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AIDC F-CK-1 Ching-Kuo construction number list

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AIDC F-CK-1 Ching-Kuo
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Ching-Kuo, F CK, F-CK-1, F.CK, FCK, Kuo
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

A-110001TaiwanAir Force
A-210002TaiwanAir Force
A-310003TaiwanAir Force
A-41401TaiwanAir Force
A-51402TaiwanAir Force
A-61403TaiwanAir Force
A-71404TaiwanAir Force
A-81405TaiwanAir Force
A-91406TaiwanAir Force
A-101407TaiwanAir Force
A-111408TaiwanAir Force
A-121409TaiwanAir Force
A-131410TaiwanAir Force
A-141411TaiwanAir Force
A-151412TaiwanAir Force
A-161413TaiwanAir Force
A-171414TaiwanAir Force
A-181415TaiwanAir Force
A-191416TaiwanAir Force
A-201417TaiwanAir Force
A-211418TaiwanAir Force
A-221419TaiwanAir Force
A-231420TaiwanAir Force
A-241421TaiwanAir Force
A-251422TaiwanAir Force
A-261423TaiwanAir Force
A-271424TaiwanAir Force
A-281425TaiwanAir Force
A-291426TaiwanAir Force
A-301427TaiwanAir Force
A-311428TaiwanAir Force
A-321429TaiwanAir Force
A-331430TaiwanAir Force
A-341431TaiwanAir Force
A-351432TaiwanAir Force
A-361433TaiwanAir Force
A-371434TaiwanAir Force
A-381435TaiwanAir Force
A-391436TaiwanAir Force
A-401437TaiwanAir Force
A-411438TaiwanAir Force
A-421439TaiwanAir Force
A-431440TaiwanAir Force
A-441441TaiwanAir Force
A-451442TaiwanAir Force
A-461443TaiwanAir Force
A-471444TaiwanAir Force
A-481445TaiwanAir Force
A-491446TaiwanAir Force
A-501447TaiwanAir Force
A-511448TaiwanAir Force
A-521449TaiwanAir Force
A-531450TaiwanAir Force
A-541451TaiwanAir Force
A-551452TaiwanAir Force
A-561453TaiwanAir Force
A-571454TaiwanAir Force
A-581455TaiwanAir Force
A-591456TaiwanAir Force
A-601457TaiwanAir Force
A-611458TaiwanAir Force
A-621459TaiwanAir Force
A-631460TaiwanAir Force
A-641461TaiwanAir Force
A-651462TaiwanAir Force
A-661463TaiwanAir Force
A-671464TaiwanAir Force
A-681465TaiwanAir Force
A-691466TaiwanAir Force
A-701467TaiwanAir Force
A-711468TaiwanAir Force
A-721469TaiwanAir Force
A-731470TaiwanAir Force
A-741471TaiwanAir Force
A-751472TaiwanAir Force
A-761473TaiwanAir Force
A-771474TaiwanAir Force
A-781475TaiwanAir Force
A-791476TaiwanAir Force
A-801477TaiwanAir Force
A-811478TaiwanAir Force
A-821479TaiwanAir Force
A-831480TaiwanAir Force
A-841481TaiwanAir Force
A-851482TaiwanAir Force
A-861483TaiwanAir Force
A-871484TaiwanAir Force
A-881485TaiwanAir Force
A-891486TaiwanAir Force
A-901487TaiwanAir Force
A-911488TaiwanAir Force
A-921489TaiwanAir Force
A-931490TaiwanAir Force
A-941491TaiwanAir Force
A-951492TaiwanAir Force
A-961493TaiwanAir Force
A-971494TaiwanAir Force
A-981495TaiwanAir Force
A-991496TaiwanAir Force
A-1001497TaiwanAir Force
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe