Planes linked to locations in Paraguay

These are all the planes linked to locations in Paraguay. This list may not be complete, as the database is constantly being updated as more information becomes available. If you are logged in and have a plane log created, the planes you have sightings for in the database will be highlighted in yellow.

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceLocationStatus
9Q-CGI21543B747-269BDemocratic Republic of the CongoCivilGuaranistd
0118957B707-321BParaguayAir ForceLoma Grandepre
0218210-59780Ce.210LParaguayAir ForceÑu Guazú - Museo Aeronauticopre
202833415C-47BParaguayAir ForceÑu Guazú - Museo Aeronauticopre
ZP-CFL11348Fokker 100ParaguayCivilLoma Grandepre
H-042918003UH-1HParaguayAir ForceÑu Guazúpre
PR-H-005426UH-1BParaguayAir ForceÑu Guazú - Museo Aeronauticopre
100479162405AT-26ParaguayAir ForceCapiatápre
0125T-25ParaguayAir ForceÑu Guazú - Museo Aeronauticopre
0127T-25ParaguayAir ForceÑu Guazúpre
SP-WDLCF21940945PZL 104-80ParaguayAir ForceAscunsiónpre
ZP-EACS.11.4ParaguayCivilÑu Guazú - Museo Aeronauticopre
012988-9747T-6GParaguayAir ForceÑu Guazú - Museo Aeronauticopre
0012056T-23AParaguayAir ForceÑu Guazú - Museo Aeronauticopre
1020580-1050T-33AParaguayAir ForceAscunsiónpre
1021580-1307T-33AParaguayAir ForceAscunsiónpre
1022580-1356T-33AParaguayAir ForceÑu Guazú - Museo Aeronauticopre
1024580-1365T-33AParaguayAir ForceConcepciónpre
1025580-1418T-33AParaguayAir ForceAscunsióndum
records 1 to 23 of 23