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44 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Saudi Arabia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia26.27981377N 50.16280365ELightning, 2x unknown jetMilitary14 July 20161
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia26.27320099N 50.14387131ELightningMilitary8 January 20131
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia26.25699806N 50.16460419E2x unknownNotset12 March 2015
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia26.28316498N 50.14785385E2x F-3, 3x Strikemaster?Military14 July 2016
Djedda, Saudi Arabia21.65694809N 39.16267395ESeveral stored airlinersNotset8 January 2013
Djedda, Saudi Arabia21.68654060N 39.18273926EVampireMilitary8 January 2013
Djedda, Saudi Arabia21.68622971N 39.18321609EUnknownNotset8 January 2013
Djedda, Saudi Arabia21.68005371N 39.18901443ET-6?Notset8 January 2013
Djedda, Saudi Arabia21.68693542N 39.18536377EStrikemaster?Notset8 January 2013
Djedda, Saudi Arabia21.68853569N 39.19087219EUnknownNotset8 January 2013
Djedda, Saudi Arabia21.69624710N 39.16558456ESeveral stored airlinersNotset8 January 2013
Djedda, Saudi Arabia21.50166512N 39.20358658EBe.18Notset13 February 2013
Gassim, Saudi Arabia26.31076431N 43.77199554EB737, stored?Notset8 January 2013
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia21.63249779N 39.15635681EDC-9 forward fuselage at Kidzania in Mall of ArabiaCivil5 October 20161
Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia18.29643822N 42.81256866ETornadoMilitary8 January 2013
Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia18.26077271N 42.79523087ELightningMilitary8 January 2013
Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia18.26030540N 42.79626465EF-86?Notset8 January 2013
Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia18.29552460N 42.79895401EStrikemaster?Notset8 January 2013
Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia18.27207565N 42.80596161ELightningMilitary14 July 20161
Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia18.27481461N 42.81006622EB737Unknown14 July 2016
Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia18.24455833N 42.81924438EDC-9Unknown14 July 2016
Medina, Saudi Arabia24.55738640N 39.69416428EB747Notset8 January 2013
Prince Sultan, Saudi Arabia24.07334518N 47.52697372EUnknownNotset8 January 2013
Prince Sultan, Saudi Arabia24.17569733N 47.51795197ELightningMilitary8 January 20131
Ras Gasabah, Saudi Arabia28.09082794N 34.60859299EPBY-5 wreck, crashlanded in the 60-iesNotset8 January 2013
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia24.70188141N 46.72489166ETornadoMilitary8 January 2013
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia24.71269608N 46.73518372EStrikemasterNotset8 January 2013
Riyadh - Saudi Air Force Museum, Saudi Arabia24.75419235N 46.73900223EVariousNotset8 January 201321
Tabuk, Saudi Arabia28.38723755N 36.59418488ELightningMilitary14 July 20161
Tabuk, Saudi Arabia28.38017464N 36.60519791ELightning, Tornado, Vampire, StrikemasterNotset8 January 20131
Tabuk, Saudi Arabia28.37916946N 36.60758972EHawkMilitary17 October 2016
Tabuk, Saudi Arabia28.38673592N 36.61556625EF-5Military8 January 2013
Tabuk, Saudi Arabia28.38453484N 36.61324310EUnknownNotset8 January 2013
Taif, Saudi Arabia21.47667885N 40.53779602EVampireMilitary8 January 2013
Taif, Saudi Arabia21.45819092N 40.51689911EUnknownNotset8 January 2013
Taif, Saudi Arabia21.46368980N 40.52539444EF-5Military8 January 2013
Taif, Saudi Arabia21.46511841N 40.53062057EVarious small props and helicoptersNotset8 January 2013
Taif, Saudi Arabia21.46431160N 40.53102875EUnknownNotset8 January 2013
Taif, Saudi Arabia21.46419907N 40.52805710EF-86Military8 January 2013
Taif, Saudi Arabia21.46296501N 40.52757645ET-33Military12 March 2015
Taif, Saudi Arabia21.45531082N 40.51644897EF-15Military12 March 2015
Taif, Saudi Arabia21.47132683N 40.53644943ESmall propMilitary12 March 2015
Taif, Saudi Arabia21.28830338N 40.41820145ELightningMilitary14 July 20161
Thumamah, Saudi Arabia25.22098160N 46.63689423EL-410Civil13 July 20161