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160 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in South Korea. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Buleun-myeon, South Korea37.67334366N 126.48620605ESmall propNotset22 March 2013
Busan, South Korea35.18595886N 128.94569397EDC-6Notset22 March 2013
Busan, South Korea35.18823624N 128.94616699EDC-3Notset22 March 2013
Busan, South Korea35.19275665N 128.94287109EC-123Notset22 March 2013
Busan, South Korea35.18962860N 128.94703674EC-123Notset22 March 2013
Busan, South Korea35.18040466N 128.95051575EUnknown small propNotset22 March 2013
Busan, South Korea35.18919754N 128.93074036EDC-3Notset22 March 2013
Busan, South Korea35.19314194N 128.93249512E3x C-123Notset22 March 2013
Busan, South Korea35.17475128N 129.15629578EUnknownNotset22 March 2013
Busan, South Korea35.18255234N 129.04579163EF-86Military22 March 20131
Busan, South Korea35.16861343N 129.12965393EB737 forward fuselage at Kidzania in Shinsegae Centrum City MallCivil5 October 2016
Cheonan, South Korea36.82377243N 127.19104004EF-4, F-5, O-2Military4 April 20153
Cheorwon, South Korea38.18746567N 127.28883362EVariousNotset22 March 20133
Chilgok, South Korea36.01874161N 128.40318298EO-1Military18 April 20161
Chongju, South Korea36.70659637N 127.50371552ET-37Military22 March 2013
Chongju, South Korea36.71078491N 127.50072479EF-86Military22 March 2013
Chongju, South Korea36.71793747N 127.49079895EUH-1Notset22 March 2013
Choongwon, South Korea37.03203583N 127.89511108E4x unknownNotset22 March 2013
Chuncheon, South Korea37.87425232N 127.70451355EF-86Military22 March 20131
Dabudong - War Memorial, South Korea36.04687500N 128.51843262EF-86, A-37Military28 December 20142
Daegu, South Korea35.89955139N 128.65498352E14x F-4Military22 March 2013
Daegu, South Korea35.89604950N 128.64532471EVariousNotset22 March 20132
Daegu, South Korea35.89503860N 128.64631653EDC-6Notset22 March 2013
Daegu, South Korea35.89964676N 128.66209412EF-86Military22 March 20131
Daegu, South Korea35.69981766N 128.49913025EF-86, T-37?Notset22 March 20132
Daegu, South Korea35.82761383N 128.58927917EF-86, small propNotset22 March 20132
Daegu, South Korea35.84762573N 128.62709045EF-86, helicopterNotset22 March 2013
Daegu, South Korea35.84438705N 128.66404724ET-37?Notset22 March 2013
Daegu - Airpark, South Korea35.82856369N 128.61340332EL.1011Notset22 March 20131
Daejeon, South Korea36.39935684N 127.35627747E2x UH-1Notset22 March 2013
Daejeon, South Korea36.40677643N 127.35970306E2x small propNotset22 March 2013
Daejeon, South Korea36.41300201N 127.35014343ES-2Notset22 March 2013
Daejeon, South Korea36.41305161N 127.34725189EF-4, F-5Notset22 March 2013
Daejeon, South Korea36.41430283N 127.34778595ET-33, F-86Notset22 March 2013
Daejeon, South Korea36.41540909N 127.34687042EUH-1Notset22 March 2013
Daejeon, South Korea36.41538620N 127.34869385EUnknownNotset22 March 2013
Daejeon, South Korea36.34317017N 127.38478851ET-37Military22 March 20131
Daejeon, South Korea36.34807968N 127.38437653EF-4, F-5Notset22 March 20132
Daejeon, South Korea36.37617493N 127.37390137EF-86, F-5Military18 April 20162
Daejeon, South Korea36.37468719N 127.35558319ETwin propNotset22 March 2013
Daejeon, South Korea36.36544418N 127.34584808ET-33Military22 March 20131
Daejeon - museum, South Korea36.36587143N 127.29826355EVariousNotset22 March 201310
Dangjin, South Korea36.89038849N 126.82482910ES-2Notset22 March 20131
Dangjin, South Korea36.99760056N 126.81298828ES-2Notset22 March 2013
Dongducheon, South Korea37.94300842N 127.06568146ET-33, C-123, unknownNotset22 March 2013
Gangneung, South Korea37.74963760N 128.94459534E2x jet (maybe more)Notset22 March 2013
Gangneung, South Korea37.72187424N 128.99932861EDC-6, unknownNotset22 March 2013
Gimje, South Korea35.61859512N 126.47042084EDC-4, F-4Military4 April 20153
Gochang, South Korea35.42629242N 126.69888306ET-37, F-4, F-5Notset22 March 20133
Goheung, South Korea34.61282349N 127.29655457EF-4Military22 March 2013
Gomak-ri, South Korea37.72113419N 126.55452728ET-37Military21 March 20171
Goseong, South Korea38.58645630N 128.37568665EP-51Military24 April 2014
Goseong, South Korea38.58399200N 128.37400818ET-33Military26 April 2014
Gumi, South Korea36.10153198N 128.40042114EF-4, O-2Military18 April 20162
Gunsan, South Korea35.99790955N 126.78515625EF-4Military22 March 20131
Gunsan - museum, South Korea35.98954773N 126.71646118EVariousNotset22 March 20133
Gwangmyeong, South Korea37.46321869N 126.89463806ET-33Military22 March 2013
Gwanju, South Korea35.11392593N 126.79243469EF-5Military22 March 2013
Gwanju, South Korea35.12165451N 126.79860687ET-33Military22 March 2013
Gwanju, South Korea35.12383652N 126.80024719E2x F-86, several F-5 (also wfu?)Military22 March 2013
Gwanju, South Korea35.13397217N 126.80435944EF-5, F-86, T-33Notset22 March 2013
Gwanju, South Korea35.12662888N 126.79818726E2x F-5Military22 March 2013
Gwanju, South Korea37.36237335N 127.26904297EB747Civil9 March 2017
Gyeryong, South Korea36.31381607N 127.23622894EF-4, F-5Military18 April 20162
Gyeryong, South Korea36.30864716N 127.22444916EVariousMilitary18 April 2016
Gyeryong, South Korea36.28201294N 127.24980164EF-4Military18 April 20161
Haemi, South Korea36.70256424N 126.49588776EF-86, F-5, T-28?Military24 April 20141
Haemi, South Korea36.70281601N 126.49869537ET-33, T-37?, UH-1Notset26 April 2014
Haman, South Korea35.12732697N 128.66282654ES-2Notset22 March 20131
Haman, South Korea35.13954163N 128.70062256ESmall propNotset22 March 2013
Haman, South Korea35.19057083N 128.71110535EF-4, T-37Notset22 March 2013
Haman, South Korea35.23029327N 128.68215942E3x small propNotset22 March 2013
Icheon, South Korea37.20566940N 127.46508026EUH-1, H-23, 2x small propMilitary9 March 20171
Imsil, South Korea35.55203247N 127.18908691EF-86Military28 December 20141
Imsil, South Korea35.55294037N 127.19117737EO-1Military28 December 2014
Incheon, South Korea37.44707489N 126.65724945EB727Civil1 November 20161
Incheon, South Korea37.44899368N 126.65837097E2x twin propNotset22 March 2013
Incheon, South Korea37.45021820N 126.65909576E3x small propNotset22 March 2013
Incheon, South Korea37.44986343N 126.65737152EUnknownNotset22 March 2013
Incheon, South Korea37.44905472N 126.65498352EDC-3Notset22 March 20131
Incheon, South Korea37.41933060N 126.65427399EF-86Military22 March 20131
Incheon, South Korea37.42195892N 126.64267731EB737?Notset22 March 2013
Jeju, South Korea33.51086426N 126.50118256ES-2Notset22 March 2013
Jeju, South Korea33.40161896N 126.71633148EB737, B747, L.749Civil1 January 20151
Jeju, South Korea33.39381027N 126.72240448ESmall propNotset22 March 20131
Jeju - Aerospace Museum, South Korea33.30427170N 126.29978943EVariousBoth11 November 20148
Jeonju, South Korea35.85457230N 127.12759399ET-33Military22 March 20131
Jinju, South Korea35.18763351N 128.14764404EVarious (museum?)Notset22 March 2013
Jinju, South Korea35.19780731N 128.14749146EF-86Military22 March 2013
Jinju, South Korea35.15558243N 128.09339905EUnknownNotset22 March 2013
Jinju, South Korea35.15465927N 128.09469604EF-86Military22 March 2013
Mangilsan, South Korea36.93189240N 126.44319153EF-5Military5 December 2014
Mokpo, South Korea34.76503372N 126.39050293ES-2, UH-1?Notset22 March 20131
Muan - museum, South Korea34.96506882N 126.51575470EVariousNotset22 March 201312
Namwon, South Korea35.39968109N 127.38764191EF-4, A-37Military18 April 20162
Nonsan, South Korea36.27038193N 127.11402893EVariousNotset22 March 2013
Osan, South Korea37.07440948N 127.03093719EF-86Military22 March 20131
Osan, South Korea37.07585144N 127.03050995EVariousNotset22 March 2013
Osan, South Korea37.08316803N 127.03063202EA-10Military22 March 20131
Paju, South Korea37.88898849N 126.74313354EF-86, 2x small prop?Military29 December 20141
Pocheon, South Korea37.86371613N 127.17443848ESmall propNotset22 March 2013
Pohang, South Korea35.99175644N 129.41189575EVariousMilitary11 April 2014
Pohang, South Korea35.97686386N 129.42005920E2x unknown (Larger one seems to be an S-2, but only one should be here which is preserved north of the runway. Could this be a defected Il-28?)Notset11 April 2014
Pyongtaek, South Korea36.95048141N 127.03401947ET-37Military22 March 2013
Sacheon, South Korea35.08913803N 128.08335876EVariousMilitary24 April 20141
Sacheon, South Korea35.08834839N 128.08340454E2x small propMilitary24 April 2014
Sacheon, South Korea34.94730759N 128.10662842EDC-4, T-33, F-86Notset22 March 2013
Sacheon, South Korea35.09073257N 128.08587646E3x T-37?Military12 December 2015
Sacheon, South Korea35.07484818N 128.01181030EF-4Military18 April 20161
Sacheon, South Korea35.07360840N 128.00978088ET-37Military18 April 20161
Sacheon - Aerospace Museum, South Korea35.07154083N 128.06292725EVariousMilitary24 April 20148
Seongjeon-myeon, South Korea34.68790436N 126.70581818EB727Civil18 December 2014
Seongjeon-myeon, South Korea34.68893433N 126.70719910EC-123Military18 December 20141
Seoul, South Korea37.43173599N 127.10698700EF-86, F-5, unknown jetNotset22 March 2013
Seoul, South Korea37.43943787N 127.10411072EC-123Notset22 March 2013
Seoul, South Korea37.43024826N 127.10677338ET-37?Notset22 March 2013
Seoul, South Korea37.55738068N 126.78575134EB737Notset22 March 2013
Seoul, South Korea37.59921646N 126.86503601EVariousNotset22 March 20131
Seoul, South Korea37.42956161N 127.10704803EF-86Military22 March 2013
Seoul, South Korea37.64105988N 127.10990143ET-33Military22 March 2013
Seoul, South Korea37.62383652N 127.09709167EUnknownNotset22 March 2013
Seoul, South Korea37.44530487N 127.10673523EF-86Military22 March 2013
Seoul, South Korea37.58182526N 126.99701691EF-86Military22 March 20131
Seoul, South Korea37.54314423N 126.81819153EC-123?Notset22 March 2013
Seoul, South Korea37.54681778N 126.79511261EB707Notset22 March 2013
Seoul, South Korea37.60680771N 126.86193085Evarious (i/a of Korea Aerospace University, not 100% sure of exact location)Civil21 March 20151
Seoul, South Korea37.51073837N 127.09682465EB737 forward fuselage at Kidzania in Lotte World shopping mallCivil5 October 2016
Seoul - museum, South Korea37.49435425N 126.91998291EVariousNotset22 March 20136
Seoul - museum, South Korea37.53595352N 126.97850037EVariousNotset22 March 201320
Songmu, South Korea36.57692337N 127.52066040EDC-4, C-123Military22 March 2016
Songmu, South Korea36.57852936N 127.52395630EVarious (museum?)Notset22 March 201326
Songmu, South Korea36.57701874N 127.52654266EF-4Military18 April 2016
Songmu, South Korea36.57727814N 127.52374268E2x F-86Military18 April 2016
Songmu, South Korea36.58239746N 127.53056335EF-4Military18 April 2016
Songmu, South Korea36.58660507N 127.51863861ET-37, T-41?Military18 April 2016
Songmu, South Korea36.58871460N 127.51800537EF-86Military18 April 2016
Suwon, South Korea37.24381638N 127.00977325EF-86Military29 December 2014
Suwon, South Korea37.24545288N 127.00927734EVariousNotset22 March 20131
Suwon, South Korea37.25240707N 127.00134277EF-5Military22 March 2013
Suwon, South Korea37.24481964N 127.02327728EF-86Military22 March 2013
Taean, South Korea36.59342575N 126.29424286EVariousBoth15 December 20149
Taean, South Korea36.59626389N 126.29349518EB737Civil22 October 20161
Taean - Anmyondo Jurassic Museum, South Korea36.60907745N 126.31028748ECe.310Civil18 April 20161
Taebaek, South Korea37.07643509N 128.87033081EVarious (range targets?)Military22 March 2013
Uljin, South Korea36.99581528N 129.40898132EF-5, T-37, T-33Military26 July 20152
Ulsan, South Korea35.52684784N 129.29301453EF-86Military22 March 2013
Wonju, South Korea37.42603302N 127.96382904ET-33, T-37, unknown small propNotset22 March 2013
Wonju, South Korea37.43503952N 127.97281647EF-86Military22 March 2013
Wonju, South Korea37.43351746N 127.97566223EF-5Military24 April 2014
Wonju, South Korea37.44475937N 127.97614288ET-37Military22 March 2013
Wonju, South Korea37.43704224N 127.96610260EF-5, F-86Notset22 March 2013
Yanggu, South Korea38.31953812N 128.11067200EUnknownNotset22 March 2013
Yechon, South Korea36.62762070N 128.35603333EF-86Military22 March 2013
Yechon, South Korea36.62912750N 128.34742737E2x F-86 (plus F-5, maybe airworthy)Military22 March 2013
Yeongcheon, South Korea35.98007965N 129.11018372EF-86, unknownNotset22 March 2013
Yeongdeok, South Korea36.42618179N 129.41935730EVariousNotset22 March 20131
Yeongdong, South Korea36.21246338N 127.88262939EF-86Military18 April 20161
Yongin, South Korea37.25128174N 127.18718719EF-86Military22 March 2013
Yongin, South Korea37.25169373N 127.18533325E2x unknownNotset22 March 2013
Yongin, South Korea37.30110168N 127.21784973ETwin propNotset22 March 2013