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Aeronca C-2 Collegian construction number list

Full type:
Aeronca C-2 Collegian
Sort value:
Aeronca C-2
Search aliasses:
Aeronca C-2, C 2, C-2, C.2, C2, Collegian
C/n known:
Seen on c/n:
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1AANC13376United StatesCivil
1N3774United StatesCivil
2N626NUnited StatesCivil
3N560VUnited StatesCivil
4N289VUnited StatesCivil
5N288VUnited StatesCivil
6N522VUnited StatesCivil
7N523VUnited StatesCivil
8N524VUnited StatesCivil
A-9N525VUnited StatesCivil
10N560VUnited StatesCivil
11N561VUnited StatesCivil
12N562VUnited StatesCivil
13N563VUnited StatesCivil
14N564VUnited StatesCivil
15N565VUnited StatesCivil
16N566VUnited StatesCivil
17N567VUnited StatesCivil
18N568VUnited StatesCivil
19N569VUnited StatesCivil
20N640WUnited StatesCivil
21N8082YUnited StatesCivil
22N642WUnited StatesCivil
301-23N30RCUnited StatesCivilpre
N643WUnited StatesCivil
24N644WUnited StatesCivil
25N645WUnited StatesCivil
26N646WUnited StatesCivil
27N647WUnited StatesCivil
28N648WUnited StatesCivil
29N649WUnited StatesCivil
30N650WUnited StatesCivil
31N651WUnited StatesCivil
32N652WUnited StatesCivil
33N653WUnited StatesCivil
34N654WUnited StatesCivil
301-35N655WUnited StatesCivil
36N656WUnited StatesCivil
301-37N657WUnited StatesCivil
38N658WUnited StatesCivil
39N659WUnited StatesCivil
301-40N10164United StatesCivil
41N10165United StatesCivil
301-42N10166United StatesCivil
301-43N10167United StatesCivil
301-44N10168United StatesCivil
301-45N10169United StatesCivil
301-46N10170United StatesCivil
301-47N10171United StatesCivil
48N10172United StatesCivil
301-49N10173United StatesCivil
50N10174United StatesCivil
A-51N10175United StatesCivil
A-52N10176United StatesCivil
A-53N10177United StatesCivil
A-54N10178United StatesCivil
A-55N10179United StatesCivil
A-56N10180United StatesCivil
A-57N10181United StatesCivil
A-58N10182United StatesCivil
A-59N10183United StatesCivil
A-60N10184United StatesCivil
A-61N10185United StatesCivil
A-62N10186United StatesCivil
A-63N10187United StatesCivil
A-64N10188United StatesCivil
A-65N10189United StatesCivil
A-66NC10304United StatesCivilpre
A-67N10301United StatesCivil
A-68N10302United StatesCivil
A-69N10303United StatesCivil
A-70N10304United StatesCivil
A-71N1020United StatesCivil
N10305United StatesCivil
A-72N10306United StatesCivil
A-73N10307United StatesCivil
A-74N10308United StatesCivil
A-75N10309United StatesCivil
A-76N10310United StatesCivil
A-77N10311United StatesCivil
A-78N10312United StatesCivil
A-79N10313United StatesCivil
A-80N10314United StatesCivil
A-81N10315United StatesCivil
A-82N10316United StatesCivil
A-83N10317United StatesCivil
A-84N10318United StatesCivil
A-85N10319United StatesCivil
A-86N10320United StatesCivil
A-87N10321United StatesCivil
A-88N10322United StatesCivil
A-89N10323United StatesCivil
A-90N10324United StatesCivil
A-91N10325United StatesCivil
A-92N650YUnited StatesCivil
A-93N651YUnited StatesCivil
N8196UUnited StatesCivil
A-94N652YUnited StatesCivil
A-95N653YUnited StatesCivil
A-96N654YUnited StatesCivil
A-97N655YUnited StatesCivil
A 98N656YUnited StatesCivil
A-99N657YUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe