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Aeronca 7 Champion construction number list

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Aeronca 7 Champion
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Aeronca 7
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7AC, 7BCM, 7CCM, 7DC, 7EC, 7FC, 7GC, 7GCA, 7HC, 7JC, 7KC, Bellanca, Champion, L-16, Sky Trac, Traveller, Tri-traveller
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The Champion was designed and first built by Aeronca in the late 40ies. Most 7AC to 7KC numbers were built by Aeronca. In the 50ies Champion Aicraft took over and continued some of the earlier series and may have introduced another series of numbers of which little is known (none included here for now). In the 70ies Bellanca revived the line and produced the 7ACA with xx-yy numbers (yy being the year). For now the latest revival was in the early 2000s by American Champion Aircraft which produced the 7EC with xxxx-yyyy numbers until 2019.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

7AC-138N81516United StatesCivil
7AC-139N81521United StatesCivil
7AC-140N81524United StatesCivil
7AC-141N81525United StatesCivil
7AC-142N81523United StatesCivil
N8595EUnited StatesCivil
7AC-143N81527United StatesCivil
N8598EUnited StatesCivil
7AC-144N81526United StatesCivil
7AC-145N81528United StatesCivil
7AC-146N81520United StatesCivil
7AC-148N81529United StatesCivil
7AC-149N81530United StatesCivil
7AC-151N81532United StatesCivil
7AC-153N81534United StatesCivil
N81535United StatesCivil
7AC-155N81539United StatesCivil
7AC-158N81540United StatesCivil
7AC-160N81536United StatesCivil
7AC-161N81542United StatesCivil
7AC-163N81544United StatesCivil
7AC-164N81545United StatesCivil
7AC-166N81547United StatesCivil
7AC-167N81548United StatesCivil
7AC-168N81549United StatesCivil
7AC-169N737United StatesCivil
7AC-170N81551United StatesCivil
7AC-173N81554United StatesCivil
7AC-174N81555United StatesCivil
7AC-178N81559United StatesCivil
7AC-179N81560United StatesCivil
7AC-180N81561United StatesCivil
7AC-181N81562United StatesCivil
7AC-183N81564United StatesCivil
7AC-184N81565United StatesCivil
7AC-185N81566United StatesCivil
7AC-186N81567United StatesCivil
7AC-187N81568United StatesCivil
7AC-188N81569United StatesCivil
7AC-189N81570United StatesCivil
7AC-190N81571United StatesCivil
7AC-191N81572United StatesCivil
7AC-192N81574United StatesCivil
7AC-195N81576United StatesCivil
7AC-196N81577United StatesCivil
7AC-197N81578United StatesCivil
7AC-201N81582United StatesCivil
7AC-202N81583United StatesCivil
7AC-203N81584United StatesCivil
7AC-204N81585United StatesCivil
7AC-205N81586United StatesCivil
7AC-206N81587United StatesCivil
7AC-207N81588United StatesCivil
7AC-208N81589United StatesCivil
7AC-210N81590United StatesCivil
7AC-211N81592United StatesCivil
7AC-213N81594United StatesCivil
7AC-214N81595United StatesCivil
7AC-215N81596United StatesCivil
7AC-216N81597United StatesCivil
7AC-217N81598United StatesCivil
7AC-218N81599United StatesCivil
7AC-219N81600United StatesCivil
7AC-220N81601United StatesCivil
7AC-222N81616United StatesCivil
7AC-223N81603United StatesCivil
7AC-224N81605United StatesCivil
7AC-226N81614United StatesCivil
7AC-227N81606United StatesCivil
7AC-228N81609United StatesCivil
7AC-229N81607United StatesCivil
7AC-232N81611United StatesCivil
7AC-234N81613United StatesCivil
7AC-235N81620United StatesCivil
7AC-236N81661United StatesCivil
7AC-239N81618United StatesCivil
7AC-240N81617United StatesCivil
7AC-241N81619United StatesCivil
7AC-243N81625United StatesCivil
7AC-244N81629United StatesCivil
7AC-245N81624United StatesCivil
7AC-247N81627United StatesCivil
7AC-249N81630United StatesCivil
7AC-250N81631United StatesCivil
N81634United StatesCivil
7AC-253N81632United StatesCivil
7AC-254N81635United StatesCivil
7AC-255N81636United StatesCivil
7AC-256N81637United StatesCivil
7AC-257N81641United StatesCivil
N81638United StatesCivil
7AC-260N81643United StatesCivil
7AC-261N81639United StatesCivil
7AC-263N81642United StatesCivil
7AC-264N81648United StatesCivil
7AC-265N81644United StatesCivil
7AC-266N81645United StatesCivil
7AC-267N81647United StatesCivil
7AC-268N81649United StatesCivil
7AC-269N81650United StatesCivil
7AC-270N81652United StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe