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59 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Slovakia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Banská Bystrica, Slovakia48.73459244N 19.14855766ELi-2Military10 October 20181
Boleráz, Slovakia48.45623398N 17.50155640EZ-42Civil15 July 20181
Bratislava, Slovakia48.16773987N 17.19563675ESeveral Mi-8Military15 May 20173
Bratislava, Slovakia48.16672897N 17.20118332ETu-154Military15 May 20171
Bratislava, Slovakia48.17515945N 17.21429443EA300Civil19 December 20171
Bratislava, Slovakia48.16588593N 17.19243431ESeveral airlinersCivil11 March 2018
Čierny Balog, Slovakia48.72911835N 19.63374710EMi-2Civil9 August 20161
Horné Orešany, Slovakia48.45869064N 17.44359016E2x Z-37
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil21 August 20182
Horné Orešany, Slovakia48.45847321N 17.44312477ELarge number of Z-37 wrecks
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil21 August 20188
Horné Orešany, Slovakia48.46070862N 17.44391060E(about) 8x Z-37 fuselages
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil21 August 20181
Kolárovo, Slovakia47.92672348N 17.97966957ESeveral aircraft at a private military museumMilitary13 October 20172
Kosice, Slovakia48.73357773N 21.27225685EL-39Military20 November 20141
Košice, Slovakia48.67682266N 21.25024986EMiG-21Military19 March 20162
Kosice, Slovakia48.73200989N 21.27393913EL-29Military20 November 20141
Kosice, Slovakia48.73165894N 21.27293205EMiG-21Military20 November 20141
Kosice, Slovakia48.73272324N 21.27280807ESeveral aircraft inside buildings as i/a. Exact location TBC.Military13 October 20173
Kosice, Slovakia48.73480225N 21.27333832EMi-2Military13 October 20171
Košice - Museum, Slovakia48.66886902N 21.23598862EVariousBoth29 August 201757
Kosorín, Slovakia48.65055466N 18.80864525EMiG-15Military10 October 20181
Lešť, Slovakia48.40639114N 19.26154327ESeveral helicopters as i/aMilitary13 October 20172
Lipskov, Slovakia49.10359955N 19.57195091EAt least one Mi-2 an An-148? (near Tatralandia - not yet visible on GE image)
credits: AZeitler
Unknown31 August 2018
Liptov, Slovakia49.10218811N 19.57447052EMi-2 on roof, not yet visible on GE image
credits: AZeitler
Civil31 August 2018
Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia49.06810379N 19.64617348EKaniaCivil31 August 20181
Malacky, Slovakia48.39321518N 17.12465286EL-39Military7 October 20161
Malacky, Slovakia48.40054703N 17.12500000EMiG-21Military18 April 20131
Malacky, Slovakia48.39218521N 17.12421989ESu-22Military20 November 20141
Malacky, Slovakia48.39344025N 17.12633324EL-29Military20 November 20141
Malacky, Slovakia48.39923477N 17.12561035EAn-24, L-410Military15 May 20172
Martin - Museum, Slovakia49.06319427N 18.94586754EVariousBoth18 April 201314
Nemsova, Slovakia48.97310257N 18.11976433EMiG-21Military20 November 20141
Nitra, Slovakia48.32329178N 18.10913277EMiG-21Military18 April 20131
Nitra, Slovakia48.27835846N 18.13588715EMi-2Military9 August 20161
Nitra - Agricultural Museum, Slovakia48.30285263N 18.11391449EMi-2, more?Civil8 August 20161
Nitra-Janikovce, Slovakia48.28059769N 18.13547707EVariousMilitary18 March 201611
Nizny Komarnik, Slovakia49.37479401N 21.69302559EIl-10Military11 January 20141
Orechová Potôň, Slovakia48.05944443N 17.57436371EMiG-21, Mi-2, Mi-24Military6 September 20183
Piest'any, Slovakia48.60898209N 17.82917213EVariousBoth8 August 201669
Podlipniky, Slovakia49.03545761N 21.46166229EIl-14Military18 April 20131
Poprad-Tatry, Slovakia49.06769180N 20.24574852EMi-2Military9 August 20162
Prešov, Slovakia49.02383423N 21.29207802EL-29Military20 November 20141
Prešov, Slovakia49.02480316N 21.28994751EMi-4, Mi-8, Mi-24Military20 November 20143
Prešov, Slovakia49.02762604N 21.30193710ESeveral helicopters storedMilitary15 May 20177
Slavnica - Museum, Slovakia48.99794769N 18.18858337EVariousBoth20 November 201411
Sliac, Slovakia48.63427734N 19.13776588E6x MiG-29Military18 April 20135
Sliac, Slovakia48.63640976N 19.13897705E3x MiG-29, 7x L-39Military9 August 20173
Sliac, Slovakia48.62511826N 19.13863182EMiG-21, MiG-29Military9 August 20172
Sliac, Slovakia48.62031174N 19.13854408EMiG-21Military18 March 20161
Stará Ľubovňa - Vojensko Historická Expozícia, Slovakia49.31623077N 20.69716835EMiG-21Military6 September 20181
Starý Tekov, Slovakia48.24800491N 18.52800179EAn-2
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil21 August 20181
Surany-Kopec, Slovakia48.07619476N 18.11185646EMiG-21, Small prop (not visible on all GE images)Military20 November 20142
Šúrovce, Slovakia48.33092117N 17.70835114EAn-2
credits: Milan Cibulka
Unknown15 August 2018
Svidnik, Slovakia49.30885315N 21.56680489ELi-2Military18 April 20131
Svidník, Slovakia49.32714462N 21.56533241EMiG-21Military13 October 20171
Trencin, Slovakia48.87610245N 18.01492310EL-29Military20 November 2014
Veľké Zálužie, Slovakia48.32379913N 17.93823433EMi-2, not visible on GE image or street view. It's in a construction factory and visible from the highway.Military29 August 2017
Vyhne, Slovakia48.50411606N 18.80379677EMiG-15Military18 April 20131
Vysneho Komarnika, Slovakia49.40038681N 21.70012283ELi-2Military18 April 20131
Žilina - Dolný Hričov, Slovakia49.23222733N 18.61582184EYak-40
credits: Milan Cibulka
Military8 August 20181
Zvolen, Slovakia48.59502792N 19.26992416EMiG-21Military20 May 20171