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Aeronca 7 Champion construction number list

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Aeronca 7 Champion
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Aeronca 7
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7AC, 7BCM, 7CCM, 7DC, 7EC, 7FC, 7GC, 7GCA, 7HC, 7JC, 7KC, Bellanca, Champion, L-16, Sky Trac, Traveller, Tri-traveller
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The Champion was designed and first built by Aeronca in the late 40ies. Most 7AC to 7KC numbers were built by Aeronca. In the 50ies Champion Aicraft took over and continued some of the earlier series and may have introduced another series of numbers of which little is known (none included here for now). In the 70ies Bellanca revived the line and produced the 7ACA with xx-yy numbers (yy being the year). For now the latest revival was in the early 2000s by American Champion Aircraft which produced the 7EC with xxxx-yyyy numbers until 2019.
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7BCM-372N9098CUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-37347-1148United StatesArmy
N90425United StatesCivil
7BCM-376N4010BUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-378N66363United StatesCivil
7BCM-380N4009BUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-382N1126NUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-38447-1159United StatesArmy
N7620BUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-385N3912AUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-387N2094AUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-392N9329HUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-39547-1170United StatesArmy
7BCM-398N9069CUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-399N10549United StatesCivil
7BCM-400N6088CUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-401N4015BUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-402N6056VUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-405N9072CUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-407N9655HUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-415N1319VUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-416N6058CUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-417N86428United StatesCivil
7BCM-419N10498United StatesCivil
7BCM-420N4295EUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-421N2551BUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-427N6712CUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-431N2042AUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-432N10456United StatesCivil
7BCM-433N10449United StatesCivil
7BCM-436N66365United StatesCivil
7BCM-439N2044AUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-442N3924AUnited StatesCivil
N4293EUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-444N1134VUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-445N10ANUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-446N1316VUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-450N3926AUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-452N3911AUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-453N236NUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-461N226NYUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-463N4053AUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-466N69968United StatesCivil
7BCM-468N9661HUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-469N19CFUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-470N3182CUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-471N3963AUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-474N5484NUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-475N94583United StatesCivil
7BCM-477N2390YUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-478N4100AUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-479N6041VUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-484N2555BUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-485N2556BUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-487N33JZUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-488N6702CUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-489N2041AUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-493N10159United StatesCivil
7BCM-495N6704CUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-498N9660HUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-499N6420CUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-500N6703CUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-501N2557BUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-503N6705CUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-505N9656HUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-50747-1279United StatesArmy
7BCM-511N10454United StatesCivil
7BCM-512N5628VUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-518N5627VUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-521N2504BUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-525N4307EUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-526N4319EUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-527N4326EUnited StatesCivil
7BCM-528N4327EUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-2N2310YUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-7N2962CUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-16N65891United StatesCivil
7CCM-24N10448United StatesCivil
7CCM-25N65892United StatesCivil
7CCM-34N2558BUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-36N6085VUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-37N9657HUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-40N9659HUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-42N10526United StatesCivil
7CCM-47N2045AUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-5048-0472United StatesArmy
7CCM-52N10512United StatesCivil
7CCM-57N1318VUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-62N4019BUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-64N6714CUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-66N2575CUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-69N94CMUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-72N6436CUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-75N2562CUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-76N654JSUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-77N6437CUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-79N9881United StatesCivil
7CCM-82N2513BUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-83N1760MUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-84N2510BUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-90N2559BUnited StatesCivil
7CCM-96N9089CUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe