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13 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Western Australia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Amelup, Western Australia, Australia34.22378159S 118.21474457EDC-3 in use as a restaurant at Lily Dutch WindmillCivil17 October 20161
Baldivis, Western Australia, Australia32.37240601S 115.92270660EBe.90 at a paintball field, not clearly visible on the GE images, but confirmed to be around hereCivil9 January 2017
Beverley, Western Australia, Australia32.10876846S 116.92247772EVampireMilitary9 May 20131
Beverley, Western Australia, Australia32.10931015S 116.92469788EVampireMilitary26 October 20141
Carabooda, Western Australia, Australia31.60555458S 115.71258545ESmall twin prop at a paintball fieldCivil9 January 2017
Jandakot, Western Australia, Australia32.09345627S 115.87879944EMooney M20Civil4 January 20171
Londonderry, Western Australia, Australia14.12825203S 126.30942535EDC-3 wreckUnknown18 April 2016
Merridin - Military Museum, Western Australia, Australia31.48328018S 118.28068542EUH-1, MB-326 (more?)Military26 October 20142
Myalup, Western Australia, Australia33.02170181S 115.70010376EDC-3Civil4 January 20171
Perth, Western Australia, Australia31.92798042S 115.97348022EBAe.146Civil4 January 2017
Perth - Aviation Heritage Museum, Western Australia, Australia32.04892349S 115.85894012EVariousBoth24 October 201418
Swanbourne - SAS museum, Western Australia, Australia31.97135353S 115.76562500EUH-1 (inside), H-47 (wrapped in plastic outside)Military29 December 20162
Wanneroo, Western Australia, Australia31.79771423S 115.85092926EVampireMilitary26 October 20141