one of the shelters, should be this one)Military15 December 20142
Jan Mayen, Norway70.98126221N 8.54873657WIntact crash site of German Ju-88, exact location not knownMilitary9 February 2017
Kirkenes - Sør-Varanger Museum, Norway69.71688080N 30.04355049EIl-2Military17 March 20161
Kjeller, Norway59.97286987N 11.03919411EF-104Military1 December 20122
Kjeller, Norway59.96744537N 11.05112267ESmall propNotset1 December 2012
Kjevik, Norway58.20674896N 8.08325863EF-84, various more as instructional airframesNotset1 December 20123
Kjevik, Norway58.20463181N 8.07403088E3x twin prop stored?Notset1 December 2012
Kongsberg, Norway59.65609741N 9.64214802EF-104Military1 December 20121
Lillestrøm, Norway59.96487045N 11.03251457EF-5 (and more?)Military6 May 20151
Orland, Norway63.69804382N 9.63399982EF-5, F-84, F-86Notset1 December 20123
Oslo - Forsvarsmuseet, Norway59.90813828N 10.73631096EUH-1 insideMilitary8 May 20151
Oslo - Norsk Teknisk Museum, Norway59.96716309N 10.78126717ESE.210 and various other old small propsNotset1 December 20124
Oslo-Gardermoen - Forsvarets Flysamling, Norway60.18912125N 11.06899929EVariousNotset1 December 201228
Rudshøgda, Norway60.89877319N 10.76058578EF-104 (not visible on GE image, but is visible on streetview)Military31 August 20141
Rygge, Norway59.37588501N 10.80583000EDHC.8Notset1 December 20121
Rygge, Norway59.38600159N 10.77242279EF-5Military1 December 20121
Rygge, Norway59.37995911N 10.80180454EUH-1Notset1 December 20121
Sessvollmoen, Norway60.23419571N 11.14443779EA UH-1 should be gateguard here, not visible on GENotset1 December 2012
Sessvollmoen, Norway60.23813629N 11.14773273EF-5 (only visible on latest GE image)Military6 May 20151
Skien, Norway59.18413544N 9.56418514EAn-2Civil11 May 2017
Sola, Norway58.88267136N 5.64554453EF-5, UH-1Military11 May 20171
Stavanger-Sola - Flyhistorisk Museum Sola, Norway58.89769363N 5.63149786EVariousNotset1 December 201215
Tonsberg, Norway59.29876328N 10.36816883EDHC.6Notset1 December 2012
Torp-Sandefjord, Norway59.19624710N 10.27681160EF-84, F-86, more? (inside in Dakota Norway Hangar)Notset1 December 20124
Trondheim, Norway63.42996597N 10.43625069EF-5 (not visible, but should be here, maybe visible on later blurry GE images)Military6 May 20151
Trondheim, Norway63.45455170N 10.93115044EF-16 (fake?)Notset1 December 2012