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237 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Spain. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Albacete, Spain38.95400620N 1.87932026WMirage F-1Notset2 September 20121
Albacete, Spain38.95366287N 1.87890089WC.101, C.1-131Military16 February 20152
Albacete, Spain38.95598602N 1.84952068WT-33Military2 September 20121
Albacete, Spain38.95318604N 1.86105144W2x Mirage F-1Notset2 September 2012
Albacete, Spain38.94568253N 1.8816849WMirage F1Military2 September 20121
Albacete, Spain38.94158173N 1.88094521WBo.105Civil28 December 20131
Albacete, Spain39.00831223N 1.79697275WMirage F-1
credits: Luis Alvarez
Military26 January 20151
Albacete, Spain38.94295120N 1.88606501WBo.105
credits: Luis Alvarez
Military26 January 2015
Albacete, Spain38.95287704N 1.87786603WLarge number of Mirage F1Military21 March 2017
Alcalá de Henares, Spain40.50195312N 3.3545351WUH-1Military2 April 2017
Alicante, Spain38.28839493N 0.56106675WAISA I-115Notset2 September 20121
Alicante-Mutxamel, Spain38.44069672N 0.47422129WCe.172Civil13 February 20161
Almagro, Spain38.95034790N 3.74117017WBo.105Notset23 June 2013
Almagro, Spain38.95010757N 3.74299073WH-58?Notset23 June 2013
Antigüedad, Spain41.94786835N 4.11365175WF-4Military2 August 20131
Aranda de Duero, Spain41.66202545N 3.69181919WBell 47 on a pole Ex Ejercito del Aire
credits: Luis Alvarez
Military26 January 20151
Badajoz, Spain38.88316727N 6.81488752WF-5, F-86, T-33Notset2 September 20123
Barberán, Spain40.36819458N 3.80216002WBell 47 ex-spanish Ejercito del Aire
credits: Luis Alvarez
Military26 January 20151
Bardenas Reales, Spain42.19405746N 1.45566726WF-4 range targetNotset23 June 2013
Bardenas Reales, Spain42.19377136N 1.45927298W6x F-4 range targetsMilitary23 June 2013
Bardenas Reales, Spain42.19168854N 1.46170652WMirage F1 range targetMilitary22 April 2014
Bardenas Reales, Spain42.19106293N 1.4623369WF-4 range targetNotset23 June 2013
Bardenas Reales, Spain42.19158554N 1.46370375WF-4 range targetNotset23 June 2013
Benidorm, Spain38.54600906N 0.117894WS.55Military22 May 20161
Betera, Spain39.62261200N 0.47162998WB.206 (not clearly visible, exact location not 100% sure)Military5 May 20151
Betera, Spain39.62218857N 0.47162998WB.47 (exact location not 100% sure)Military5 May 20151
Calafell, Spain41.19095612N 1.58314645EI-115Notset5 May 2015
Calvia, Spain39.55256271N 2.51600742EHarrierMilitary5 May 20151
Cartagena, Spain37.60059357N 0.97826844WC.101 (only visible on latest GE image)Military21 April 20141
Casarrubios Del Monte, Spain40.23483276N 4.02149916W2x An-2Civil13 April 20172
Cheste, Spain39.48033905N 0.64596993WF.27Notset2 September 20121
Ciudad Real, Spain38.96803284N 3.92421246WBo.105Military29 November 20161
Colmenar Viejo, Spain40.69763947N 3.76756835WVarious preserved along roadMilitary2 April 20176
Colmenar Viejo, Spain40.65434265N 3.77515149WH-58Military2 April 20171
Colmenar Viejo, Spain40.69916534N 3.76252389W2x UH-1Military2 April 2017
Colmenar Viejo, Spain40.69937897N 3.7665031WH-58Military2 April 20171
Colmenar Viejo, Spain40.69659042N 3.76590395WBo.105Military2 April 20171
Cordoba, Spain37.84467316N 4.84297323WDo.27Civil21 April 20141
Cordoba, Spain37.87599945N 4.76753569WDC-7 (only visible on latest GE image)
credits: Luis Alvarez
Civil27 May 20151
Coruña del Conde, Spain41.76512909N 3.39334846WT-33 (reportedly removed)Military22 April 20141
Cuatro Vientos, Spain40.36788559N 3.7746315W4x DHC-4 plus various other small civil and ex-militaryBoth28 December 2013
Cuatro Vientos, Spain40.36713409N 3.77383184WB727 hullNotset2 September 20121
Cuatro Vientos, Spain40.36983109N 3.79370809WC.212Notset2 September 2012
Cuatro Vientos, Spain40.37532425N 3.78908873W2x DHC.4, 2x F27, several C-212Military11 April 2017
Cuatro Vientos, Spain40.37599945N 3.78630614WB.47Notset2 September 20121
Cuatro Vientos, Spain40.37401962N 3.79206395WSeveral C.212Military2 June 2016
Cuatro Vientos, Spain40.36793518N 3.78023028WB-727-256 front fuselage. Ex Iberia Used as TCP training mockup
credits: Luis Alvarez
Civil26 January 2015
Cuatro Vientos, Spain40.36784744N 3.778193WAlouette 2 (inside police hangar, not 100% sure of correct hangar)Civil4 June 20151
Cuatro Vientos, Spain40.36751938N 3.77889895WPA-28Civil2 June 20161
Cuatro Vientos, Spain40.36634827N 3.77667236WCessna 152
credits: ostend_airport
Civil9 January 20171
Cuatro Vientos, Spain40.36272812N 3.80608201WC-212Military11 April 2017
Cuatro Vientos, Spain40.36838913N 3.779284WC-212Military11 April 2017
Cuatro Vientos - Fundación Infante de Orleans (FIO), Spain40.36750793N 3.77717257WMany historical planes in flying condition. Museum daily, exhibition first sunday in each month
credits: Luis Alvarez
Both26 January 2015
Cuatro Vientos - Museo do Ar, Spain40.36554337N 3.80266047WVariousBoth27 September 2016106
Dos Hermanas, Spain37.28739548N 5.94343758WHA.200Military5 May 2015
Dos Torres, Spain38.44226837N 4.90011787WF-5Military5 May 20151
El Berriel, Spain27.78412819N 15.51169109WDC-7Notset2 September 20121
El Berriel, Spain27.78349686N 15.51091385WATR fuselage
credits: Terry Fletcher
Civil5 February 20171
El Copero, Spain37.31499100N 6.00541973WH-58Military21 April 20141
El Copero, Spain37.31369400N 6.00126076WB.47Military15 February 20151
El Copero, Spain37.31386566N 6.00181675WBo.105Military15 February 20151
El Pardo, Spain40.52813721N 3.78102589WT-6Notset22 April 20141
Espartinas, Spain37.38123703N 6.12365198WT-33Military22 April 20141
Fuenlabrada, Spain40.30497360N 3.82102227WVarious (also inside)Both5 May 20152
Gelves, Spain37.34318924N 6.02571344WC.207Military22 February 20141
Getafe, Spain40.30162430N 3.72749209WHA.200Notset2 September 20121
Getafe, Spain40.29932404N 3.71399736WHA.200Military11 April 20171
Getafe, Spain40.28771591N 3.74965954WC.212Notset2 September 20121
Getafe, Spain40.29706573N 3.71105433WC.207Notset2 September 20121
Getafe, Spain40.30371857N 3.71979761WDC-4Military12 April 20131
Getafe, Spain40.30298615N 3.72477293WC-207, C-212Military11 April 20172
Getafe, Spain40.29418182N 3.71320724WC-212 (only visible on latest GE image)
credits: Luis Alvarez
Military11 April 20171
Getafe, Spain40.30183029N 3.72506309WJu-52Military11 April 20171
Getafe, Spain40.29747009N 3.72794604W2x B707Military11 April 2017
Girona, Spain41.90227509N 2.76605225ECv990 noseNotset2 September 20121
Gran Canaria, Spain27.91738319N 15.39974403WC.212Notset2 September 20121
Gran Canaria, Spain27.93560600N 15.37506962WHA200Military8 May 20131
Gran Canaria, Spain27.94772530N 15.38351917WT-6Military18 June 20131
Gran Canaria, Spain27.93346977N 15.38002968WVarious kept on base in one or more hangars, exact location for each not knownMilitary5 February 20175
Granada, Spain37.16215134N 3.6041348WUH-1Military1 March 20151
Granada, Spain37.16301346N 3.60146165WS.76Civil28 May 20151
Granada-Armilla, Spain37.13680267N 3.631464WC.1-131Military1 March 20151
Granada-Armilla, Spain37.13814163N 3.6319077WUH-1 (GE image shows this one at the gate, but has since moved to this spot), B.47, H.269 (both not clearly visible on GE image)Military9 May 20153
L'Albera, Spain42.44487000N 2.91473603EDC-6 wreck, crashed here in 1986Civil21 September 2016
La Cerdanya, Spain42.38565445N 1.86772799ECe.172 wreck behind one of the hangars, location may not be 100% exactCivil26 April 20171
La Coruna, Spain43.37321091N 8.42036724WB747 (nose section only)Civil12 January 20151
La Juliana, Spain37.29504013N 6.16044378W3x small propCivil12 April 2017
La Sénia, Spain40.62324905N 0.30763730EHA.220Military12 April 20171
Lanzarote, Spain28.94632912N 13.61251545WMirage F1Military2 September 20121
Lanzarote - Museo Aeronautico, Spain28.95525551N 13.60962772WSmall propCivil9 April 20141
Las Palmas - Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnología, Spain28.14100647N 15.4295311WDC-9 nose, F-5 (inside)Both17 May 20142
Leon, Spain42.58602524N 5.64953804W3x T-33, F-4Notset2 September 20124
Leon, Spain42.58771896N 5.6501503W2x F-86Military22 April 20142
Leon, Spain42.58617401N 5.64825296WT-6Notset22 April 20141
Leon, Spain42.58594513N 5.64682102WT-33, HA.200Military16 February 20152
Leon, Spain42.60385132N 5.58328676WT-6Notset2 September 20121
Leon, Spain42.58604050N 5.65331459WVarious, also inside, exact locations not knownMilitary7 April 201718
Logroño, Spain42.45070267N 2.33571029WBo.105Notset2 August 20131
Logroño, Spain42.45147705N 2.33216023WUH-1Military29 November 20161
Logroño, Spain42.45144272N 2.33492827WH-58Military29 November 20161
Lorqui, Spain38.09459305N 1.24473166WRallyeCivil26 April 20141
Madrid, Spain40.44858551N 3.52254176WT-33Military9 May 20151
Madrid, Spain40.32981491N 3.73123527WF-4Military2 September 20121
Madrid, Spain40.46681976N 3.5709846WDC-9Notset2 September 20121
Madrid, Spain40.44022751N 3.72381473WBo.105Notset2 September 20123
Madrid, Spain40.47530365N 3.55494022WB727Civil23 April 20161
Madrid, Spain40.46120453N 3.54328752WvariousCivil23 April 20164
Madrid, Spain40.46308899N 3.54668832WB727Civil23 April 2016
Madrid, Spain40.46227264N 3.53729129WVarious stored airliners at Iberia maintenance facilitiesNotset2 September 2012
Madrid, Spain40.36655807N 3.662673WVarious i/aBoth9 May 20152
Madrid, Spain40.43387222N 3.71922898WC-101Military29 November 20161
Madrid, Spain40.45208740N 3.59831309WVarious i/aBoth9 May 20154
Madrid, Spain40.48490143N 3.56627202WCommanderCivil23 April 20161
Malaga, Spain36.67036057N 4.47962189WDC-3Notset2 September 20121
Malaga, Spain36.67277527N 4.49947357WDH104Notset2 September 20121
Malaga, Spain36.67652893N 4.48959923WCe.421Civil27 May 20161
Malaga - Museo Nacional de Aéropuertos y Transporte Aéreo, Spain36.66878128N 4.48059511WVarious civilCivil2 August 20137
Mallorca, Spain39.55828476N 2.74782753EConvair 990Notset2 September 20121
Mallorca, Spain39.54321289N 2.71067500EP68 - is preserved on a new round about here, only visible on latest GE imageCivil22 April 20141
Mallorca, Spain39.55570221N 2.74020171EC.212, UH-1 (only visible on latest image)Military9 May 20152
Malpartida de Caceres, Spain39.42287445N 6.50442219WMiG-21 (modified into modern art)Military9 May 20151
Moron, Spain37.16930008N 5.61035919WF-5Military21 March 20171
Moron, Spain37.16276169N 5.60613489WF-86Military2 September 20121
Moron, Spain37.16381836N 5.60588264WF-5, HA200Notset2 September 20122
Moron, Spain37.18720627N 5.60223007WHU-16Military21 March 20171
Moron de la Frontera, Spain37.12442017N 5.4605341WF-5Military23 June 20131
Motril, Spain36.75430679N 3.5222609WHA.200Notset12 September 20121
Murcia-Alcantarilla, Spain37.95827866N 1.2290417WJu-52Military26 June 20131
Murcia-Alcantarilla, Spain37.95741653N 1.22853959WC.212Notset28 December 20131
Murcia-Alcantarilla, Spain37.96326447N 1.22419345WC-212Military29 November 20161
Murcia-Alcantarilla, Spain37.95564651N 1.23474896WC.212Military9 March 20171
Murcia-San Javier, Spain37.79129410N 0.80389345WHA.200Military10 May 20151
Murcia-San Javier, Spain37.79217148N 0.80725187WT-33, C.212Notset2 September 20122
Murcia-San Javier, Spain37.79321289N 0.80438644WT-6, T-34, C-101Military10 May 20153
Murcia-San Javier, Spain37.79111862N 0.80304712WBiplaneNotset27 June 20131
Murcia-San Javier, Spain37.77803802N 0.81542039WPA-31Civil2 June 20161
Ocana, Spain39.93583679N 3.49820352WPBY6 and some other small civilCivil2 September 20122
Palma del Rio, Spain37.71219635N 5.21425819WG.164Civil16 February 20151
Paracuellos de Jarama, Spain40.50632858N 3.5476017WSmall propNotset21 April 2014
Paracuellos de Jarama, Spain40.50344467N 3.51450801WBe.65Civil21 April 20141
Paracuellos del Jarama, Spain40.52003860N 3.53733754WTwin-prop. In a play garden
credits: Luis Alvarez
Civil26 January 2015
Paracuellos del Jarama, Spain40.51770782N 3.53775406WPA-28
credits: Luis Alvarez
Civil11 June 20151
Paterna, Spain39.50129318N 0.43126729WMirage F1Military6 May 20151
Perales del Rio, Spain40.32337952N 3.65138412WC.212Notset2 September 20121
Reus, Spain41.14746094N 1.15207684ET-33Military2 September 20121
Rota, Spain36.63521576N 6.33249187WH-3Military27 January 2017
Rota, Spain36.63453674N 6.3226552WHarrier, H-3, unknown helicopterMilitary27 January 2017
Sabadell, Spain41.52170181N 2.09864426EDo.27Notset2 September 20121
Sabadell, Spain41.52528763N 2.10270524EAn-2Civil23 April 20161
Sabadell, Spain41.52086639N 2.10253215ET-33, T-6, HA200Notset2 September 20123
Sabadell, Spain41.52136612N 2.10108638EF-4Military2 September 20121
Sabadell, Spain41.51898575N 2.10360599ECv990 nose sectionNotset2 September 20121
Sabadell - Fundació Parc Aeronautic de Catalunya, Spain41.52159882N 2.10038972EF-104Military19 March 20171
Salamanca, Spain40.99243164N 5.66444254WDo.27 and there should also be a B.47 among the junkUnknown18 June 20131
Salamanca, Spain40.99338913N 5.66531754WDC-3Notset23 June 20131
Salamanca-Matacan, Spain40.94408798N 5.49219465WDC-3, C212Military18 June 20132
Salamanca-Matacan, Spain40.94529724N 5.49182701WT-6Military18 June 20131
Salvaterra do Mino, Spain42.10698318N 8.50896549WMiG-17Military10 May 20151
San Fernando - Museo Naval, Spain36.47943497N 6.19329691WAH-1, B.47Military10 May 20152
San Javier, Spain37.82234955N 0.81180561WC.101Military18 May 20141
San Javier - Museo De Historia Local, Spain37.80678558N 0.83639359WDo.27Military21 April 20141
San Juan de Aznalfarache, Spain37.36585236N 6.02916479WHA.200Notset22 April 20141
San Sebastian, Spain43.35818863N 1.78997862WStored small civilCivil2 September 2012
San Sebastian de los Reves, Spain40.58192825N 3.58358049WHA.200Notset22 April 20141
San Torcuato, Spain42.47757721N 2.87440658WDHC-4Military21 July 20151
Sant Gregori, Spain41.98982239N 2.76909018EMiG-15Military21 July 2015
Sant Pere dels Arquells, Spain41.64399338N 1.31740320EMiG-15, MiG-21, MiG-23Military26 January 20173
Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Museo Militar Regional de Canarias, Spain28.47584343N 16.24773598WSeveral helicoptersMilitary17 May 20142
Santa Susanna, Spain41.65280151N 2.69115901EAlouette 3 (2x?), Alouette 2 cabin at a laser combat fieldMilitary8 January 20171
Santander, Spain43.42368317N 3.82740593WT-6, T-33Notset2 September 20122
Sevilla, Spain37.42404938N 5.88218927WT-33Military2 September 20121
Sevilla, Spain37.42462921N 5.89472818WunknownNotset2 September 2012
Sevilla, Spain37.40822983N 5.87975407WCN235Civil28 December 2013
Sevilla, Spain37.42440033N 5.88124323WHA200Military21 July 20151
Sevilla, Spain37.42575455N 5.88305092WF-4Military29 November 20161
Sevilla, Spain37.40969467N 5.89581585WDo.27Military29 November 20161
Sevilla, Spain37.36451721N 6.00648642WDo.27Military16 February 20151
Sevilla, Spain37.36695480N 6.00422239WMirage F1Military16 February 20151
Socuellamos, Spain39.28537750N 2.80090952WMirage F-1Notset2 September 20121
Son Bonet, Spain39.60488892N 2.70367908EDC-3, An-2 (only visible on latest GE image)Civil15 February 20158
Talavera La Real, Spain38.87930298N 6.77720261WF-5Military23 June 20131
Tañavera de La Reina, Spain39.96520233N 4.79200554WStinson Voyager on a pole. No marks, unknown identity. (removed?)
credits: Luis Alvarez
Civil29 November 2016
Tenerife, Spain28.48913765N 16.35287666WUnknownNotset2 September 2012
Tenerife, Spain28.48485756N 16.34030151WViscount, small propCivil13 February 20151
Tenerife, Spain28.48254585N 16.35051155WDo.27Military2 April 2017
Tenerife, Spain28.48300362N 16.35162354WUH-1Military2 April 2017
Tenerife, Spain28.48205376N 16.35178375WUH-1Military14 April 2017
Terrassa, Spain41.56299973N 2.02818871EB.47, I-115Military21 July 20152
Terrassa - MNACTEC, Spain41.56482315N 2.00761104EI-115Civil21 July 20152
Teruel, Spain40.41228867N 1.22635961WLarge number of stored airlinersCivil29 January 2016
Toledo - Army Museum, Spain39.85873795N 4.01973677WBo.105Military2 April 20171
Torre Pacheco, Spain37.74922562N 0.96431959WC-101Military29 November 20161
Torrejon, Spain40.47610855N 3.44364071WF-4Military2 September 20121
Torrejon, Spain40.49327469N 3.434304WVarious F-4 storedNotset2 September 20122
Torrejon, Spain40.49719238N 3.4344604WF-4Military2 September 20121
Torrejon, Spain40.49557114N 3.4351213WF-86, F-4Military25 February 20161
Torrejon, Spain40.49612045N 3.43312645WF-4Military2 September 20121
Torrejon, Spain40.48844528N 3.46585011WF-4Military15 December 2012
Torrejon, Spain40.48177719N 3.42917252WF-4Military12 October 20141
Torrejon, Spain40.46659851N 3.43902326WF-4 (round about and plane only visible on latest GE image)Military29 November 20161
Torrejón, Spain40.47727203N 3.44109178WMirage F-1 (Only visible on latest GE image)
credits: Luis Alvarez
Military25 February 20161
Torrejon, Spain40.48717117N 3.47824812WC-212, painted in fake INTA scheme without serials. Modified with a nose from a cargo version plane. Only visible on latest GE image
credits: Luis Alvarez
Military29 November 20161
Torrejón, Spain40.47517395N 3.45016885WRF-4C (only visible on latest GE image)Military25 February 20161
Torrejón, Spain40.49848175N 3.4483099WT-33
credits: Luis Alvarez
Military29 May 2015
Torrejón, Spain40.50185776N 3.453125WBö.105 Former Guardia Civil HU.15-01 HGC-01 (was the first helicopter ever used by the Guardia Civil)Military10 June 20151
Torrejón, Spain40.47467422N 3.45095205WC.212 (only visible on latest GE image)Military25 February 2016
Torrejon, Spain40.49800491N 3.47937393WMirage F1 (only visible on latest GE image)Military11 April 2017
Torrejon, Spain40.49395370N 3.48622608WC-212 (only visible on latest GE image)Military11 April 2017
Torrejon, Spain40.48034286N 3.43310809WF-4Military11 April 2017
Utrera, Spain37.18789291N 5.767838WF-5Military23 June 20131
Utrera, Spain37.20295715N 5.72959661W2x HA200Military21 July 20152
Utrera, Spain37.19327927N 5.75435209WC-212Military12 April 20171
Valdemoro, Spain40.20544815N 3.68223643WB727Civil21 April 20141
Valencia, Spain39.48139572N 0.48741907W3x stored A300Civil21 July 20154
Valencia, Spain39.46698761N 0.39532378WF-86Military2 September 20121
Valencia, Spain39.48361206N 0.47754157W14x stored CRJCivil21 July 2015
Valencia, Spain39.48160172N 0.34371006WMirage F1, Bo.105 (i/a at Valencia University, exact building unknown)Military21 July 20152
Valencia, Spain39.48686218N 0.48681557W2x A300Civil25 February 20172
Valencia, Spain39.48238373N 0.47622621WB747Civil25 February 20171
Valencia - Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias de Valencia, Spain39.45680237N 0.35401791WMirage 3 hanging insideNotset2 September 20121
Valencia - Museo Historico Militar, Spain39.47148895N 0.36221731WH-58Military21 July 20151
Vigo, Spain42.22376633N 8.63512135WCe.421Civil18 May 20141
Vilanova i la Geltru, Spain41.21614456N 1.70632815EF-86, HA200, MusketeerNotset2 September 20122
Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain41.22354126N 1.72877395EBAe.125, PA-34Both13 December 20162
Villa de Vallecas, Spain40.36449432N 3.57687879WCessna 411
credits: Luis Alvarez
Civil20 August 20151
Villanubla, Spain41.71411514N 4.85235357WDHC-4Notset2 September 20121
Villanubla, Spain41.71336746N 4.85157394WC.212Notset2 September 20121
Villanubla, Spain41.71323776N 4.8533287WT-6, HA.200Notset2 September 20122
Villaviciosa De Odón, Spain40.35701370N 3.89607501WMirage F1 (not yet visible on GE image, placed March 2017)Military13 April 20171
Vitoria, Spain42.87049866N 2.73987103WCV-580Civil6 February 20161
Zaragoza, Spain41.66910553N 1.01950347WMirage F1Military17 May 20141
Zaragoza, Spain41.67245865N 1.02817678WT-33Military2 September 20121
Zaragoza, Spain41.68052292N 1.07050288WF-86Military17 May 20141
Zaragoza, Spain41.65219116N 1.05225348WF-86Military27 May 20141
Zaragoza, Spain41.64549637N 0.8127104WF-4Military20 October 20141
Zaragoza, Spain41.67801285N 1.08620989WT-33Military13 March 20151
Zaragoza, Spain41.67028427N 1.02458704WF-4, F-5 fuselageMilitary11 April 20171