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Aeronca 7 Champion construction number list

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Aeronca 7 Champion
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Aeronca 7
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7AC, 7BCM, 7CCM, 7DC, 7EC, 7FC, 7GC, 7GCA, 7HC, 7JC, 7KC, Bellanca, Champion, L-16, Sky Trac, Traveller, Tri-traveller
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The Champion was designed and first built by Aeronca in the late 40ies. Most 7AC to 7KC numbers were built by Aeronca. In the 50ies Champion Aicraft took over and continued some of the earlier series and may have introduced another series of numbers of which little is known (none included here for now). In the 70ies Bellanca revived the line and produced the 7ACA with xx-yy numbers (yy being the year). For now the latest revival was in the early 2000s by American Champion Aircraft which produced the 7EC with xxxx-yyyy numbers until 2019.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

7AC-1N39556United StatesCivil
N39557United StatesCivil
7AC-2N39562United StatesCivil
7AC-3N39632United StatesCivil
7AC-4N39633United StatesCivil
7AC-5N81412United StatesCivil
7AC-6N39638United StatesCivil
7AC-10N39642United StatesCivil
7AC-11N39643United StatesCivil
N39644United StatesCivil
7AC-13N39646United StatesCivil
7AC-15N39645United StatesCivil
7AC-16N39648United StatesCivil
N8902RUnited StatesCivil
N39649United StatesCivil
7AC-18N81400United StatesCivil
7AC-19N81401United StatesCivil
7AC-20N81402United StatesCivil
7AC-21N81403United StatesCivil
7AC-24N81406United StatesCivil
7AC-25N46071United StatesCivil
7AC-26N81408United StatesCivil
7AC-28N81411United StatesCivil
7AC-29N1946ZUnited StatesCivil
N81410United StatesCivil
7AC-31N81415United StatesCivil
7AC-32N81414United StatesCivil
7AC-34N81417United StatesCivil
7AC-35N81420United StatesCivil
7AC-40N81421United StatesCivil
7AC-41N81423United StatesCivil
7AC-42N81425United StatesCivil
7AC-43N81422United StatesCivil
7AC-45N81426United StatesCivil
7AC-46N81428United StatesCivil
7AC-47N81429United StatesCivil
7AC-49N81431United StatesCivil
7AC-50N81432United StatesCivil
7AC-51N81433United StatesCivil
7AC-52N81434United StatesCivil
7AC-53N81435United StatesCivil
7AC-56NC4712EUnited StatesCivil
7AC-57N81JHUnited StatesCivil
7AC-59N81441United StatesCivil
7AC-60N81442United StatesCivil
7AC-61N81443United StatesCivil
7AC-63N81445United StatesCivil
7AC-64N81446United StatesCivil
7AC-65N81447United StatesCivil
7AC-68N81450United StatesCivil
7AC-69N81468United StatesCivil
7AC-70N81451United StatesCivil
7AC-72N81452United StatesCivil
7AC-73N81455United StatesCivil
7AC-75N81457United StatesCivil
7AC-76N81458United StatesCivil
7AC-77N81456United StatesCivil
7AC-78N81459United StatesCivil
7AC-81N81461United StatesCivil
7AC-82N81463United StatesCivil
N81464United StatesCivil
7AC-85N81466United StatesCivil
7AC-86N81467United StatesCivil
7AC-87N81469United StatesCivil
7AC-89N81471United StatesCivil
7AC-90N81472United StatesCivil
7AC-92N81474United StatesCivil
7AC-93N81475United StatesCivil
7AC-95N81477United StatesCivil
7AC-96N46SSUnited StatesCivil
7AC-97N81479United StatesCivil
N81480United StatesCivil
7AC-100N81482United StatesCivil
7AC-102N81484United StatesCivil
N8581EUnited StatesCivil
7AC-103N81485United StatesCivil
7AC-104N81494United StatesCivil
7AC-105N81486United StatesCivil
7AC-106N81487United StatesCivil
7AC-107N81488United StatesCivil
7AC-108N81489United StatesCivil
7AC-110N81492United StatesCivil
7AC-111N81490United StatesCivil
7AC-112N81498United StatesCivil
7AC-113N81493United StatesCivil
7AC-114N81495United StatesCivil
7AC-115N81496United StatesCivil
7AC-116N81497United StatesCivil
7AC-117N81500United StatesCivil
7AC-118N81501United StatesCivil
7AC-120N81502United StatesCivil
7AC-121N81503United StatesCivil
7AC-123N81505United StatesCivil
7AC-124N81506United StatesCivil
7AC-125N81507United StatesCivil
7AC-126N81508United StatesCivil
7AC-128N81517United StatesCivil
7AC-129N81519United StatesCivil
7AC-131N81510United StatesCivil
7AC-132N81511United StatesCivil
7AC-133N8585EUnited StatesCivil
7AC-134N8586EUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe