Worldwide airfield directory

The biggest international airport, small farm fields in the jungle of Brazil, the police heliport of Los Angeles, or a new air base in the middle of the desert. Find them all in this Worldwide Airfield Directory. Over 40.000 locations at the moment. This is a work in progress, so the numbers below will change on a daily basis.

CivilMilitaryCombinedClosedUnder construction
Seaplane base8803080

Last updated airfields

Field nameCoordinatesLast update
Bhopal Airport (BHO/VABP)23.28860474N 77.33023834ECIV26 September 2020
Kastamonu Airport (KFS/LTAL)41.31420135N 33.79579926ECIV25 September 2020
Elazığ Airport (EZS/LTCA)38.59753799N 39.28171539ECIV/MIL25 September 2020
Antakya Helipad36.2682991N 36.22699738ECIV25 September 2020
Hatay Airport (HTY/LTDA)36.36063385N 36.28544235ECIV25 September 2020
Lattakia International Airport (LTK/OSLK)35.40265656N 35.9505043ECIV/MIL25 September 2020
Kos Island International Airport (KGS/LGKO)36.79547119N 27.09031105ECIV25 September 2020
Milas-Bodrum Airport (BJV/LTFE)37.25130844N 27.66370392ECIV/MIL25 September 2020
Tratayen Airfield38.38166809S 68.6003952WCIV24 September 2020
Steinfeld Airfield34.31290436S 139.33491516ECIV23 September 2020
Pidhorodna Airfield48.10746765N 30.87151718E22 September 2020
Ancón Helipad11.76997662S 77.17172241WCIV21 September 2020
Luisiana Airport (SPLA)12.67339993S 73.71038055WCIV21 September 2020
Pichari Heliport12.52373314S 73.83035278WMIL21 September 2020
Evelpidon Helipad37.84275436N 23.81557274EMIL21 September 2020
Asia Helipad12.76012611S 76.60331726WCIV20 September 2020
Chilca Airfield12.50274467S 76.74552155W20 September 2020
Lib Mandi Airfield (SPLX)12.38909912S 76.75798035WCIV20 September 2020
Berdsk Airfield54.73276901N 83.09449005ECIV20 September 2020
Ox Ranch Airfield29.46260643N 100.11430359WCIV16 September 2020
Los Cerrito Airfield29.48693275N 100.0153656WCIV16 September 2020
Holmgren Ranch Airfield29.10387993N 100.13755798WCIV16 September 2020
Thunderbird Southwest Airport29.90353203N 96.79318237WCIV15 September 2020
Pontives Heliport46.58688736N 11.63047123ECIV15 September 2020
Catamayo Airport (LOH/SETM)3.9958899S 79.37190247WCIV15 September 2020

Last updated spotting hotels

Gardermoen Bed & Breakfast @ Oslo-Gardermoen Airport (OSL/ENGM)

Hotel description: Very good value for money hotel right next to the airport.

Spotting opportunities: No info on views from any of the rooms, but the hotel itself is right next to the airport. In walking distance from the helicopter platform, general aviation ramps and a runway. Views of the military ramps are also possible from here.

Room information:

El Nozha Apartment @ Cairo International Airport (CAI/HECA)

Hotel description: Luxury 3-bedroom apartment with free WIFI, free parking and airport shuttle available. Price is not very high for the size of the apartment, but minimum stay is 3 nights. (note: location on the map is approximate)

Spotting opportunities: Apartment has a balcony overlooking runway 05L-23R.

Room information:

Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort Limited @ Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC/VGHS)

Hotel description: Good quality hotel for reasonable prices. On a main street near the airport. Rooftop bar and swimming pool.

Spotting opportunities: No info on rooms with a view, but flying activity can be viewed from the rooftop of the hotel.

Room information:

Eurobuilding Express Maiquetia @ Caracas International Airport (CCS/SVMI)

Hotel description: Conveniently located hotel with decent services. Free shuttle to the airport.

Spotting opportunities: North side rooms provide some views at departures from runway 09. Windows are bad though and spotting is limited.

Room information:

Holiday Inn Express @ London Luton Airport (LTN/EGGW)

Hotel description: Standard Holiday Inn, Bar serving food has runway views and is open to non residents, 80GBP a night

Spotting opportunities: Third floor rooms give views of the runway on one side, Biz jet parking and the terminal from the other.

Room information:

Hotel J Green Bay @ Green Bay International Airport (GRB/KGRB)

Hotel description: Motel right next to the airport. Clean, well maintained and nice indoor pool.

Spotting opportunities: Next to the airport, on final approach to runway 24.

Room information: Rooms facing north have an airport view