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29 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Wales. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Ammanford, Wales, United Kingdom51.78726959N 4.00255299WCanberra nose sectionMilitary18 October 20161
Blackwood, Wales, United Kingdom51.70592880N 3.17384052WHunterMilitary29 November 20161
Caernarfon, Wales, United Kingdom53.10399628N 4.33174992WWhirlwind on it's side on the airport fire dumpMilitary11 July 20151
Caernarfon - Air World Museum, Wales, United Kingdom53.10039902N 4.33758307WVariousMilitary18 July 201610
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom51.39534760N 3.3513999WB737? fuselageCivil13 February 20152
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom51.40002823N 3.33672023WSeveral aircraft i/a inside the "International Centre For Aerospace Training"Both18 October 20163
Connah's Quay, Wales, United Kingdom53.22563934N 3.0816195WJet Provost inside "Coleg Cambria – Deeside"Military18 October 20161
Hawarden, Wales, United Kingdom53.18751526N 2.97383642W2x Su-17Military19 October 20162
Hawarden, Wales, United Kingdom53.18539047N 2.97358966WMiG-27Military18 October 20161
Hawarden, Wales, United Kingdom53.17833710N 2.99365807WVampireMilitary19 October 20161
Hawarden, Wales, United Kingdom53.18590546N 2.97129679WL-29 stored in pieces.Military18 October 20161
Hawarden, Wales, United Kingdom53.18562698N 2.97193599WSeveral aircraft stored inside the hangars. Tours are available. For more information: October 201613
Hawarden - Tornado Heritage Centre, Wales, United Kingdom53.18827438N 2.9752512WTornadoMilitary17 May 20171
Kenfig Hill, Wales, United Kingdom51.53385544N 3.68043375WHunterMilitary21 September 20121
Kidwelly, Wales, United Kingdom51.72536087N 4.3707757W2x Jaguar (range targets?)Military21 February 20134
Llangeinor, Wales, United Kingdom51.57783890N 3.56824136WDrakenMilitary21 February 20131
Nantgarw, Wales, United Kingdom51.56659698N 3.27941895WWessex inside the building of "National Museum of Wales Collection Centre"Military19 October 20161
Newbridge on Wye, Wales, United Kingdom52.21878815N 3.42956948WJet ProvostMilitary19 October 20161
Penllyn, Wales, United Kingdom51.46969604N 3.46997118WWhirlwind at "Taskforce Skirmish Paintball Games" (not clearly visible)Military18 October 20161
Pontypridd, Wales, United Kingdom51.58948898N 3.32835317WSeveral aircraft i/a inside at the "Aircraft Maintenance Centre, University of Glamorgan".Both19 October 20162
Rhuallt, Wales, United Kingdom53.26908493N 3.35743189WUnknownNotset21 February 2013
Sennybridge, Wales, United Kingdom52.03689575N 3.60872245WMeteor (range target)Military31 December 20161
St Athan, Wales, United Kingdom51.40991211N 3.44370008WVarious airliners being broken upCivil13 February 201514
St Athan, Wales, United Kingdom51.40959930N 3.44016385WB747 in use as ground trainerCivil29 November 20161
St Athan, Wales, United Kingdom51.41041183N 3.43321681WSeveral aircraft stored at MOD St Athan.Military18 October 201612
St Athan, Wales, United Kingdom51.40369797N 3.42996073WSeveral aircraft at "Horizon Aircraft Services"Both19 October 201611
Valley, Wales, United Kingdom53.25629807N 4.53535557WHunterMilitary21 September 20121
Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom53.05432892N 3.00676441WJet Provost inside the "Wrexham Glyndwr University"Military18 October 20161
Ystrad Mynach, Wales, United Kingdom51.63426208N 3.24028826WJetstream insideUnknown19 October 2016