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143 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in The Netherlands. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Aalsmeer, The Netherlands52.26903915N 4.75174809EVarious i/a at VTOC Fokker school - school is closed, all airframes are gone, or will be moved soonBoth9 July 20173
Aalsmeerderbrug, The Netherlands52.27469254N 4.75151253ETS-11, glider, Dakota nose section inside aviation shopBoth22 November 20163
Amsterdam - Rijksmuseum, The Netherlands52.35999680N 4.88517809EFK-23Civil6 November 20141
Anna Paulowna, The Netherlands52.85508347N 4.79133606EUH-1Military27 September 20171
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands52.22752762N 5.91648388ETS-11 should be in amusement park 'Koningin Juliana Toren', not yet visible on GE image.Military5 April 20171
Axel, The Netherlands51.26606369N 3.90737963EInside "Deto jeans shop" a Fokker S.11Civil18 May 20161
Baarlo, The Netherlands51.32555771N 6.08691835EVariousBoth8 August 201644
Barneveld, The Netherlands52.13679886N 5.60081959EMiG-21Military22 November 20161
Barneveld, The Netherlands52.16289139N 5.61293793EJet Provost (not yet visible on GE image)Military18 May 20161
Bentveld, The Netherlands52.36190796N 4.57103586EBAe.125 - burried!Military17 October 20171
Best, The Netherlands51.51603317N 5.44141531EDC-3, L-4Both5 April 20172
Best, The Netherlands51.49946213N 5.43413925EBe.23 inside children's theme-park "DippieDoe"Civil22 November 20161
Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands52.44021225N 5.76226616EMi-2 at 'Lost Gravity' ride, not yet visible on GE imageMilitary1 September 20161
Boekel, The Netherlands51.62685394N 5.69706297EAn-2, Mi-2, Su-22, L-21 at Paintball Games VenhorstBoth23 February 20165
Braamt, The Netherlands51.92791748N 6.26107836EMi-8 (not yet visible on GE image)Military3 October 20151
Breda, The Netherlands51.59395599N 4.75681543EF.100 (unfinished plane that never flew)Civil5 April 20171
Breda, The Netherlands51.59106064N 4.77389097EF-16Military22 November 20161
De Kooy, The Netherlands52.92360306N 4.78863621EAB.204Military2 January 20151
De Kooy, The Netherlands52.92278290N 4.78820324EP-2Military2 January 20151
De Kooy, The Netherlands52.92179489N 4.78752756ES-2 (more inside)Military28 May 20154
Deelen - Museum, The Netherlands52.06131744N 5.89774704EAuster and other parts inside (F-104 outside is a fake model)Military5 April 20171
Delft, The Netherlands51.99062347N 4.37609005EVarious i/a at Hogeschool Inholland DelftBoth22 November 20164
Delft, The Netherlands51.99813080N 4.36991549EB737 fuselage i/a at Technische Universiteit DelftCivil20 November 20161
Den Haag, The Netherlands52.10345840N 4.30215693EC-47 cockpitMilitary22 November 20161
Deurne, The Netherlands51.45343018N 5.79612827ETS-11Military18 December 20121
Dordrecht, The Netherlands51.81350708N 4.70138550ERallye (inside)Civil18 November 20141
Drachten, The Netherlands53.12001419N 6.13767338EWreck of Technam P-92 inside hangarCivil1 February 20171
Dronten, The Netherlands52.53934479N 5.71960545EL-29 at Berendbootje, a trading company for all kind of vehiclesMilitary6 November 20171
Duiven, The Netherlands51.96205902N 5.99175882EZ.37Civil5 April 20171
Eelde, The Netherlands53.13079834N 6.58305836EF.27 as i/aCivil22 November 20161
Eindhoven, The Netherlands51.44940567N 5.39597082EF.27Civil5 April 20171
Eindhoven, The Netherlands51.44802475N 5.39129066EF-84Military18 December 20121
Eindhoven, The Netherlands51.44762802N 5.38988304EF-84Military28 June 20131
Eindhoven, The Netherlands51.44854355N 5.39248180EF-5Military18 December 20121
Eindhoven, The Netherlands51.44923401N 5.39225388EF-16Military18 December 20121
Eindhoven, The Netherlands51.45007706N 5.38313437EF-84 (in one of the hangars)Military22 November 20161
Eindhoven, The Netherlands51.44792175N 5.48621702EAt the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (Technical University Eindhoven) is an PZL-Bielsko SZD-24C Foka 2 preserved at the ceiling in one of the buildings. It should have been placed at the location in 2016.Civil19 May 20161
Eindhoven, The Netherlands51.44994354N 5.36744356EC-160Military17 April 20171
Eindhoven, The Netherlands51.45992279N 5.39507818EMi-8Military22 November 20162
Eindhoven, The Netherlands51.45497513N 5.37245941EVarious as i/aBoth22 November 20163
Eindhoven, The Netherlands51.44990921N 5.36257792EF.27 Forward fuselage as i/aMilitary17 April 20171
Eindhoven, The Netherlands51.45203018N 5.36197710EDHC-7Civil14 April 20171
Emmen, The Netherlands52.77961731N 6.88598156EATR-42 Inside "Wildlands" zoo, plane displayed as crashed plane in the jungle.Civil28 March 20161
Enschede, The Netherlands52.20481491N 6.90112972EMiG-21 (inside at Starworld paintball)Military20 May 20151
Gendt, The Netherlands51.87879181N 5.94298315ESmall propCivil22 November 20162
Gilze-Rijen, The Netherlands51.57673645N 4.92592669EF-84, Alouette 3Military3 April 20172
Gilze-Rijen, The Netherlands51.57391739N 4.90916920EF-5Military22 June 20161
Gilze-Rijen, The Netherlands51.57546234N 4.92616129EF-5Military22 June 20161
Gilze-Rijen, The Netherlands51.57511902N 4.92604160EBo.105Military22 November 20161
Groningen, The Netherlands53.13193893N 6.58500195ESAAB 91Civil5 April 20171
Groningen - Museum Canadian Allied Forces, The Netherlands53.23549652N 6.58560896EAnsonMilitary22 November 20161
Harderwijk, The Netherlands52.36507416N 5.64701271EVan Leeuwenhoekstraat 28, Harderwijk the Netherlands. Inside the building a nose section of a Shackleton. Can been seen on prior appointment.Military18 May 20161
Hasselt, The Netherlands52.58247375N 6.09301853EF-104 (GE image is old, aircraft is moved to the other side of the entrance road)Military21 October 20131
Heerenveen - Abe Lenstra stadion, The Netherlands52.95927811N 5.93656921EMS.880 RallyeCivil25 January 2017
Heino, The Netherlands52.42388153N 6.22273970ESAAB 91Civil5 April 20171
Hellevoetsluis - Historyland, The Netherlands51.84536743N 4.16792631EMiG-21, Mi-2 (not yet visible on GE image)Military12 March 20172
Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands51.52233887N 5.11324120EPiper 34 preserved as crashed plane inside the "Safaripark Beekse Bergen". Not sure about the exact location but must be somewhere around the marked location.Civil18 July 20161
Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands51.97058868N 4.20049906EMiG-23Military18 December 20121
Hoofddorp, The Netherlands52.29376602N 4.68353891EVarious i/a at ROC Amsterdam AirportBoth22 November 201616
Hoofddorp, The Netherlands52.31514359N 4.69547796EBoeing 737 fuselage in use as cabin-trainer.Civil19 May 20161
Hoogerheide, The Netherlands51.43136215N 4.32931709EF27-100MPA ex Baarlo at Bed & Breakfast Domaine Haute Bruyere (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: PH-HEE
Civil11 October 20161
Hoogwoud, The Netherlands52.73297882N 4.93247747EMiG-15Military18 December 20121
Kessel, The Netherlands51.29263687N 6.03803158EVarious stored for Baarlo collectionMilitary1 July 20176
Kootwijkerbroek, The Netherlands52.16814423N 5.68557787ECe.150Civil5 October 20171
Kraggenburg, The Netherlands52.68206024N 5.87763882EMi-8 (visible on latest GE image)Military1 July 20171
Kraggenburg, The Netherlands52.68639374N 5.88344908EMiG-21 (visible on latest GE image)Military1 July 20171
Leeuwarden, The Netherlands53.22110748N 5.77318954EF-16, F-104, Hunter, MeteorMilitary12 June 20164
Leeuwarden, The Netherlands53.21924210N 5.75036526ESu-20Military5 April 20171
Leeuwarden, The Netherlands53.21864700N 5.76549959E2x F-16, i/a at Leerdock LeeuwardenMilitary12 June 20162
Leeuwarden, The Netherlands53.21932602N 5.75284195EMiG-21 under restoration, to be preserved on base, the plane is movable and probably on "normal" days somewhere in an hangar.Military12 June 20161
Lelystad, The Netherlands52.45032883N 5.51462698EJetstream in use as i/a.Civil19 May 20161
Lelystad, The Netherlands52.45570755N 5.52794504EUnfinished Fokker 50 fuselageCivil24 January 20172
Lelystad, The Netherlands52.45197678N 5.51772928EWrecks inside hangarCivil1 February 20173
Lelystad, The Netherlands52.45198441N 5.51896811EFairchild 24R under restorationCivil1 February 20171
Lelystad - Aviodrome, The Netherlands52.45755768N 5.53070307EVariousBoth27 January 201757
Loosdrecht - Militair Mobiel Depot, The Netherlands52.20763016N 5.09439611EMiG-17Military22 November 20161
Maarssen, The Netherlands52.12891769N 5.04861403EPA-23Civil2 June 20161
Maasbracht, The Netherlands51.15196991N 5.89721918EMiG-21, SkeeterMilitary12 November 20172
Maasbracht, The Netherlands51.15275955N 5.89090872EMiG-21, T-6, MiG-17 cockpit sectionMilitary11 November 20173
Maasbree, The Netherlands51.35184479N 6.01828575EBN.2AMilitary1 July 20171
Maasticht-Aachen, The Netherlands50.91732788N 5.78398561EQuickieCivil25 January 20171
Maastricht, The Netherlands50.91728592N 5.77982473EVariousCivil12 August 20173
Maastricht, The Netherlands50.91178894N 5.76597404EVariousCivil12 August 2017
Maastricht-Aachen, The Netherlands50.91713333N 5.78469849EVarious i/a at ROC LeeuwenborghBoth22 November 201610
Mill, The Netherlands51.68804550N 5.77704859EAtlantic, F-104, Mi-2 (Mi-2, F-104 suspended from ceiling in sports hall)Military1 July 20173
Nieuw-Milligen, The Netherlands52.22477341N 5.75153112EF-104Military22 November 20161
Nieuwerkerk, The Netherlands51.65031052N 4.00159979EReims/Cessna F152 in use as flight simulator at Flight Simulator Zeeland, Schoolstraat 1, 4306 CH Nieuwerkerk, The Netherlands.Civil19 May 20161
Nunspeet, The Netherlands52.36819839N 5.77068186EJet Provost at "Autobedrijf Wim Prins", insideMilitary17 September 20161
Oostvoorne - Oldtimer museum, The Netherlands51.91184616N 4.11950636EMiG-21, Mi-2 - note, museum is closed!Military9 November 20172
Oostwold, The Netherlands53.20780182N 7.04119825EFA-200Civil22 November 20161
Overloon - Verzetsmuseum, The Netherlands51.57019043N 5.95807266EHarvard, Spitfire, B-25, MiG-21 (all inside)Military5 April 20172
Reek, The Netherlands51.72739029N 5.70627832E2x F-84Military18 December 20122
Reuver, The Netherlands51.27137375N 6.07257605EMiG-21 forward fuselageMilitary22 November 20161
Rijsenhout, The Netherlands52.26882172N 4.73591471EFokker D.XXI, Fokker C.X (parts), all insideMilitary5 April 2017
Roelofarendsveen, The Netherlands52.21284103N 4.62906694EJet ProvostMilitary19 October 20161
Roosendaal - Indoor Skydive, The Netherlands51.53842163N 4.43287802ESOCATA Rallye 150Civil2 February 20171
Rotte, The Netherlands51.96617126N 4.52465391EMiG-15Military18 December 20121
Rotterdam, The Netherlands51.86376572N 4.47482061EHUP (only visible on latest GE image)Military10 August 20161
Schaarsbergen, The Netherlands52.03128815N 5.90516090ERF-84Military20 May 20161
Schaarsbergen, The Netherlands52.02694702N 5.87190962EBeech 18S at the "Arnhems Oorlogsmuseum".Civil12 June 20161
Schaijk, The Netherlands51.73650360N 5.63740540EMi-2Military1 July 20171
Schiphol, The Netherlands52.30820847N 4.76548719EF.100Civil14 June 20141
Schiphol, The Netherlands52.28866196N 4.78398848EF.27Civil14 June 20141
Schiphol, The Netherlands52.32038498N 4.74941683EMi-2Civil2 May 20161
Schiphol, The Netherlands52.30980682N 4.76275682EDC-9 forward fuselage, inside airport shopping mall, northwest cornerCivil7 May 20161
Schiphol, The Netherlands52.30908585N 4.76465464ELearjet 24 nose section inside the KLM loungeCivil16 July 20161
Schiphol, The Netherlands52.32114029N 4.79216385EPA-23 nose section at McDonalds, outside along the McDrive roadCivil7 May 2017
Schiphol, The Netherlands52.30908203N 4.80595016EDHC.8 stored and striped for spares inside hangar 32 after crash-landingCivil19 May 20171
Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands52.27565384N 4.75398874EF.28 cockpitCivil25 January 20171
Seppe - Museum, The Netherlands51.55473709N 4.54838657EVariousCivil5 April 20173
Sint Isidorushoeve, The Netherlands52.17671967N 6.70238256EMiG-21Military18 December 20121
Sirjansland, The Netherlands51.65886688N 4.05604458EF-104Military18 December 20121
Sirjansland, The Netherlands51.65945816N 4.05553293ESmall civil propCivil18 December 20122
Soesterberg - Nationaal Militair Museum, The Netherlands52.13121796N 5.27416515EVariousMilitary1 January 201541
St Maartensvlotbrug, The Netherlands52.79911804N 4.70793676EMiG-21Military3 February 20162
Terwolde, The Netherlands52.24776077N 6.03075600ECe.172 (only visible on latest GE image)Civil1 July 20171
Teuge, The Netherlands52.24141312N 6.04854679ECM.170 inside a hangar
credits: Marius B
Military27 January 20171
Teuge, The Netherlands52.24119186N 6.05268335EIl-18 in use as hotel.Civil19 May 20161
Teuge, The Netherlands52.24132156N 6.05524778EBo.105 under restoration inside the hangar of "Aircraft Maintenance Netherlands".Military13 October 20171
Teuge - Cold War Museum, The Netherlands52.24131012N 6.05899811EVarious (to be opened in 2018)Both22 November 20164
Texel, The Netherlands53.11723709N 4.82587957ESE.3160Military1 July 20171
Tilburg, The Netherlands51.54036331N 5.07908344EVarious i/a at ROC TilburgMilitary22 November 20162
Twenthe, The Netherlands52.27206802N 6.88515425EMiG-21 (for restoration on base, exact location unknown)Military1 April 20161
Uden, The Netherlands51.64745712N 5.67292404EF-16 (not yet visible on GE image)Military11 December 20161
Valkenburg, The Netherlands52.17232895N 4.41523790EC-47 in use for theatre showMilitary27 September 20171
Veen, The Netherlands51.77378845N 5.09202623EMi-2 at "DIY shop "Bouwie"Military22 June 20171
Volkel, The Netherlands51.65519714N 5.68166971EF-104, F-16, F-84Military19 April 20173
Volkel, The Netherlands51.63411713N 5.66002178EPA-28Civil22 November 20161
Vollenhove, The Netherlands52.67655182N 5.94218922EMi-2 inside holiday park (not yet visible on GE image)Civil10 August 20161
Wassenaar, The Netherlands52.14778900N 4.37899590EMS.733 inside theme-park "Duinrell"Civil22 November 20161
Wassenaar, The Netherlands52.14683533N 4.38004017EAeronca 7AC ChampionCivil3 September 20171
Weert, The Netherlands51.25078964N 5.65272760EMi-2Military1 July 20171
Westenschouwen, The Netherlands51.67960358N 3.71590257ET-6Military5 April 20171
Wieringerwerf, The Netherlands52.85808945N 5.02554512EL-410, Lynx in use as bedroom at "Camping Land uit zee"Both10 November 20172
Wijster, The Netherlands52.78301239N 6.50430012EFWP.149 as fire training objectMilitary5 April 20171
Woensdrecht, The Netherlands51.43124008N 4.34834623ET-33Military18 December 20121
Woensdrecht, The Netherlands51.44214630N 4.32586861EStorage areaBoth2 May 20177
Zaandam, The Netherlands52.42423630N 4.83545685ESeveral aircraft under restoration at the "Vliegtuig Company".Both12 June 20164
Zelhem, The Netherlands52.00286484N 6.36411619EL29, MiG-21Military5 April 20172
Zwanenburg, The Netherlands52.38354111N 4.73421574EMiG-21 (inside lasergame center, exact building not sure)Military30 June 20151
Zwolle, The Netherlands52.51943970N 6.08274698EF-104Military18 December 20121
Zwolle, The Netherlands52.52058411N 6.08185291EVarious i/a at Deltion CollegeMilitary22 November 20163
Zwolle, The Netherlands52.50411987N 6.07687330EMi-2 and some small props in theme-park "Dinoland" (not yet visible on GE image)Both4 September 20175