Worldwide airfield directory

The biggest international airport, small farm fields in the jungle of Brazil, the police heliport of Los Angeles, or a new air base in the middle of the desert. Find them all in this Worldwide Airfield Directory. Over 40.000 locations at the moment. This is a work in progress, so the numbers below will change on a daily basis.

CivilMilitaryCombinedClosedUnder construction
Seaplane base8803080

Last updated airfields

Field nameCoordinatesLast update
Alverca Airport (AVR/LPAR)38.88330078N 9.03009987WCIV/MIL18 February 2020
Gap Hospital Helipad44.55704498N 6.073349ECIV16 February 2020
Oloron Herrere Airport (LFCO)43.16388321N 0.56112021WCIV16 February 2020
Pau Pyrénées Airport (PUF/LFBP)43.38048553N 0.41959235WCIV/MIL16 February 2020
Shinkiari Helipad34.46501541N 73.28022003EMIL13 February 2020
Kharian Helipad32.83348465N 73.84663391EMIL13 February 2020
Kharian Heliport32.81676483N 73.8936615EMIL13 February 2020
Tashkent East Airport (UTTP)41.31269836N 69.3914032E13 February 2020
Bremen Airport (BRE/EDDW)53.04682541N 8.78901196ECIV13 February 2020
Liberty Helipad30.07400894N 94.77859497WCIV12 February 2020
Cottbus-Drewitz Airport (CBU/EDCD)51.88944244N 14.53194427E9 February 2020
Safaga Heliport26.75186157N 33.95168686EMIL31 January 2020
Uzurano Airfield34.89065552N 134.86647034E26 January 2020
Akeno AHP (RJOE)34.53329849N 136.67199707EMIL26 January 2020
Samedan Airport (SMV/LSZS)46.53409958N 9.88411045ECIV17 January 2020
Bissau International Airport (OXB/GGOV)11.89552021N 15.65347958WCIV/MIL16 January 2020
Camp Edwards Helipad41.67137909N 70.56455231WMIL14 January 2020
Otis ANGB (FMH/KFMH)41.65786362N 70.52170563WMIL14 January 2020
NAS South Weymouth (KNZW)42.14860153N 70.93939972W14 January 2020
Pheasant Field42.07540131N 70.81529999W14 January 2020
Marshfield Municipal Airport (KGHG)42.09766388N 70.67271423WCIV14 January 2020
Sherman-Private Airport42.07385635N 70.79723358WCIV14 January 2020
Taunton Municipal King Field (KTAN)41.87262726N 71.01364136WCIV14 January 2020
Cosenza Airfield39.52576065N 16.23013306E10 January 2020
Aleu Airfield42.90000153N 1.27499998ECIV9 January 2020

Last updated spotting hotels

Gardermoen Bed & Breakfast @ Oslo-Gardermoen Airport (OSL/ENGM)

Hotel description: Very good value for money hotel right next to the airport.

Spotting opportunities: No info on views from any of the rooms, but the hotel itself is right next to the airport. In walking distance from the helicopter platform, general aviation ramps and a runway. Views of the military ramps are also possible from here.

Room information:

El Nozha Apartment @ Cairo International Airport (CAI/HECA)

Hotel description: Luxury 3-bedroom apartment with free WIFI, free parking and airport shuttle available. Price is not very high for the size of the apartment, but minimum stay is 3 nights. (note: location on the map is approximate)

Spotting opportunities: Apartment has a balcony overlooking runway 05L-23R.

Room information:

Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort Limited @ Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC/VGHS)

Hotel description: Good quality hotel for reasonable prices. On a main street near the airport. Rooftop bar and swimming pool.

Spotting opportunities: No info on rooms with a view, but flying activity can be viewed from the rooftop of the hotel.

Room information:

Eurobuilding Express Maiquetia @ Caracas International Airport (CCS/SVMI)

Hotel description: Conveniently located hotel with decent services. Free shuttle to the airport.

Spotting opportunities: North side rooms provide some views at departures from runway 09. Windows are bad though and spotting is limited.

Room information:

Holiday Inn Express @ London Luton Airport (LTN/EGGW)

Hotel description: Standard Holiday Inn, Bar serving food has runway views and is open to non residents, 80GBP a night

Spotting opportunities: Third floor rooms give views of the runway on one side, Biz jet parking and the terminal from the other.

Room information:

Hotel J Green Bay @ Green Bay International Airport (GRB/KGRB)

Hotel description: Motel right next to the airport. Clean, well maintained and nice indoor pool.

Spotting opportunities: Next to the airport, on final approach to runway 24.

Room information: Rooms facing north have an airport view