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22 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Sri Lanka. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka8.30038166N 80.42393494ESF.260Military8 March 20161
China Bay, Sri Lanka8.54165840N 81.19296265EJet ProvostMilitary9 February 20181
Colombo, Sri Lanka6.92754841N 79.85051727EKfirMilitary9 February 20181
Colombo, Sri Lanka6.91490316N 79.86097717EJet Provost This plane should be in the kids playground in this park, not sure if it's still there.Military7 March 20161
Colombo-Bandaranaike, Sri Lanka7.18412209N 79.89003754EB727Civil9 February 20181
Diyatalawa, Sri Lanka6.81708956N 80.95321655EDoveMilitary17 October 20161
Ekala, Sri Lanka7.11418009N 79.90529633EVarious i/aMilitary17 October 2016
Ekala, Sri Lanka7.11417389N 79.91024017ESF.260Military9 February 2018
Ekala, Sri Lanka7.11315203N 79.90979004ESF.260Military17 October 20161
Hingurakgoda, Sri Lanka8.05064678N 80.97918701EMiG-17Military10 March 2016
Hingurakgoda, Sri Lanka8.05475235N 80.98422241EMi-35Military10 March 20161
Ja-ElA, Sri Lanka7.06785345N 79.90088654EF.27 at Guruge Nature Park.Civil1 April 20181
Jaffna, Sri Lanka9.79180336N 80.07474518EYak-18?Military10 March 2016
Katunayaka, Sri Lanka7.18409443N 79.87023926EMiG-19Military26 November 20141
Katunayake, Sri Lanka7.17872858N 79.88906097EB737 fuselageCivil10 March 2016
Koggala, Sri Lanka5.99176311N 80.31594086EHS.748Military10 March 20161
Ratmalana, Sri Lanka6.81911707N 79.89110565EIA-58, SF.260Military17 October 20162
Ratmalana, Sri Lanka6.82042694N 79.88847351EDHC-6?Civil9 February 2018
Ratmalana - Sri Lanka Air Force Museum, Sri Lanka6.82411337N 79.89141846EVariousMilitary26 November 201449
Sigiriya, Sri Lanka7.94701719N 80.72785950ESF.260Military9 February 2018
Weerawila, Sri Lanka6.25256586N 81.22769928EJet ProvostMilitary10 March 2016
Weerawila, Sri Lanka6.25165367N 81.22721863EHS.748, preserved next to a public restaurant "Eagle's café" hosted by the Sri Lanka Air Force.Military10 March 20161