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59 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Peru. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Arequipa, Peru16.35163879S 71.56930542WSmall propNotset14 January 2013
Arequipa, Peru16.35075188S 71.56881714WSu-22Notset14 January 2013
Arequipa, Peru16.34932518S 71.56809235W2x propNotset14 January 2013
Arequipa, Peru16.39570618S 71.5477066WF-86
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Ayacucho, Peru13.14292049S 74.2270813WT-37
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Chiclayo, Peru6.77623892S 79.82437897WHunterMilitary14 January 2016
Chiclayo, Peru6.77580833S 79.82868958WUnknown small propNotset13 February 2013
Iquitos, Peru3.74310613S 73.2622757WDHC-6, PBY?Unknown5 November 2016
Iquitos, Peru3.7614181S 73.25994873WMi-8, Mi-26Military5 November 2016
Jauja, Peru11.78676891S 75.47567749WPA-34
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 January 2016
Jauja, Peru11.78540707S 75.47332001WVarious
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 January 2016
La Merced, Peru11.06001949S 75.33783722WT-37
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Las Palmas, Peru12.15877342S 77.00704193WSmall propMilitary13 January 2016
Las Palmas, Peru12.15270329S 77.0035553WT-6?Notset21 February 2013
Las Palmas, Peru12.14902115S 76.99714661WVariousNotset21 February 20132
Las Palmas, Peru12.15539837S 77.00455475WSu-22, 2x small propMilitary13 January 2016
Las Palmas, Peru12.15618324S 77.00519562WUnknownNotset21 February 2013
Las Palmas, Peru12.15684223S 77.00562286WUnknownNotset21 February 2013
Las Palmas, Peru12.15755844S 77.00610352WSmall propNotset9 March 2014
Las Palmas, Peru12.16055679S 77.00315857WVarious small propsNotset9 March 2014
Las Palmas, Peru12.16941929S 77.00450134W4x HelicopterNotset9 March 2014
Las Palmas, Peru12.15748692S 77.00193024WLine of Mirage 2000Military14 January 2016
Las Palmas, Peru12.15984535S 77.00505066WVarious
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Las Palmas, Peru12.15887833S 77.00537109WSmall propMilitary4 November 2016
Las Palmas - Museo Aeronautico, Peru12.1538744S 77.00133514WVariousMilitary27 December 20141
Lima, Peru12.00641823S 77.11607361WVarious transport planesNotset13 February 2013
Lima, Peru12.01017761S 77.11325073WDC-6Notset13 February 20131
Lima, Peru12.01068115S 77.11302948WHelicopterMilitary13 January 2016
Lima, Peru12.01120949S 77.11396027WDHC-4Notset13 February 2013
Lima, Peru12.01347446S 77.1105957WVariousMilitary12 July 20161
Lima, Peru12.03626251S 77.10346985W4x B727 fuselage?Notset13 February 2013
Lima, Peru12.03766441S 77.10458374WB727, An-24, An-32?Notset13 February 2013
Lima, Peru12.01084709S 77.11449432WUnknownNotset13 February 2013
Lima, Peru12.03083324S 77.10238647WS-2, small propNotset11 April 2014
Lima, Peru12.02728653S 77.10356903WSmall propNotset11 April 2014
Lima, Peru12.0171299S 77.11283112W2x Mi-26 fuselageNotset11 April 2014
Lima, Peru12.01207066S 77.11050415WS-2Notset11 April 20141
Lima, Peru12.03178883S 77.13773346WS-2Notset11 April 2014
Lima, Peru12.02729988S 77.03089905WT-33Military12 March 2015
Lima, Peru12.01227951S 77.11360931WBAe.125
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 January 2016
Lima, Peru12.01888466S 77.10084534WAlouette 2Military29 December 20161
Miraflores, Peru12.11824989S 77.02927399WPT-17Military27 September 2014
Negritos, Peru4.66117191S 81.30643463WSu-22
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Pisco, Peru13.75018978S 76.22307587W4x CanberraMilitary13 January 2016
Pisco, Peru13.7440834S 76.21782684W3x CanberraNotset14 January 2013
Pisco, Peru13.74277592S 76.22329712WCanberraMilitary14 January 2013
Pisco, Peru13.74192905S 76.22631836WT-37Military6 September 20161
Pisco, Peru13.73982906S 76.22169495WCanberra
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Piura, Peru5.19842768S 80.61815643WA-37Military13 February 2013
Piura, Peru5.1981144S 80.61855316WA-37Military13 January 2016
Piura, Peru5.19137764S 80.62340546WSu-22, A-37
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Piura, Peru5.19047785S 80.6235199WT-37
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Pucallpa, Peru8.38941002S 74.57630157WSeveral proplinersNotset13 February 2013
Puerto Maldonado, Peru12.60286331S 69.22108459WAn-2Civil13 January 20161
San Ramon, Peru11.12391472S 75.35606384WFaucett F-19Civil30 June 20151
Talara, Peru4.5701108S 81.25062561WSu-22Notset13 February 2013
Talara, Peru4.5770607S 81.25094604WSu-22Notset13 February 2013
Talara, Peru4.56411648S 81.24941254WLarge number of stored Su-22Notset13 February 2013
Talara, Peru4.57641554S 81.25730896WSmall prop
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 January 2016