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15 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in South Sudan. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Aweil, South Sudan8.78655243N 27.36103630EFokker 50Civil25 December 20171
Aweil, South Sudan8.79273415N 27.36124992EFokker 50Civil25 December 20171
Bor, South Sudan6.19548893N 31.59960747EAn-32 not yet visible on GE image, crashed here 14 June 2016Civil25 December 20171
Djoeba, South Sudan4.87565088N 31.59271240EB707Civil16 April 20161
Djoeba, South Sudan4.87167072N 31.59853554EVarious small twin propsCivil14 April 2013
Djoeba, South Sudan4.87793875N 31.59554863EUnknown jetMilitary9 January 2016
Gogrial, South Sudan8.54227543N 28.09765625EAn-26Military16 April 20161
Old Fangak, South Sudan9.07941437N 30.87970734EAndoverCivil17 October 20161
Raga, South Sudan8.46493530N 25.68034363EAn-26Civil16 April 20161
Wau, South Sudan7.72439766N 27.96828842EAn-12 wreckCivil16 April 20161
Wau, South Sudan7.72642946N 27.98779488EAn-12 wreckMilitary9 January 20161
Wau, South Sudan7.72685480N 27.98003006EFokker 50Civil25 December 20171
Yida, South Sudan10.11339951N 30.08850479EF.27Civil25 December 20171
Yida, South Sudan10.11225319N 30.08787537EF.27Civil25 December 2017
Yida, South Sudan10.11654186N 30.08407784EAn-26Civil25 December 20171