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25 Fields found in Argentina. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Campo De Mayo Airport (SADO)34.53447342S 58.67191315WMIL
Comodoro Rivadavia Airport (CRD/SAVC)45.78556061S 67.4679718WCIV/MIL
Cordoba Air Base (SACE)31.44466972S 64.2835083WMIL
El Palomar Air Base (EPA/SADP)34.60990143S 58.61259842WMIL
Ensenada Helipad34.84517288S 57.89613724WMIL
Ezeiza Air Force Academy Helipad34.78894424S 58.53507996WMIL
Fuerza Aérea Heliport34.58601761S 58.36805725WMIL
General Justo José de Urquiza Airport (PRA/SAAP)31.7947998S 60.48040009WCIV/MIL
Isla Demarchi Heliport34.6280632S 58.35118866WMIL
Los Cerros Air Base54.34350204S 67.83556366WMIL
Mariano Moreno AHP (SADJ)34.55763245S 58.78474808WMIL
Mendoza Air Base (MDZ/SAME)32.83184052S 68.7928772WCIV/MIL
Mendoza Military Hospital Helipad32.87934875S 68.86245728WMIL
Moron Air Base (SADM)34.67630005S 58.64279938WCIV/MIL
Neuquén International Airport (NQN/SAZN)38.94900131S 68.15570068WCIV/MIL
Pilar Cemetery Helipad34.50716019S 58.92617035WMIL
Puerto Belgrano Naval Base Heliport38.88873291S 62.1086731WMIL
Punta Indio Airport (SAAI)35.35329819S 57.29000092WMIL
Quilmes Airport (SADQ)34.70640182S 58.24440002WCIV/MIL
Rio Bellavista Airport53.983181S 68.52346802WMIL
Río Cuarto Air Base (RCU/SAOC)33.09236145S 64.26945496WCIV/MIL
Rio Gallegos Airport (RGL/SAWG)51.60883331S 69.30960083WCIV/MIL
Rio Grande Airport (RGA/SAWE)53.77769852S 67.74939728WCIV/MIL
Tandil Air Base (TDL/SAZT)37.23633957S 59.2288475WMIL
Trelew Air Base (REL/SAVT)43.21049881S 65.27030182WCIV/MIL