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63 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in South Africa. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Bloemfontein - Queens Fort Military Museum, South Africa29.12494278S 26.22009468E2x MB-326, Mirage 3Military21 December 20143
Bloemspruit, South Africa29.10401917S 26.31044769EMB-326Military21 December 20141
Bokrivier, South Africa33.33202362S 19.89141846EDC-3Military31 January 2016
Boksburg, South Africa26.13730049S 28.28709984EDC-3Civil16 April 2016
Cape Town, South Africa33.98241425S 18.60048866EJavelinNotset14 April 20131
Cape Town, South Africa33.97840118S 18.59641075EAndoverNotset14 April 2013
Dunnottar, South Africa26.34886169S 28.43554497ET-6Military21 December 20141
Jan Smuts, South Africa26.14885902S 28.26098824EVarious stored planesNotset14 April 2013
Jan Smuts, South Africa26.12517166S 28.24754143EVarious airlinersCivil14 April 2013
Jan Smuts, South Africa26.11790848S 28.24699211E2x B737, DC-9Notset14 April 2013
Jan Smuts, South Africa26.14631081S 28.22523689EA340Notset14 April 2013
Jan Smuts, South Africa26.14638138S 28.22761154EB737, B747Notset14 April 2013
Jan Smuts, South Africa26.14869881S 28.22593117EA340, B747Notset14 April 2013
Johannesburg, South Africa26.16320419S 28.04199028EVariousMilitary20 December 20148
Johannesburg, South Africa26.27746964S 27.94467926EShackletonMilitary20 December 20141
Johannesburg, South Africa26.08617973S 28.23065567EMB-326Military21 December 20141
Johannesburg, South Africa26.09730721S 28.22557640EMirage 3Military21 December 20141
Johannesburg, South Africa26.14647102S 28.22185516EDC-3 (inside Emperor Palace Casino)Military31 January 20161
Kaapstad, South Africa33.89664078S 18.50790977EDC-3Notset20 December 20141
Kimberley, South Africa28.75219154S 24.76898766EMB-326Military21 December 20141
Komatipoort, South Africa25.44451141S 31.92706490EDHC-4Civil24 January 20161
Kromdraai, South Africa25.48642349S 28.27264404E2x DC-3Military17 October 20162
Langebaanweg, South Africa32.97312164S 18.15102196ET-6, Vampire, MB-326Military21 December 20143
Lanseria, South Africa25.94566536S 27.92840767EVarious stored planes along runwayNotset14 April 20131
Lanseria, South Africa25.93047142S 27.93283463EVarious stored planesNotset14 April 2013
Lanseria, South Africa25.93778419S 27.92252541EVarious stored planesNotset14 April 2013
Louis Trichardt, South Africa23.15432358S 29.72235107EMirage 3, CheetahMilitary20 December 2014
Mahikeng, South Africa25.80156517S 25.54206467EB727? wreckCivil20 October 2014
Meyerton, South Africa26.57243156S 28.01038361ESA.321Military21 December 20141
Midrand, South Africa25.98924446S 28.13963127ETiger Moth inside The Harvard CafeCivil11 October 20161
Morganville farm, South Africa32.66556549S 28.29660606EConvair 880, PA-23
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil5 April 20172
Pierre van Rynefeld, South Africa28.40481186S 21.25229454ESeveral DC-9Notset14 April 2013
Pietersburg, South Africa23.86087227S 29.45648575EVarious airlinersCivil14 April 2013
Port Alfred, South Africa33.56198883S 26.88166618EMB-326Military20 December 20141
Port Elizabeth, South Africa33.98248672S 25.61100769EP.166Notset14 April 20131
Port Elizabeth, South Africa33.98273468S 25.61020279EMB-326Military20 December 20141
Port Elizabeth - SAAF museum, South Africa33.99158859S 25.61511040EVarious insideNotset14 April 20134
Pretoria, South Africa25.57977676S 28.26937675EDC-6Civil4 November 20141
Pretoria, South Africa25.75863266S 28.17858887EMB-326Military21 December 20141
Pretoria, South Africa25.76028442S 28.17974854EMirage F1Military21 December 20141
Pretoria - Zoo, South Africa25.73648071S 28.18832016EPumaMilitary21 December 20141
PW Botha, South Africa33.99944687S 22.37733269ETwin prop, bizjet?, small propNotset14 April 2013
Rand, South Africa26.1901207S 28.28197289ETwin propNotset14 April 2013
Rand, South Africa26.23597908S 28.14947128EDC-6Notset14 April 2013
Rand, South Africa26.2376442S 28.15745354EDC-3 (forward fuselage in use as bar by Phoebus Apolla Aviation, not 100% sure this is it)Civil20 December 20141
Rand, South Africa26.24114799S 28.15295792EVarious commutersBoth17 January 20154
Rand, South Africa26.23802567S 28.15796471EATL-98 (others here may also be stored)Civil1 February 20161
Rand - SAA Museum, South Africa26.24171638S 28.15934944EVariousCivil20 December 201414
Saldanha, South Africa33.03230667S 17.92622185EMB-326Military21 December 20141
Stellenbosch, South Africa33.97933197S 18.81960106EVampire (under a roof)Military20 December 20141
Strand, South Africa34.09703064S 18.84538460EH-3Military21 September 20161
Swartkop, South Africa25.80299568S 28.16340446EVenturaMilitary20 December 20141
Swartkop, South Africa25.80054474S 28.16313553Esome wrecksNotset14 April 2013
Swartkop - SAAF Museum, South Africa25.81354713S 28.15973663EVarious (not quite sure what the main location of the museum is)Both20 December 201439
Syferfontein, South Africa26.34832382S 27.77290344ET-6, MB-326Military21 December 20142
Thaba Tshwane, South Africa25.797575S 28.14893532EMirage F1Military21 December 2014
Thaba Tshwane, South Africa25.79482269S 28.14627457ET-6Military21 December 20141
Waterkloof, South Africa25.82588005S 28.21667099EF-86Military14 April 20131
Waterkloof, South Africa25.8208828S 28.21217537ECanberraMilitary14 April 20131
Waterkloof, South Africa25.81624985S 28.21039391EBuccaneerMilitary14 April 20131
Wonderboom, South Africa25.66388702S 28.21643829EP.166Notset14 April 2013
Wonderboom, South Africa25.6584034S 28.22467613EVarious wrecksCivil20 December 2014
Ysterplaat - SAAF Museum, South Africa33.90795517S 18.49129295EVariousMilitary20 December 201410