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38 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Philippines. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Baguio, Philippines16.36031914N 120.61925507EF-8, UH-1, SF.260, Bo.105Military14 June 20173
Basa, Philippines14.97811699N 120.50262451ET-33Military26 April 2014
Basa, Philippines14.97772217N 120.49361420EVariousMilitary27 May 2015
Basa, Philippines14.97910213N 120.49839020EF-8, T-33, 2x F-86Military26 April 2014
Basa, Philippines14.98023605N 120.49886322EF-5Military26 April 2014
Basa, Philippines14.98130417N 120.49423981EF-86?Military26 April 2014
Camp Aquino, Philippines15.43513393N 120.59873962ET-33, Commander, UH-1Both1 June 2016
Cebu, Philippines10.31325817N 123.97496033ESeveral stored C-130Notset21 September 2013
Cebu, Philippines10.31521606N 123.97498322EF-86, C-123, T-41?, UH-1Military1 June 20163
Cebu, Philippines10.31056309N 123.97588348E2x C-130Notset21 September 2013
Cebu, Philippines10.29887486N 123.97464752EVarious small propNotset21 September 2013
Clark, Philippines15.17525864N 120.54141998EF-5, F-8, T-33, T-6, UH-1Notset21 September 20135
Clark, Philippines15.17148876N 120.54396820EF-5, T-6Notset21 September 2013
Clark, Philippines15.17492390N 120.54289246EF.27, UH-1Military1 June 20161
Fernando, Philippines13.94847965N 121.12796783EUH-1 (not clearly visible, should be under the trees)Notset26 April 2014
Fernando, Philippines13.94440365N 121.12792206ET-28 (not visible, should be at this gate)Military1 June 20161
Fort Magsaysay, Philippines15.42998695N 121.08340454EBe.18?Military17 October 2016
Fort Magsaysay, Philippines15.42476082N 121.07675171ESmall propMilitary14 June 2017
Koronadal, Philippines6.51181173N 124.84861755ESmall propNotset21 September 2013
Laoag, Philippines18.18451500N 120.52909088E2x commuter fuselage (F27?)Notset21 September 2013
Lingayen - Lingayen Gulf War Memorial, Philippines16.03398323N 120.23125458EB5N?Military30 December 2016
Manila, Philippines14.55335426N 121.05477142EDC-9 forward fuselage at Kidzania in Bonifacio Global CityCivil5 October 20161
Manila, Philippines14.56175900N 120.98582458EBo.105Military14 June 20171
Manila - Museo Pambata, Philippines14.57875443N 120.97733307EUH-1Military9 July 2014
Manilla, Philippines14.52112579N 121.00193024EVarious small prop and DC-3Notset21 September 2013
Manilla - Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum, Philippines14.51597786N 121.01959229EVariousMilitary30 December 201620
Olongapo, Philippines14.83753014N 120.28298950EA-5Military1 June 20161
Parañaque, Philippines14.48603916N 120.99089813EDC-9Civil24 October 20161
Parañaque, Philippines14.48648167N 120.99289703ELj-23Civil24 October 2016
Plaridel, Philippines14.88911629N 120.85372162EDC-9 and some small propsCivil14 June 20171
San Juan, Philippines16.65696144N 120.31966400E2x DC-3 at the "Charlie's Hangar Surf Hostel"Unknown13 October 2017
Sangley Point, Philippines14.49565983N 120.90824127ESmall propNotset21 September 2013
Sangley Point, Philippines14.49477291N 120.91123199E6x OV-10Notset21 September 2013
Subic Bay, Philippines14.79677486N 120.28382874EB737Civil1 June 20161
Tayabas, Philippines14.05875301N 121.56983948EB737Civil10 October 2016
Vila Escudero, Philippines13.99516106N 121.34164429ET-28Military1 June 20161
Zamboanga, Philippines6.92028236N 122.05956268EDC-3, 2x unknownCivil22 January 20161
Zamboanga, Philippines6.92970610N 122.02246094EC-123Military1 June 20161