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Air Tractor AT-802 construction number list

Full type:
Air Tractor AT-802
Sort value:
AT- 802
Search aliasses:
Air Tractor, AT 802, AT-802, AT.802, AT802, Longsword, OA-8
C/n known:
Seen on c/n:
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

802A-1098N802KJUnited StatesCivil
802A-1099N8040GUnited StatesCivil
802A-1101N1101PUnited StatesCivil
802A-1102N112FAUnited StatesCivil
802A-1103N758LAUnited StatesCivil
802A-1105N804HMUnited StatesCivil
802-1107N902MCUnited StatesCivil
802A-1109N802VAUnited StatesCivil
802A-1110N276ATUnited StatesCivil
802A-1111N811RXUnited StatesCivil
802A-1114N802DKUnited StatesCivil
802A-1121N802SEUnited StatesCivil
802A-1130N854FAUnited StatesCivil
802-1132N131LAUnited StatesCivil
802A-1133N703NAUnited StatesCivil
802-4001N4247UUnited StatesCivil
802-40021580JordanAir Force
2280United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N60019United StatesCivil
802-40031581JordanAir Force
2551JordanAir Force
2281United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N60033United StatesCivil
802-40041582JordanAir Force
2552JordanAir Force
2282United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N6006XUnited StatesCivil
802-40052283United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N60066United StatesCivil
802-40061583JordanAir Force
2284United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N6008QUnited StatesCivil
802-40072285United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N60080United StatesCivil
802-40081584JordanAir Force
2286United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N6009XUnited StatesCivil
802-40092287United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N60091United StatesCivil
802-40101585JordanAir Force
2289United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N60150United StatesCivil
802-40112290United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N6017UUnited StatesCivil
802-40122291United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N20727United StatesCivil
802-40132292United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N2073VUnited StatesCivil
802-40142293United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N2074MUnited StatesCivil
802-40152294United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N2078QUnited StatesCivil
802-40162295United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N20802United StatesCivil
802-40172296United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N2084FUnited StatesCivil
802-40182297United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N2085DUnited StatesCivil
802-40192298United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N2086CUnited StatesCivil
802-40202201United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N20869United StatesCivil
802-40212202United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N2089UUnited StatesCivil
802-40222203United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N20898United StatesCivil
802-40232204United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N20931United StatesCivil
802-40242205United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N2094QUnited StatesCivil
802-40252206United Arab EmiratesAir Force
N2094XUnited StatesCivil
802-40262556JordanAir Force
N30678United StatesCivil
802-40272557JordanAir Force
N30694United StatesCivil
802-40282558JordanAir Force
N30698United StatesCivil
802-40292559JordanAir Force
N30701United StatesCivil
802-4030N8050UUnited StatesCivil
802-4031N8015UUnited StatesCivil
802-4032N80169United StatesCivil
802-4033N8023ZUnited StatesCivil
802-4034N80253United StatesCivil
802-4035N80294United StatesCivil
802-4036N8005TUnited StatesCivil
802-4037N8035HUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe