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3198 Fields found in Brazil (showing 1001 to 2000). Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Fazenda do Rochedo Airport (SNJL)21.84615326S 43.19106293WCIV
Fazenda Dois Irmãos Airport (SIFD)16.38722229S 57.28861237WCIV
Fazenda Dois Lagos Airport (SDDL)23.30797386S 47.9333725WCIV
Fazenda Dois Netos Airport (SJHZ)13.24555588S 54.03388977WCIV
Fazenda Dom Arlindo Airport (SSVK)22.79444313S 54.15694427WCIV
Fazenda Dom Felipe Airport (SNFH)22.55912971S 55.38158035WCIV
Fazenda Dom Francisco Airport (SSHI)23.26151848S 54.05112076WCIV
Fazenda Dona Hilda Airport (SNZD)13.20462704S 48.59032059WCIV
Fazenda Dona Laura Airport (SWLF)15.62065029S 58.20931625WCIV
Fazenda Dona Neném Airport (SSWZ)18.51025772S 46.27388763WCIV
Fazenda Dona Rosa S. Rezek Airport (SIUS)22.7127018S 54.04515076WCIV
Fazenda dos Castanhais Airport (SNXG)6.77486992S 49.36130142WCIV
Fazenda Dos Sonhos Airport (SSRI)20.76133537S 56.03254318WCIV
Fazenda dos Três Rios Airport (SIVD)16.94499969S 46.2737999WCIV
Fazenda Douradinho Airport (SIZM)21.64358521S 53.3100853WCIV
Fazenda Duas Âncoras - Seção JAÓ Airport (SWDJ)14.85675335S 52.03615189W
Fazenda Duas Âncoras - Seção Sede Airport (SWDA)14.93587399S 52.17264938WCIV
Fazenda Duas Barras Airport (SWOY)16.01702881S 52.81046295WCIV
Fazenda Duas Lagoas Airport (SWOE)16.16518593S 58.18447495WCIV
Fazenda e Haras Bela Vista Airport (SDKN)22.43651009S 48.40379715WCIV
Fazenda Eldorado - Agropecuária Paleana S/A Airport (SISB)12.16490746S 51.6920929WCIV
Fazenda Eldorado Airport (SDKC)22.30361176S 49.46222305WCIV
Fazenda Eldorado Airport (SNDD)3.69235063S 45.27019501WCIV
Fazenda Eldorado Airport (SWDB)15.57764721S 52.21944427WCIV
Fazenda Eldorado Airport (SWED)7.7584343S 49.12679291WCIV
Fazenda Encantado Airport (SWET)13.31315899S 58.79961777WCIV
Fazenda Encontro das Águas Airport (SIZG)22.60790062S 48.38790131WCIV
Fazenda Entre Rios Airport (SDEO)21.87859917S 48.65940094WCIV
Fazenda Entre Rios Airport (SDER)20.76455879S 50.85694504WCIV
Fazenda Entre Rios Airport (SNSF)21.35848427S 57.10161209WCIV
Fazenda Entre Rios Airport (SWYU)14.44063091S 50.86482239WCIV
Fazenda Entre Serras Airport (SIPL)14.62355042S 54.47829819WCIV
Fazenda Escalada Airport (SSED)17.96470833S 54.43006516WCIV
Fazenda Esmeralda Airport (SDYN)22.58444977S 51.30481339WCIV
Fazenda Esperança Airport (SDQX)23.86746407S 48.80600739WCIV
Fazenda Esperança Airport (SINH)22.64409828S 53.56251526WCIV
Fazenda Esperança Airport (SIRG)12.03600407S 51.63271332WCIV
Fazenda Esperança Airport (SSAJ)22.27555656S 53.31194305WCIV
Fazenda Esperança Airport (SWVV)15.75491714S 60.09630966WCIV
Fazenda Esperança I Airport (SWHY)4.13226891S 48.68618011WCIV
Fazenda Espigão Airport (SIWL)14.12275219S 56.94387817WCIV
Fazenda Espinhaço II Airport (SDQZ)15.39771843S 52.07455063WCIV
Fazenda Espírito Santo Airport (SNNY)13.27967834S 60.33454514WCIV
Fazenda Essência Airport (SSNL)14.32157326S 55.77510071WCIV
Fazenda Estância Regina Airport (SIQD)20.64432716S 54.79150391WCIV
Fazenda Estrela Dalva Airport (SNGQ)4.2485218S 48.7701149WCIV
Fazenda Estrela do Aripuanã Airport (SIWA)10.74846745S 59.37251663WCIV
Fazenda Estrela do Sul Airport (SNNV)16.57084465S 54.16864395WCIV
Fazenda Estrela do Sul Airport (SNQT)23.78853035S 53.48225403WCIV
Fazenda Estrela D`Alva Airport (SJCF)13.19159031S 52.31192398WCIV
Fazenda Eunice Airport (SNUG)14.95530701S 59.62527084WCIV
Fazenda Excalibur Airport (SWLM)15.29638958S 60.36917877WCIV
Fazenda Experimental Airport (SSIV)22.29591179S 53.84902191WCIV
Fazenda F5 Airport (SJAK)18.36416626S 48.87194443WCIV
Fazenda Falcão Airport (SSGL)15.39907265S 54.18089676W
Fazenda Fartura Airport (SDGF)22.36535645S 49.94486237WCIV
Fazenda Fartura Airport (SSXU)3.15927768S 48.54304886WCIV
Fazenda Fartura Baixão Novo Airport (SWBU)10.2149229S 55.0823288WCIV
Fazenda Fazendinha Airport (SIWZ)19.4815712S 56.48492813WCIV
Fazenda Felicidade Airport (SWEW)15.83755684S 58.63630295WCIV
Fazenda Fenix Airport (SIZC)20.77944374S 41.99555588WCIV
Fazenda Figueira Airport (SDFK)22.06769562S 52.15056229WCIV
Fazenda Figueira Branca Airport (SSWN)16.22833252S 57.59222031WCIV
Fazenda Firme Airport (SIFF)19.25944328S 57.01166534WCIV
Fazenda Flávia Airport (SNMV)18.34763718S 53.75162888WCIV
Fazenda Flexas Airport (SNYM)16.36967659S 45.12348175WCIV
Fazenda Flor Airport (SJWI)21.50065804S 53.75500107WCIV
Fazenda Flor da Mata Airport (SIQN)10.71923923S 52.78915405WCIV
Fazenda Flores Airport (SITL)5.04916716S 40.23416519WCIV
Fazenda Floresta Airport (SSJQ)12.80715466S 51.87244797WCIV
Fazenda Floresta do Lobo Airport (SNHD)19.07818794S 48.12929153WCIV
Fazenda Floresta Negra Airport (SSQF)23.81527901S 54.69884109WCIV
Fazenda Florida Airport (SSNY)17.18771172S 58.21971512WCIV
Fazenda Fogliatelli Airport (SNSJ)13.52934647S 58.5736351WCIV
Fazenda Fontana Airport (SDMX)15.49780846S 55.36590576WCIV
Fazenda Formosa Airport (SSGF)20.19760704S 53.22360992WCIV
Fazenda Formosa Airport (SWYT)10.01318264S 47.6815834WCIV
Fazenda Forquilha Airport (SNFC)19.8516674S 46.70999908W
Fazenda Forquilha Airport (SWMN)15.21469116S 50.83615112WCIV
Fazenda Fortaleza Airport (SDPP)23.29299927S 48.8157959WCIV
Fazenda Fortaleza Airport (SSIH)20.94678879S 52.72097778WCIV
Fazenda Fortaleza Airport (SWWI)15.67899418S 53.58301163WCIV
Fazenda Fortaleza de Santa Terezinha Airport (SNJI)17.1868S 44.64935303WCIV
Fazenda Fortaleza do Guaporé Airport (SSDP)14.46235275S 60.17603683WCIV
Fazenda Fortaleza Heliport (SJOA)23.17889023S 45.47146225WCIV
Fazenda Francês Airport (SWZN)17.31619835S 50.42510605WCIV
Fazenda Frigorífico Atlas Airport (SIWH)9.41267014S 50.42658615WCIV
Fazenda Frigovale I Airport (SWHF)10.49085522S 48.33728027WCIV
Fazenda Fundão Alegre Airport (SWQQ)18.62618446S 54.10453415WCIV
Fazenda Fundãozinho Airport (SSYY)18.95253181S 53.15433884WCIV
Fazenda Furna Azul Airport (SWUL)6.21566725S 48.42628098WCIV
Fazenda Gaia Airport (SJFV)18.76609612S 48.75493622WCIV
Fazenda Gairova Airport (SIGX)11.19773579S 58.23516464WCIV
Fazenda Gaivota Airport (SIAI)16.23514175S 56.91672134WCIV
Fazenda Galera Airport (SSVW)14.51583958S 59.55720139WCIV
Fazenda Galheiro Airport (SJRH)15.31302261S 54.59762192WCIV
Fazenda Galiléia Airport (SSDN)9.11423016S 45.43306351WCIV
Fazenda Gávea Airport (SDKG)23.22500038S 49.1791687WCIV
Fazenda Genipapo Airport (SWJD)13.45307732S 46.67978668WCIV
Fazenda Giruá Airport (SIIM)18.80323029S 54.85189819WCIV
Fazenda Globo Airport (SJHM)12.95093441S 58.58864975WCIV
Fazenda Goiabeira Airport (SIGT)23.98944473S 49.1791687WCIV
Fazenda Goiás Barreiro Airport (SIYO)17.25641632S 51.30527115WCIV
Fazenda Granja Santiago Airport (SIGS)17.16226196S 46.65995789WCIV
Fazenda Grotão Airport (SSFW)18.67774391S 54.39359665WCIV
Fazenda Guaciara Airport (SSXM)22.78583527S 53.88041687WCIV
Fazenda Guadalupe Airport (SJOW)20.98322868S 50.52548599WCIV
Fazenda Guaíba Airport (SSGN)23.23589325S 54.54010391WCIV
Fazenda Guaivira Airport (SNVM)20.66348076S 52.76838303WCIV
Fazenda Guanabara Airport (SIOB)20.8181839S 51.26673889WCIV
Fazenda Guanabara Airport (SJRS)21.34405136S 51.40371704WCIV
Fazenda Guanabara Airport (SJTJ)21.12067032S 54.44650269WCIV
Fazenda Guanabara Airport (SSFG)22.66165924S 52.1423111WCIV
Fazenda Guanabara Airport (SWFG)12.02928638S 51.67582703WCIV
Fazenda Guanabara Helipad (SDFG)22.65959358S 44.46489334WCIV
Fazenda Guaporé Airport (SSQA)13.72343063S 60.31459045WCIV
Fazenda Guaporeí Airport (SNOM)15.00728035S 60.22061539WCIV
Fazenda Guará do Pinhal Airport (SDEJ)23.66587257S 48.07260513WCIV
Fazenda Guarani Airport (SSJH)22.16420364S 53.56876373WCIV
Fazenda Guariroba Heliport (SDGI)22.92321205S 46.90744781WCIV
Fazenda Guerra Airport (SJTV)11.47425079S 57.92072678WCIV
Fazenda Guimarães Airport (SJPV)12.97559452S 56.18228149W
Fazenda Gurucaia Airport (SDGK)21.49520111S 50.73616409WCIV
Fazenda Gurucaia Airport (SSGU)23.1859951S 53.32567596WCIV
Fazenda Haras RPC Airport (SJQT)20.16897392S 43.92750168WCIV
Fazenda Herdade Airport (SDHE)22.49250031S 46.84361267WCIV
Fazenda HJ Airport (SNYI)16.61927223S 47.29680252WCIV
Fazenda Hora Airport (SSOV)16.14483261S 45.82034302WCIV
Fazenda Horita Airport (SJEW)13.01010799S 46.16836166WCIV
Fazenda Iapó Airport (SJTI)24.52309418S 50.36604691WCIV
Fazenda Ibia Airport (SWJE)16.39381599S 52.32899475WCIV
Fazenda Ibiporã Airport (SIEA)21.46592903S 50.79838181WCIV
Fazenda Ideal Airport (SJWU)18.65689278S 40.3368988WCIV
Fazenda Ilha Camargo Airport (SWYK)17.06177902S 56.58318329WCIV
Fazenda Ilha Verde Airport (SIXB)18.5028286S 57.41307831WCIV
Fazenda Imbaúba Airport (SSYS)19.91034317S 52.53677368WCIV
Fazenda Independência Airport (SWNX)14.86241531S 53.49505997WCIV
Fazenda Indiara Airport (SWID)13.3149004S 49.77498627WCIV
Fazenda Inhumas Airport (SSOU)17.03480911S 46.2664566WCIV
Fazenda Inhumas do Chapadão Airport (SNHE)19.30586624S 48.19339371WCIV
Fazenda Invernada Airport (SWJL)19.03875732S 51.26335144WCIV
Fazenda Ipameri Airport (SDFY)21.61247826S 50.84493637WCIV
Fazenda Ipanema Airport (SDZW)20.81040192S 51.30157089WCIV
Fazenda Ipanema Airport (SIDN)23.42713165S 47.58201218WCIV
Fazenda Ipanema Airport (SJUA)13.62120342S 46.13761902WCIV
Fazenda Ipiranga Airport (SSME)20.97653008S 55.56566238WCIV
Fazenda Ipitinga Airport (SNSL)0.33866486N 53.81800461WCIV
Fazenda Iporã Airport (SNWG)23.5822258S 54.04882812WCIV
Fazenda Iporanga Airport (SIVC)13.76018143S 49.47743607WCIV
Fazenda Irmãos Munaretto Airport (SDYF)13.10666656S 55.99305725WCIV
Fazenda Irohy Airport (SDIH)23.5635891S 46.07092285WCIV
Fazenda Itaguassu Airport (SNSZ)21.35931396S 55.6226387WCIV
Fazenda Itaguassu Airport (SSLL)22.24937057S 55.92673111WCIV
Fazenda Itaipavas Airport (SIHI)6.61992693S 48.99557877WCIV
Fazenda Itaipu Airport (SITH)17.6680088S 50.39059067WCIV
Fazenda Itamaratí Airport (SSFI)22.1882S 55.57758713WCIV
Fazenda Itamarati Norte Airport (SWIN)14.24324989S 57.99517059WCIV
Fazenda Itanhangá Airport (SINM)13.0972662S 56.52579498WCIV
Fazenda Itapiranga Airport (SDWG)22.06317711S 51.92489243WCIV
Fazenda Itaporã Airport (SSQO)20.08499527S 53.885952WCIV
Fazenda Itaquere Airport (SDFI)21.65460014S 48.2663002W
Fazenda Itarema Airport (SWBJ)13.25529289S 52.04438019WCIV
Fazenda Itatuba Airport (SNVU)20.43280411S 46.85993576WCIV
Fazenda Itumbiara Airport (SNXM)6.42061901S 53.61014557WCIV
Fazenda Izaura - Usina Cocal Airport (SWHU)22.50777626S 50.86008453WCIV
Fazenda Jacamin Airport (SSXH)13.69484615S 56.29267883WCIV
Fazenda Jacaré Airport (SSAR)21.50305557S 53.96749878WCIV
Fazenda Jacaré de Chifre Airport (SSGG)21.02757835S 57.49838257WCIV
Fazenda Jacareúna Airport (SDLX)11.44186783S 52.19961548WCIV
Fazenda Jaguarandy Airport (SSHK)22.58857346S 55.58441925WCIV
Fazenda Jaguaré Airport (SNAJ)3.41973925S 48.33032227WCIV
Fazenda Jaguaretê Airport (SIJG)21.44309235S 50.72560501WCIV
Fazenda Jaibense Airport (SNNS)14.94714737S 43.66986465WCIV
Fazenda Jamaica Airport (SDKP)22.18813324S 50.27446747WCIV
Fazenda Jamaica Airport (SNZV)3.72281504S 47.47793579WCIV
Fazenda Jamanxin Airport (SJJA)8.37527561S 55.3065834WCIV
Fazenda Janaína Airport (SJHA)22.98305511S 55.02025986WCIV
Fazenda Jandaia Airport (SILX)10.5134182S 53.64596939WCIV
Fazenda Jangada Airport (SIMX)15.24083328S 56.57805634WCIV
Fazenda Jaó Airport (SIRN)14.76733589S 51.9861145WCIV
Fazenda Japecanga Airport (SSAW)20.80243111S 54.07942963WCIV
Fazenda Jaqueline Airport (SNIZ)12.87605667S 60.12056351WCIV
Fazenda Jarinã Airport (SIRC)10.32532024S 53.58613586WCIV
Fazenda Jatiuca Airport (SSEL)20.17060852S 52.93434525WCIV
Fazenda Jatobá Airport (SIAU)16.48115349S 56.27124405WCIV
Fazenda Jatobá Airport (SIBA)20.09936905S 55.92702866WCIV
Fazenda Jatobá Airport (SJKG)3.50408077S 54.09194946WCIV
Fazenda Jatobá Airport (SSHX)23.92274094S 55.30014038WCIV
Fazenda Jatobasso Airport (SIDG)22.42845345S 55.5374527WCIV
Fazenda Jauru Airport (SSJW)21.78959274S 53.88776016WCIV
Fazenda Jauru Airport (SSTU)18.73024368S 54.10533142WCIV
Fazenda Jequitibá Airport (SDJF)23.84598351S 48.44844055WCIV
Fazenda Jequitibá Airport (SSRJ)21.87763405S 53.81522369WCIV
Fazenda JL Airport (SSBF)20.00226593S 51.38357544WCIV
Fazenda Joalice Airport (SSON)23.78722954S 55.02689362WCIV
Fazenda Joana Estãncia Airport (SIJE)20.01371956S 57.38930511WCIV
Fazenda Joatão Airport (SWJT)11.49377728S 52.61832809WCIV
Fazenda Jopejó Airport (SIGF)14.99108696S 55.81744766WCIV
Fazenda Jota III Airport (SSXQ)19.33071709S 51.97144318WCIV
Fazenda Juara Airport (SWOI)11.81786823S 57.56628418WCIV
Fazenda Juba Airport (SWJB)14.74450207S 58.12932205WCIV
Fazenda Juína Airport (SWJA)11.6429882S 59.0871582WCIV
Fazenda Juliana Airport (SJJJ)12.68304443S 61.08893204WCIV
Fazenda Júlio Martins Airport (SSJM)18.84522247S 52.48588181WCIV
Fazenda Jumari Airport (SNIV)18.64683723S 49.8857193WCIV
Fazenda Jumbo Airport (SJDD)22.51281929S 53.33378983WCIV
Fazenda Junqueira Airport (SSJP)22.89282608S 51.92749405WCIV
Fazenda Jussara Airport (SSHL)23.57535553S 52.41275406WCIV
Fazenda Kajussol Airport (SJYD)11.95884418S 61.68516541WCIV
Fazenda Kanaxuê Airport (SISE)12.00622082S 50.86949921WCIV
Fazenda Karajá Airport (SDMW)14.11250019S 50.68083191WCIV
Fazenda Karl Hermann Isenberg Airport (SSKH)22.91154861S 55.53691483WCIV
Fazenda Koga Airport (SDHC)21.8687191S 49.98130798WCIV
Fazenda Lageado Airport (SSBM)20.29124069S 55.44752884WCIV
Fazenda Lageado Airport (SSBX)18.44557571S 54.79568481WCIV
Fazenda Lago Azul Helipad (SJQM)3.6510148S 45.20280838WCIV
Fazenda Lago Grande Airport (SWXL)12.10197639S 49.95209885WCIV
Fazenda Lago Vermelho Airport (SNUK)17.03979111S 45.48909378WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa da Mata Airport (SWPE)10.13000965S 55.58641815WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa das Antas Airport (SNLA)6.56481409S 49.7248497WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa das Conchas Airport (SNXV)9.09959602S 61.1926918WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa do Barro Airport (SJTT)13.22398949S 49.73802567WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa do Campo Airport (SISS)20.39735222S 53.40214157WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa do Cavalo Airport (SDWI)8.17547989S 35.62940216WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa do Morro Airport (SNEY)13.10346127S 39.89515686WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa do Triunfo Airport (SNXK)6.5374341S 52.76927567WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa Encantada Airport (SJYZ)15.27251339S 54.26286316WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa Encantada Airport (SWZG)16.02061081S 58.89642715WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa Funda Airport (SWZO)15.34180546S 55.13900375WCIV
Fazenda Laguna Carem Airport (SSLC)22.67333221S 55.23666763WCIV
Fazenda Lakanka Airport (SJNJ)15.43605709S 51.58390427WCIV
Fazenda Lambari Airport (SSZC)18.02462006S 54.99941635WCIV
Fazenda Lapa do Lobo Airport (SSZX)19.53183174S 50.9756012WCIV
Fazenda Liberdade Airport (SWLI)17.00526619S 56.47117233WCIV
Fazenda Ligação Airport (SSFU)23.84592819S 54.81824875W
Fazenda Lilliani Airport (SJLI)4.21382523S 46.97499847WCIV
Fazenda Logradouro Vereda da Ponte Airport (SNYO)16.29978561S 46.15978622WCIV
Fazenda Londrina Airport (SJQF)13.35396862S 57.75341415WCIV
Fazenda Londrina II Airport (SIOP)21.97273827S 57.85461044WCIV
Fazenda Lontra Airport (SSEK)20.0177784S 53.25485992WCIV
Fazenda Lourdes Airport (SSLD)18.64553452S 56.75957489WCIV
Fazenda Lucero Porã Airport (SSLP)21.9077282S 57.65001678WCIV
Fazenda Macaraí Airport (SSHW)23.41407394S 54.01353073WCIV
Fazenda Macuco Airport (SJFM)23.83842278S 54.24391937WCIV
Fazenda Malu Airport (SIVO)12.44805622S 51.77416611WCIV
Fazenda Mamoneira Airport (SNTD)16.58620071S 46.50109863WCIV
Fazenda Manacá Helipad (SNGF)8.19297695S 35.50355148WCIV
Fazenda Mandioré Airport (SIMA)17.92675781S 57.6247673WCIV
Fazenda Mangue Che II Airport (SWKR)18.6692276S 51.58128738WCIV
Fazenda Mapisa Airport (SINO)4.41275644S 46.51633835WCIV
Fazenda Marabá Airport (SDRZ)21.69085121S 57.36522293WCIV
Fazenda Marabá Airport (SWHL)15.27520657S 55.12140656WCIV
Fazenda Marambaia Airport (SDCE)17.43886566S 44.93719864WCIV
Fazenda Marambaia Heliport (SDNM)22.4473114S 43.12787628WCIV
Fazenda Maranata Airport (SIRQ)12.77091694S 60.87216949WCIV
Fazenda Marazul Airport (SWEJ)16.54120445S 55.91860199W
Fazenda Marazul III Airport16.59185219S 55.98678207W
Fazenda Marema Airport (SSDQ)20.18064308S 56.63467407WCIV
Fazenda Maria José Airport (SWMO)17.45830536S 54.73981857WCIV
Fazenda Marimbondo Airport (SSFM)23.54138947S 50.09552383WCIV
Fazenda Marimbondo Airport (SWMB)17.98018265S 49.59069443WCIV
Fazenda Maristela Airport (SDMA)22.95444298S 45.60346603WCIV
Fazenda Maristela Airport (SWQV)16.11571884S 58.97169876WCIV
Fazenda Marocopa Airport (SNMP)17.32420158S 46.54427719WCIV
Fazenda Marreco Airport (SIPJ)18.10855865S 45.21696091WCIV
Fazenda Marruá Airport (SSRX)12.77493572S 51.10711288WCIV
Fazenda Masutti Airport (SNIX)13.55742168S 59.11405182WCIV
Fazenda Mata Escura Airport (SNIR)5.74499798S 43.60240936WCIV
Fazenda Mata Porcos Helipad (SIKS)22.44290733S 43.10684204WCIV
Fazenda Mata Velha Airport (SIMV)19.83833313S 47.84972382WCIV
Fazenda Mateira Airport (SIWQ)20.96206284S 53.07078171WCIV
Fazenda Mato Alto Airport (SIOQ)23.50546265S 54.30957413WCIV
Fazenda Mato Grosso Airport (SISW)13.82277966S 59.16278076WCIV
Fazenda Matrichã Airport (SSQL)14.11443806S 50.11790848WCIV
Fazenda MC Helipad (SJFZ)22.25174713S 46.80023575WCIV
Fazenda Medalha Milagrosa Airport (SWXT)16.1051712S 60.06791687WCIV
Fazenda Menina Airport (SSUY)20.64049911S 51.47689819WCIV
Fazenda Mequens Airport (SJTF)13.06240368S 62.25925827WCIV
Fazenda Mercedes Estância Airport (SIQO)18.33560371S 55.48294067WCIV
Fazenda Michelin Airport (SWIX)17.37867165S 54.7365036WCIV
Fazenda Mimoso Airport (SSEO)20.7299881S 53.56366348WCIV
Fazenda Mimoso Airport (SSYC)19.04968834S 52.96710968WCIV
Fazenda Mimoso S/A Airport (SNFS)11.87040234S 45.72535324WCIV
Fazenda Minas Gerais Airport (SNFB)14.77315521S 59.04728699WCIV
Fazenda Mizote Airport (SJMZ)12.95908928S 45.97253418WCIV
Fazenda Modelo Airport (SJHD)21.37277031S 52.20138168WCIV
Fazenda Modelo Airport (SJOK)19.31438065S 52.97636414WCIV
Fazenda Modelo Airport (SSDU)17.99162674S 54.22534943WCIV
Fazenda Mombaça Helipad (SJMB)23.01637077S 44.28900909WCIV
Fazenda Monte Alegre Airport (SJZQ)10.56460953S 44.94762039WCIV
Fazenda Monte Belo Airport (SJPS)14.98074532S 57.99218369WCIV
Fazenda Morada da Lua Airport (SIRH)18.26339149S 54.31206512WCIV
Fazenda Morrinhos Airport (SSMI)22.0770092S 56.29708099WCIV
Fazenda Morro Alto Airport (SIQG)10.50501442S 55.71012878WCIV
Fazenda Morro Branco Airport (SIRV)16.11908531S 58.76587677WCIV
Fazenda Morro Vermelho Airport (SDMV)22.27521515S 48.60407257WCIV
Fazenda Mosquito Airport (SDOR)20.74729347S 47.88978577WCIV
Fazenda Mrajan Heliport (SJAP)22.91417122S 46.98487854WCIV
Fazenda MRV Airport (SITZ)14.91379738S 43.36405563WCIV
Fazenda Mudança Airport (SIFM)9.91323662S 60.86245728WCIV
Fazenda Mutum Airport (SIMU)22.27828979S 52.84453583WCIV
Fazenda Mutum Airport (SWKJ)15.39760113S 54.60846329WCIV
Fazenda Naisa Airport (SSNF)20.33076859S 48.80970001WCIV
Fazenda Nazaré Airport (SJNO)18.67361069S 57.12333298WCIV
Fazenda Nazaré Airport (SSDG)9.35445404S 45.56146622WCIV
Fazenda Negrinha Airport (SINK)21.87583351S 50.87166595WCIV
Fazenda Nelore Heliport (SJTX)3.73151755S 45.27332687WCIV
Fazenda Nhandu Airport (SJNW)9.63249302S 55.2155304WCIV
Fazenda Nhu-Verá Airport (SJNH)18.0310173S 55.46126556WCIV
Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida Airport (SISN)17.54500008S 53.89389038WCIV
Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida Airport (SWAU)19.94838715S 48.58369064WCIV
Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida Airport (SWYA)16.0464344S 54.95248413WCIV
Fazenda Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora Airport (SNQS)22.30261612S 54.04317474WCIV
Fazenda Nossa Senhora da Candelária Airport (SIWU)18.5182457S 57.59910583WCIV
Fazenda Nossa Senhora da Conceição Airport (SDSM)22.75886536S 48.54249954WCIV
Fazenda Nossa Senhora da Conceição Heliport (SDSG)22.75383186S 48.5200386WCIV
Fazenda Nossa Senhora da Muxima Airport (SJWC)19.585886S 52.95146942WCIV
Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima Airport (SICM)21.53888893S 52.11055756WCIV
Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima Airport (SIXO)13.98391724S 59.65758514WCIV
Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima Airport (SWHN)10.15651608S 56.981884WCIV
Fazenda Nossa Senhora do Pillar Airport (SWYR)15.3503437S 58.79386139WCIV
Fazenda Nova Airport (SNGO)19.04980469S 48.58239365WCIV
Fazenda Nova Airport (SWGT)17.17309189S 50.20839691WCIV
Fazenda Nova Aurora Airport (SNUV)22.21809578S 52.7463913WCIV
Fazenda Nova Califórnia Airport (SDEG)22.4666996S 51.20080185WCIV
Fazenda Nova Conceição Airport (SNZU)2.8559413S 48.23209WCIV
Fazenda Nova Damasco Airport (SDND)22.48511887S 51.52928925WCIV
Fazenda Nova Era Airport (SJIF)23.40747833S 54.74898148WCIV
Fazenda Nova Floresta Airport (SDQG)21.89212036S 51.17802048WCIV
Fazenda Nova Fronteira Airport (SWYQ)11.46843147S 56.43733978WCIV
Fazenda Nova Heliport (SINY)8.15980053S 36.19687653WCIV
Fazenda Nova Holanda Airport (SINN)8.80694389S 46.35889053WCIV
Fazenda Nova Larga Airport (SWZS)16.66856956S 57.67542648WCIV
Fazenda Nova Viena Airport (SWYY)14.88640976S 52.27797318WCIV
Fazenda Novo Horizonte - TATTERSAL Airport (SINJ)18.34496117S 54.766922WCIV
Fazenda Novo Horizonte Airport (SSFO)20.02665901S 56.3217392WCIV
Fazenda Novo Horizonte Airport (SSNR)18.31787872S 54.93598175WCIV
Fazenda Novo Rumo Airport (SSNI)22.98492241S 53.87715912WCIV
Fazenda Olho D`Água Airport (SIKZ)5.66337872S 43.53602982WCIV
Fazenda Olho D`Água Airport (SWTX)16.14173317S 52.96688461WCIV
Fazenda Olhos D`água Airport (SWHP)14.0195694S 52.15179443WCIV
Fazenda Ourissanga Airport (SJEE)20.42027855S 51.44527817W
Fazenda Ouro Verde Airport (SNVY)23.97772789S 55.36428833WCIV
Fazenda Pacuruxu Airport (SNPL)21.25650978S 51.72932053WCIV
Fazenda Paiaguás Airport (SIXP)14.07229996S 57.45069885WCIV
Fazenda Paineira Airport (SNFQ)22.14668274S 45.76325226WCIV
Fazenda Paiquerê Airport (SDDX)19.88450432S 50.50455475WCIV
Fazenda Palma Airport (SJPH)16.18944359S 48.07805634WCIV
Fazenda Palma Airport (SSPP)31.65478897S 52.20786285WCIV
Fazenda Palmeira Airport (SJHE)12.0899868S 55.99760818WCIV
Fazenda Palmeira do Capim Airport (SNEZ)15.96043396S 50.71526337WCIV
Fazenda Palmeiras Airport (SDAF)22.15670013S 47.71929932WCIV
Fazenda Palmeiras Airport (SIPH)9.60558319S 49.77234268WCIV
Fazenda Palmital Airport (SIAM)20.69669151S 48.28656006WCIV
Fazenda Paloma Airport (SDCW)20.32136154S 48.83356857WCIV
Fazenda Pamplona Airport (SWFA)16.21759415S 47.62666321WCIV
Fazenda Panamá Airport (SILG)13.76220989S 58.74773407WCIV
Fazenda Panflora Airport (SWRJ)15.08490753S 56.55200195WCIV
Fazenda Panorama Airport (SSZQ)22.03868103S 56.26931763WCIV
Fazenda Paquetá Airport (SSVH)22.36761856S 55.12829208WCIV
Fazenda Paraguá Airport (SSPD)14.77911663S 60.03414917WCIV
Fazenda Paraíso Airport (SIQC)19.162817S 52.99695206WCIV
Fazenda Paraíso Airport (SJCZ)12.43038177S 54.25055313WCIV
Fazenda Paraíso Airport (SJDL)17.30236816S 55.85231781WCIV
Fazenda Paraíso Airport (SSHQ)20.56242943S 54.86425018WCIV
Fazenda Paraíso Airport (SWFP)10.63745499S 52.02962494WCIV
Fazenda Paraná Airport (SIIA)11.69752026S 58.22522354WCIV
Fazenda Paraná Airport (SJUU)14.02401733S 46.87059784WCIV
Fazenda Paredão Airport (SJAG)13.6289444S 60.28575897WCIV
Fazenda Parnaíba Airport (SNYF)8.5096302S 46.07572556WCIV
Fazenda Passaredo Airport (SSEF)21.32094765S 47.23141098WCIV
Fazenda Passo Fundo Airport (SJZZ)15.01459885S 53.93373108WCIV
Fazenda Pau D`Arco Airport (SSDT)7.94208097S 50.1804657WCIV
Fazenda Paulo Abreu Airport (SWPH)15.22665977S 52.12881088WCIV
Fazenda Pedra Branca Airport (SDIL)22.90205574S 44.28767014WCIV
Fazenda Pedra Branca Airport (SIEZ)24.62884712S 50.46504593WCIV
Fazenda Penedo Airport (SJFG)5.52123928S 57.10951614WCIV
Fazenda Pequena Holanda Airport (SNZH)9.00965023S 46.14065552WCIV
Fazenda Periquitos Airport (SSGE)20.50200081S 51.83333206WCIV
Fazenda Perto d`Água Heliport (SNKA)23.25400162S 48.90748596WCIV
Fazenda Pião Airport (SSKL)23.40107536S 55.24451828WCIV
Fazenda Pica-Pau Airport (SWPP)14.75305557S 50.66500092WCIV
Fazenda Pingo D`Água Airport (SJCD)17.72434044S 53.93805695WCIV
Fazenda Piquiri Airport (SIOO)22.02623749S 57.90290833WCIV
Fazenda Piraguassu Airport (SWPQ)10.85967731S 51.68766022WCIV
Fazenda Piraim Airport (SWEV)16.2531414S 56.09724426W
Fazenda Pirapitinga Airport (SDRW)18.77762222S 49.22939301WCIV
Fazenda Pirapitinga Airport (SJPI)15.41596317S 48.63511276WCIV
Fazenda Pirapó Airport (SNFP)12.1815567S 55.78929901WCIV
Fazenda Pirassununga Airport (SWVI)11.51748371S 48.31136703WCIV
Fazenda Piratininga Airport (SWDE)12.82215309S 50.33033371WCIV
Fazenda Pirigara Airport (SWGE)17.00676918S 56.47960281WCIV
Fazenda Pison Airport (SIKO)5.02012825S 57.77680206WCIV
Fazenda Pixoxó Airport (SDOX)21.78021431S 47.88345718WCIV
Fazenda Planalto Airport (SDTS)20.33909416S 54.41596222WCIV
Fazenda Planeste Airport (SIUM)8.55611134S 46.84999847WCIV
Fazenda Planorte Airport (SWOT)13.94333267S 58.89553452WCIV
Fazenda Planura Airport (SIFN)3.58956337S 59.65142822WCIV
Fazenda Poleiro Grande Airport (SSGJ)17.25025368S 56.27456665WCIV
Fazenda Ponderosa Airport (SIHG)10.06668091S 49.99396896WCIV
Fazenda Pontal Airport (SDLO)13.56494617S 38.93993378WCIV
Fazenda Pontal Airport (SIOL)18.32217407S 48.84334946WCIV
Fazenda Pontal Airport (SNVO)19.97107887S 50.96962357WCIV
Fazenda Pontal do Lagoa Airport (SISU)20.86831665S 53.15332413WCIV
Fazenda Pontão Airport (SNSU)6.88247442S 49.15750504WCIV
Fazenda Ponte de Pedra Airport (SJGB)13.58750343S 57.46644592WCIV
Fazenda Ponte Funda Airport (SDFU)21.87047577S 52.1638298WCIV
Fazenda Ponte Preta Airport (SDJG)22.73012733S 49.47869873WCIV
Fazenda Ponte Quinhá Airport (SNWU)23.00529289S 55.50920868WCIV
Fazenda Ponto de Apoio Airport (SJJN)20.4697361S 52.68867111WCIV
Fazenda Porta do Amazônia Airport (SWPO)10.26844501S 51.24409485WCIV
Fazenda Porto do Campo Airport (SJLD)15.71609306S 57.71138763WCIV
Fazenda Porto Oculto Airport (SIMY)23.21088219S 54.09592438WCIV
Fazenda Porto Seguro Airport (SWXO)7.13822508S 52.72760773WCIV
Fazenda Portobello Airport (SDPA)22.92712402S 44.08017349WCIV
Fazenda Posses do Rio Grande Airport (SDZT)20.31083298S 48.97694397WCIV
Fazenda Pouso Alegre Airport (SIXG)18.03214455S 47.46353912WCIV
Fazenda Pouso Alegre Airport (SSOD)20.25115967S 56.40922928WCIV
Fazenda Pouso Redondo Airport (SWRL)12.97722244S 61.04916763WCIV
Fazenda Primavera Airport (SIUQ)20.9751358S 54.32944489WCIV
Fazenda Primavera Airport (SSFX)23.45709419S 50.57966232WCIV
Fazenda Primavera Airport (SSKR)17.16315269S 50.81583786WCIV
Fazenda Primavera Airport (SSNJ)19.50725746S 55.9066124WCIV
Fazenda Primavera Airport (SSQR)21.38609314S 53.5978508WCIV
Fazenda Primavera Airport (SWGH)16.24697685S 57.62143707WCIV
Fazenda Primavera do Terebinto Airport (SWKL)12.55851173S 61.99345016WCIV
Fazenda Primavera I Airport (SNLX)4.80072737S 48.39397812WCIV
Fazenda Primeiro de Maio Airport (SIMZ)17.875597S 54.9416275WCIV
Fazenda Princesa do Sul Airport (SSPZ)23.77109909S 54.67779922W
Fazenda Procomp Airport (SWNC)9.40017891S 58.22912598WCIV
Fazenda Procomp I Airport (SSZH)23.64611053S 54.71446609WCIV
Fazenda Procomp II Airport (SSYZ)22.84968758S 55.40919876WCIV
Fazenda Progresso Airport (SIGY)7.50262785S 44.20350647WCIV
Fazenda Progresso Airport (SIPN)21.51574898S 57.69051361WCIV
Fazenda Progresso Airport (SSYV)19.71713829S 52.84461212WCIV
Fazenda Pupila Airport (SWWM)18.77206612S 40.94888687WCIV
Fazenda Quatrirmãs Airport (SJFQ)22.96675491S 48.68995667WCIV
Fazenda Quatro Irmãos Airport (SWQZ)20.87672806S 53.55651093WCIV
Fazenda Quebracho Brasil Airport (SDMQ)21.85177994S 57.89748001WCIV
Fazenda Querência Airport (SSKY)14.47049427S 58.35806656WCIV
Fazenda Querubim Airport (SJAZ)12.77052212S 46.02370834WCIV
Fazenda Quilombo Helipad (SDQI)23.07408714S 47.08671188WCIV
Fazenda Ramalhete Airport (SWVU)21.73349953S 54.57751465WCIV
Fazenda Ranchinho Airport (SNWL)18.83670235S 51.79282761WCIV
Fazenda Rancho Alegre Airport (SNWJ)15.20702076S 58.62691116WCIV
Fazenda Rancho Belo Airport (SSRA)21.71794128S 53.10210419WCIV
Fazenda Rancho do Planalto Airport (SIXV)18.13828278S 53.36017609WCIV
Fazenda Rancho Esperança Airport (SSMS)22.87122726S 55.49446487WCIV
Fazenda Rancho Estrela Airport (SIPQ)16.9924221S 48.73629761WCIV
Fazenda Rancho Estrela IV Airport (SIRE)13.65156841S 46.54145432WCIV
Fazenda Rancho Grande Airport (SSRG)22.77666664S 54.9766655WCIV
Fazenda Rancho Maria e Tereza Airport (SWRG)10.82663441S 65.23003387WCIV
Fazenda Rancho Novo Airport (SWUM)13.43331718S 60.26745605WCIV
Fazenda Real Airport (SIZQ)23.03658485S 48.44072723WCIV
Fazenda Reata Airport (SJNL)13.62615871S 57.58276367WCIV
Fazenda Rebeca Airport (SNRE)12.68270016S 43.87149811WCIV
Fazenda Rebojo Airport (SJZX)20.03707314S 57.91798782WCIV
Fazenda Recanto Airport (SINR)18.00747108S 54.00855637WCIV
Fazenda Recanto da Cachoeira Airport (SWKY)20.33972168S 47.47198486WCIV
Fazenda Recanto Feliz Airport (SDRF)22.74591255S 44.05083466WCIV
Fazenda Recreio 3 Airport (SSFV)20.20750046S 53.77939987W
Fazenda Recreio Airport (SJET)17.56472206S 56.78666687WCIV
Fazenda Recreio Airport (SJJR)21.7141819S 44.20373535WCIV
Fazenda Recreio Airport (SNZT)3.50476122S 48.3332901WCIV
Fazenda Redenção Airport (SJDV)19.6113739S 56.73288727WCIV
Fazenda Regalito Airport (SILM)14.46611023S 46.87057114WCIV
Fazenda Regina Airport (SJZW)23.28808594S 48.73771286WCIV
Fazenda Remanso Airport (SJHJ)11.18222237S 61.08889008WCIV
Fazenda Remanso do Pito Airport (SNKZ)23.20241547S 53.8574028WCIV
Fazenda Renascença Airport (SJAQ)16.11701965S 46.35459518WCIV
Fazenda Reserva Airport (SSPJ)25.84939766S 52.01473618WCIV
Fazenda Retiro da Cachoeira Airport (SSFJ)20.81092644S 54.61789703WCIV
Fazenda Retiro do Cervo I Airport (SIMW)20.34997749S 53.97031021WCIV
Fazenda Retiro do Marimbondo Airport (SSRH)20.77797508S 55.98303223WCIV
Fazenda Reunidas Airport (SIMR)17.75113106S 51.15449524WCIV
Fazenda Ribeirão Airport (SIFU)22.41555595S 43.77467728WCIV
Fazenda Ribeirão Airport (SIUR)19.6097641S 53.49645996WCIV
Fazenda Ribeirão Airport (SSAD)18.76399994S 52.91759872WCIV
Fazenda Ribeirão Airport (SSDL)8.00923634S 45.33333588WCIV
Fazenda Ribeiro do Céu Airport (SWYP)13.9532156S 55.77828979WCIV
Fazenda Rio Alegre Airport (SWXK)13.2713604S 56.89251328WCIV
Fazenda Rio Azul Airport (SJUB)15.18325043S 60.21922302WCIV
Fazenda Rio Azul Airport (SWWB)11.25731564S 54.92840195WCIV
Fazenda Rio Brilhante Airport (SJGD)12.80387688S 45.72257996WCIV
Fazenda Rio Brilhante Airport (SSEQ)21.92353058S 53.94081497WCIV
Fazenda Rio Capim Airport (SILN)3.55715466S 48.64883423WCIV
Fazenda Rio das Pedras Airport (SNYN)19.53439713S 48.83801651WCIV
Fazenda Rio do Fogo Airport (SJZH)10.88701916S 55.00095749WCIV
Fazenda Rio Dourado Airport (SNKJ)8.33448505S 51.44683838WCIV
Fazenda Rio Lages Airport (SNAY)6.28170776S 51.74636841WCIV
Fazenda Rio Lagoa Airport (SSJT)20.83541489S 53.20375061WCIV
Fazenda Rio Largo Airport (SNIS)5.19335413S 43.59906387WCIV
Fazenda Rio Mutuca Airport (SNOI)10.43419647S 58.16318893WCIV
Fazenda Rio Negro Airport (SSGX)19.56939507S 56.24543762WCIV
Fazenda Rio Pardo Airport (SJUL)22.87034416S 49.03580093WCIV
Fazenda Rio Preto Airport (SJAC)11.47151852S 51.68919754WCIV
Fazenda Rio Vermelho Airport (SNRV)6.87868786S 49.46032715WCIV
Fazenda Roberta Airport (SSYE)15.31553555S 58.50128174WCIV
Fazenda Rodoserv III Airport (SWZV)21.86935234S 56.77096939WCIV
Fazenda Romaria Airport (SIFR)18.87275124S 47.55849838WCIV
Fazenda Roncador Airport (SWOL)15.0961113S 52.40026093WCIV
Fazenda Roncador I Airport (SWRI)12.15556812S 52.27942657WCIV
Fazenda Rosa - Paralelo 10 Airport (SWLP)9.97123146S 61.23208237WCIV
Fazenda Rosa de Maio Airport (SNRB)4.31520987S 56.10749817WCIV
Fazenda Rosa Mística Airport (SSNT)23.29387856S 55.05853653WCIV
Fazenda Royal Airport (SIVE)23.50369835S 48.00059891WCIV
Fazenda Sabiá Airport (SWSB)15.22898483S 51.97730637WCIV
Fazenda Saco da Tapera Airport (SSOT)16.3442688S 45.34326553WCIV
Fazenda Sagrado Coração de Jesus Airport (SJVB)15.0899477S 60.11582947WCIV
Fazenda Salamanca Airport (SIJJ)22.80141068S 55.53221512WCIV
Fazenda Salto Bello II Airport (SWOM)14.96115208S 53.48938751WCIV
Fazenda Salto de Bota Heliport (SNRO)22.31355095S 48.0189209WCIV
Fazenda Salto Grande Airport (SNVJ)15.2592535S 58.79225922WCIV
Fazenda Saltos do Poente Airport (SWDQ)16.437603S 55.26617432WCIV
Fazenda Salvação Airport (SIYW)5.94189215S 56.55286026WCIV
Fazenda Samaúma Airport (SIKQ)7.23709059S 57.10329819WCIV
Fazenda Samello Airport (SNHX)17.35840225S 47.43667221WCIV
Fazenda San Marino Airport (SSSF)20.10219955S 52.44390106W
Fazenda Sanga Funda Airport (SJWM)13.06955147S 58.70720673WCIV
Fazenda Sangrilá Airport (SDSH)22.29537582S 49.2121582WCIV
Fazenda Sans Souci - Retiro Mutum Airport (SSSX)18.93406296S 57.04953766WCIV
Fazenda Sansara Airport (SIVN)16.60262489S 43.77125168WCIV
Fazenda Santa Ada Airport (SILA)22.7565918S 53.83996201WCIV
Fazenda Santa Adélia Airport (SINT)15.19369698S 49.37609482WCIV
Fazenda Santa Adélia Airport (SIUO)10.72034168S 52.27698898WCIV
Fazenda Santa Adelina Airport (SSIY)21.52657318S 49.74328995WCIV
Fazenda Santa Adriana Airport (SSZP)22.69464684S 54.21712112WCIV
Fazenda Santa Alaíde Airport (SSVM)22.00074959S 54.98545456WCIV
Fazenda Santa Albana Airport (SDFL)23.58082771S 48.2821312WCIV
Fazenda Santa Alice Airport (SWRW)15.58572197S 58.04405975WCIV
Fazenda Santa Amália Airport (SWWN)10.30760956S 56.57888794WCIV
Fazenda Santa Ana Airport (SIUH)11.13972187S 55.8797226WCIV
Fazenda Santa Ana Airport (SIZN)13.00429249S 61.24038696WCIV
Fazenda Santa Ana Airport (SSJG)21.21953011S 57.68244171WCIV
Fazenda Santa Ana Airport (SSRL)22.03722191S 54.18888855WCIV
Fazenda Santa Bárbara II Airport (SWUW)15.11330891S 56.83647156WCIV
Fazenda Santa Cândida Airport (SDSV)21.33409309S 48.17072678WCIV
Fazenda Santa Carolina22.13100052S 48.31930161W
Fazenda Santa Clara Airport (SNVN)21.3047123S 50.75638199WCIV
Fazenda Santa Clara Helipad (SDXL)22.03763962S 42.33711624WCIV
Fazenda Santa Claudina Airport (SSVL)22.51936913S 54.67777634WCIV
Fazenda Santa Cruz Airport (SWHQ)15.18610191S 59.93392944WCIV
Fazenda Santa Cruz Airport (SWSC)11.65108967S 52.73595047WCIV
Fazenda Santa Cruz do Pessoê Airport (SWRX)15.16239071S 60.44033813WCIV
Fazenda Santa Delfina Airport (SSSP)20.02664948S 56.32158661WCIV
Fazenda Santa Dulcina Airport (SJWN)23.56117249S 49.25592422WCIV
Fazenda Santa Edwiges Airport (SIEG)22.65820312S 53.39339828W
Fazenda Santa Eliza Airport (SJEH)22.10180473S 48.22696686WCIV
Fazenda Santa Elza Airport (SSYB)18.6845932S 53.28749466WCIV
Fazenda Santa Emília Airport (SJJW)19.50796318S 55.61436462WCIV
Fazenda Santa Escolastica Airport (SWEX)16.84662437S 54.4582901WCIV
Fazenda Santa Eunice Airport (SWUN)10.16619873S 57.55447388WCIV
Fazenda Santa Fé Airport (SDQV)16.13999939S 58.51499939WCIV
Fazenda Santa Fé Airport (SICW)17.45340729S 47.82484436WCIV
Fazenda Santa Fé Airport (SIOZ)9.5751915S 50.35138702WCIV
Fazenda Santa Fé Airport (SIWK)14.0518055S 55.38476944WCIV
Fazenda Santa Fé do Guaporé Airport (SNOT)14.01379108S 59.88207245WCIV
Fazenda Santa Fé do Xingu Airport (SWZW)10.31351089S 52.20210266WCIV
Fazenda Santa Feliciana Airport (SISF)20.94455719S 56.67625046WCIV
Fazenda Santa Genoveva Airport (SITU)17.94379807S 50.33953857WCIV
Fazenda Santa Gertrudes Airport (SSZF)18.47777748S 56.02166748WCIV
Fazenda Santa Gertrudes Heliport (SDFS)22.093256S 48.34951782WCIV
Fazenda Santa Helena Airport (SDZH)22.89079475S 45.49300003WCIV
Fazenda Santa Helena Airport (SIOD)21.97613144S 53.416996WCIV
Fazenda Santa Helena Airport (SIOU)18.29805565S 57.01472092WCIV
Fazenda Santa Helena Airport (SNVH)16.17664909S 58.13959885WCIV
Fazenda Santa Helena Airport (SSKI)23.34055519S 50.58412933WCIV
Fazenda Santa Helena do Pindó Airport (SSGZ)22.89464378S 53.86803436WCIV
Fazenda Santa Ilídia Airport (SSBT)22.32420158S 53.09536743WCIV
Fazenda Santa Inês Airport (SDJR)20.88097572S 49.38834WCIV
Fazenda Santa Inês Airport (SSRC)21.7012825S 54.36923218WCIV
Fazenda Santa Irene Airport (SIUG)22.49605179S 51.90629959WCIV
Fazenda Santa Isabel Airport (SWVP)1.15666699N 50.33027649WCIV
Fazenda Santa Izabel Airport (SDMD)17.99798012S 54.69994354WCIV
Fazenda Santa Izabel do Porto Seguro da Jaú Airport (SNJZ)7.07638884S 52.9347229WCIV
Fazenda Santa Josefa Airport (SIOS)22.76940346S 53.95760345WCIV
Fazenda Santa Júlia Airport (SDTZ)20.11594391S 57.11318588WCIV
Fazenda Santa Júlia Airport (SSPC)13.7315836S 51.33931351WCIV
Fazenda Santa Laura Airport (SWIB)10.86298847S 54.91553879WCIV
Fazenda Santa Lídia Airport (SIIK)20.72572708S 53.68493652WCIV
Fazenda Santa Lúcia Airport (SISL)16.89420891S 55.90615082WCIV
Fazenda Santa Lúcia Airport (SNDF)3.65499997S 45.45132446WCIV
Fazenda Santa Lucinha Airport (SIDS)18.02316856S 56.73067856WCIV
Fazenda Santa Luíza Airport (SDLU)22.4832592S 48.52458572WCIV
Fazenda Santa Luiza Airport (SJSL)23.35049629S 53.49974442WCIV
Fazenda Santa Luzia Airport (SJBR)17.86335182S 56.37940598WCIV
Fazenda Santa Luzia Airport (SJNM)13.99539089S 55.94051361WCIV
Fazenda Santa Luzia Airport (SWSZ)9.77081966S 58.0637207WCIV
Fazenda Santa Luzia Airport (SWXP)13.73365307S 58.88758469WCIV
Fazenda Santa Márcia Airport (SWFT)16.57939339S 52.14166641WCIV
Fazenda Santa Márcia Airport (SWTA)15.41540241S 58.40811539WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SDFM)22.28964424S 52.25501633WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SDZA)22.00563622S 49.41222382WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SINP)21.50586128S 56.42016983WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SJAL)4.64638901S 47.23333359WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SNGP)18.58661842S 48.8701973WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SSCB)13.76966381S 49.93600082WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SSDV)18.20371819S 55.46699524WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SSMH)31.92944336S 52.4636116WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SSWM)23.49598503S 51.3203392WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SSYR)20.34777832S 52.32333374WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SWSM)15.35890865S 57.71315002WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria da Mata Airport (SDXO)20.72420883S 50.97188187WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria de Inocência Airport (SSSW)19.72208023S 51.95053864WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria do Guaporé Airport (SWTK)14.19957256S 60.28474045WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria do Jauru Airport (SIQW)15.82345009S 58.55142593WCIV
Fazenda Santa Maria do Porto da Capivara Airport (SIJM)17.14444351S 56.59777832WCIV
Fazenda Santa Marina Airport (SDAJ)20.84741974S 50.7881279WCIV
Fazenda Santa Marina Airport (SSCU)8.86894703S 50.48133087WCIV
Fazenda Santa Marta Airport (SDVJ)8.71590328S 50.45566559WCIV
Fazenda Santa Marta Airport (SSWO)22.96599388S 54.0749321WCIV
Fazenda Santa Mônica Airport (SNJV)15.99894142S 43.7391777WCIV
Fazenda Santa Mônica Airport (SNVQ)6.51666021S 48.2672081WCIV
Fazenda Santa Mônica Airport (SWCD)15.93534088S 48.64213562WCIV
Fazenda Santa Odila Airport (SSSO)21.41250992S 52.03271484WCIV
Fazenda Santa Olinda Airport (SSUQ)20.75768852S 55.03393173WCIV
Fazenda Santa Otília Airport (SSIP)21.18667412S 57.04359818WCIV
Fazenda Santa Paula Airport (SSJU)19.38211823S 52.30993652WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rita Airport (SDLT)22.19939995S 50.37360001W
Fazenda Santa Rita Airport (SINV)8.22846127S 37.75630569WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rita Airport (SIWC)14.13093472S 57.36190796WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rita Airport (SJSM)19.00797844S 50.9511261WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rita Airport (SSHJ)22.26368713S 55.48299026WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rita Airport (SSXV)22.94324303S 54.10531235WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rita Airport (SWRT)17.34687805S 53.19408417WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rita Airport (SWZR)15.38144779S 51.04852295WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rita de Cássia Airport (SWEZ)15.25069237S 56.48145294WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rita do Araguaia Airport (SIFH)17.32101631S 53.19364166WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rita do Araguaia Airport (SWGW)15.43798542S 51.59903717WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rosa Airport (SJSR)13.99405384S 49.75666428WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rosa Airport (SNAC)7.03415728S 50.09113312WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rosa Airport (SSKQ)14.54123592S 50.46183777WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rosa Airport (SSSR)20.31646919S 52.73273468WCIV
Fazenda Santa Rosa Airport (SSXZ)19.7527504S 50.13049698WCIV
Fazenda Santa Sílvia Airport (SWSV)14.38881874S 51.38034058WCIV
Fazenda Santa Teresa Airport (SIKP)18.30361176S 57.50711441WCIV
Fazenda Santa tereza Airport (SJTQ)22.37168694S 43.24939346WCIV
Fazenda Santa Terezinha Airport (SNVK)20.49933815S 52.36914444WCIV
Fazenda Santa Terezinha Airport (SNWK)16.67358017S 54.26945496WCIV
Fazenda Santa Terezinha Airport (SSTG)18.46830368S 57.06124496WCIV
Fazenda Santa Terezinha da Barra Airport (SDST)21.88142776S 47.7759819WCIV
Fazenda Santa Thereza Airport (SDTQ)18.2293148S 51.20758438WCIV
Fazenda Santa Thereza Airport (SNZL)21.56695747S 49.30121994WCIV
Fazenda Santa Vergínia Airport (SIOT)21.48832703S 52.40645981WCIV
Fazenda Santa Virgínia Airport (SSVG)22.27908516S 55.6538887WCIV
Fazenda Santa Vitória Heliport (SDXX)22.51021576S 44.74837494WCIV
Fazenda Santa Zélia Heliport (SIZJ)20.9794445S 48.44722366WCIV
Fazenda Santana Airport (SDRC)22.18164635S 50.86527634WCIV
Fazenda Santana Airport (SSAC)19.7080555S 55.42111206W
Fazenda Santângelo Agropecuária Airport (SJRP)20.13249969S 56.37111282WCIV
Fazenda Santapazienza Helipad (SNGY)23.06830025S 46.8266983WCIV
Fazenda Santo Ambrósio Airport (SISO)0.091667S 49.58055496WCIV
Fazenda Santo André Airport (PIV/SNRA)19.73637009S 46.37818527WCIV
Fazenda Santo André Airport (SSEI)20.34311867S 56.69777679WCIV
Fazenda Santo André Airport (SWUO)13.68755627S 55.9870491W
Fazenda Santo Ângelo Airport (SDAN)22.2452774S 48.26004028WCIV
Fazenda Santo Ângelo Airport (SJFX)12.79381371S 46.09411621WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SDAS)21.27612495S 51.28297424WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SDFE)22.06968689S 56.7033577WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SNFA)16.71619987S 46.52119827WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SNFD)17.06944847S 45.44735336WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SNUX)21.41055489S 53.30857468WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SWNT)18.96481705S 50.7987175WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SWOZ)15.30567169S 54.9005394WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SWSD)15.61698723S 51.8143158WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio Diamandoré Airport (SITN)18.24333S 57.55632401WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antonio do Oriçanga Airport (SDCT)22.23226547S 46.96935654WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio do Paraíso Airport (SWBX)17.49160385S 55.22464371WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio Helipad (SJPZ)3.11624503S 45.01285934WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio Heliport (SDEH)22.37929535S 47.32623291WCIV
Fazenda Santo Inácio Airport (SSSH)19.20022011S 57.01330185WCIV
Fazenda Santos Reis Airport (SNSR)17.54798126S 46.97827148WCIV
Fazenda Santos Reis Airport (SWTM)16.26283455S 59.15193176W
Fazenda Sant`Anna da Grama Helipad (SIZP)23.05611038S 47.07916641WCIV
Fazenda Sant`anna Helipad (SDCP)22.73696518S 46.74702072WCIV
Fazenda São Benedito Airport (SSNE)18.42000008S 56.45999908W
Fazenda São Bento do Bocajá Airport (SWOC)22.02527809S 57.3646698WCIV
Fazenda São Braz Airport (QXC/SNXS)9.3732872S 35.53963089WCIV
Fazenda São Caetano Airport (SWPJ)16.04154968S 53.02997971WCIV
Fazenda São Cristóvão Airport (SJEU)17.86916733S 56.19388962WCIV
Fazenda São Domingos Airport (SNNO)14.05905914S 59.84982681WCIV
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SDFN)23.47480392S 49.54624939WCIV
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SDLV)22.91861916S 51.35353088WCIV
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SIUF)10.15694427S 53.70166779WCIV
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SIXL)13.31038952S 52.8926506WCIV
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SJEV)17.6486187S 56.89967346WCIV
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SJNV)18.43153191S 50.25624084WCIV
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SNQP)20.56796074S 50.22521591WCIV
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SSFF)21.1770916S 54.30103683WCIV
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SSGQ)19.38083267S 53.04166794W
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SWIE)13.91944408S 50.00999832WCIV
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SWSF)15.22410011S 60.21660233WCIV
Fazenda São Francisco do Itaquerê Airport (SDNL)21.76348686S 48.5826683WCIV
Fazenda São Francisco Heliport (SJUI)22.38282204S 47.00880432WCIV
Fazenda São Gabriel Airport (SITJ)7.49055576S 46.14491653WCIV
Fazenda São Geraldo Airport (SITY)19.4038887S 55.86277771WCIV
Fazenda São João Airport (SDSJ)20.75611496S 47.94450378WCIV
Fazenda São João Airport (SDTW)20.32603073S 55.10072708WCIV
Fazenda São João Airport (SING)20.55666733S 49.28833389WCIV
Fazenda São João Airport (SIXQ)23.84364891S 55.43609238WCIV
Fazenda São João Airport (SJBT)19.5744648S 56.10041046WCIV
Fazenda São João Airport (SNYL)18.42567253S 46.05110931WCIV
Fazenda São João Airport (SSZG)19.26131248S 52.8998642WCIV
Fazenda São João Airport (SSZT)22.78977585S 49.33922195WCIV
Fazenda São João Airport (SWBO)14.27118683S 49.64792252WCIV
Fazenda São João Airport (SWHS)18.05066109S 50.3812561WCIV
Fazenda São João Airport (SWZJ)14.54722214S 50.65361023WCIV
Fazenda São João do Guaporé Airport (SNVW)13.99461365S 60.07214737WCIV
Fazenda São João do Guaporé Airport (SWXW)15.97124577S 59.88982391WCIV
Fazenda São João do Ibiporã Airport (SWXS)15.78512669S 59.63639069WCIV
Fazenda São João do Jatobazinho Airport (SIJO)18.57722282S 57.51111221WCIV
Fazenda São João do Monte Alto Airport (SIDD)21.49510574S 55.26599121WCIV
Fazenda São João II Airport (SNWI)14.06585026S 60.01032639WCIV
Fazenda São Joaquim Airport (SDNE)22.1992054S 51.9753685WCIV
Fazenda São Joaquim Airport (SJVR)21.48719215S 56.48662186WCIV
Fazenda São Joaquim Airport (SSJE)20.35222244S 51.54566193WCIV
Fazenda São Joaquim O.B. Airport (SDJQ)20.82839966S 51.00799942WCIV
Fazenda São José Airport (SDOB)21.42519951S 46.75429916WCIV
Fazenda São José Airport (SDTX)20.54069901S 51.3564682WCIV
Fazenda São José Airport (SIAF)13.74240303S 58.88444138WCIV
Fazenda São José Airport (SIEF)20.57245064S 54.71720123WCIV
Fazenda São José Airport (SIWG)14.55858994S 55.83433151WCIV
Fazenda São José Airport (SNSY)20.94441795S 56.49648666WCIV
Fazenda São José Airport (SSDF)20.10006905S 57.34347153WCIV
Fazenda São José Airport (SWDG)21.74524117S 49.16510773WCIV
Fazenda São José da Lagoa Airport (SNJG)14.58148479S 50.70800018WCIV
Fazenda São José do Barreiro Airport (SDYB)23.78449249S 48.33828354WCIV
Fazenda São José do Parnaíba Airport (SNFI)18.38750076S 48.86166763WCIV
Fazenda São José do Piquiri Airport (SISJ)17.45645905S 55.5643158WCIV
Fazenda São José do Rio Branco Airport (SJAA)15.07143021S 59.15444946WCIV
Fazenda São José Helipad (SJBL)22.330616S 47.48903275WCIV
Fazenda São Judas Airport (SJWV)13.3775959S 50.42401505WCIV
Fazenda Sao Judas Tadeu12.61779976S 60.9007988W
Fazenda São Lucas Airport (SWTW)15.71419716S 59.24184036WCIV
Fazenda São Luiz Airport (SDJN)21.09683228S 47.73386383WCIV
Fazenda São Luíz do Matão Airport (SSKX)19.87125397S 50.65270615WCIV
Fazenda São Marco Airport (SWSK)3.05203414N 60.47999191WCIV
Fazenda São Marcos Airport (SDZM)23.92243958S 48.81816864WCIV
Fazenda São Marcos Airport (SIEN)15.40619946S 53.33535385WCIV
Fazenda São Marcos Airport (SJII)22.29424477S 54.94095993WCIV
Fazenda São Marcus Airport (SJCM)16.12187386S 52.95044708WCIV
Fazenda São Marcus Airport (SJSU)23.56160927S 53.79550552WCIV
Fazenda São Martinho Airport (SNSX)20.35738182S 51.25432968WCIV
Fazenda São Mateus Airport (SNWH)22.96397972S 53.54496384WCIV
Fazenda São Matheus Airport (SIUV)20.3175354S 51.78168106WCIV
Fazenda São Miguel Airport (SIMF)15.97367477S 46.71008682WCIV
Fazenda São Miguel Airport (SIOR)18.09862709S 57.15298843WCIV
Fazenda São Miguel Airport (SJOY)12.60797501S 46.24051666WCIV
Fazenda São Miguel Airport (SNTA)21.86924744S 50.11673355WCIV
Fazenda São Miguel da Catequese Airport (SSMC)22.08057976S 53.5209465WCIV
Fazenda São Miguel Helipad (SDLD)24.19812012S 48.64179993WCIV
Fazenda São Paulino Airport (SSLB)19.02563286S 55.92503738WCIV
Fazenda São Paulo - Retiro Santa Maria Airport (SWJO)15.1425066S 51.25122452WCIV
Fazenda São Paulo Airport (SDIZ)20.15555573S 49.9347229WCIV
Fazenda São Paulo Airport (SJVZ)13.61415672S 58.57045364WCIV
Fazenda São Paulo Airport (SSFP)20.86877823S 52.16939926WCIV
Fazenda São Paulo Airport (SWJK)14.97999573S 51.33345413WCIV
Fazenda São Pedro Airport (SNSV)23.66312218S 54.07844543WCIV
Fazenda São Quirino Helipad (SDQO)22.91724586S 46.84588623WCIV
Fazenda São Rafael Airport (SSPF)24.76950073S 54.11869812WCIV
Fazenda São Raimundo Airport (SIVR)7.62899828S 56.74643707WCIV
Fazenda São Roberto Airport (SJCP)17.06966019S 50.84642792WCIV
Fazenda São Roque Airport (SJAS)21.6602726S 49.16451645WCIV
Fazenda São Roque Airport (SJDT)19.51869774S 55.3125WCIV
Fazenda Sao Sebastiao Airport12.73630047S 61.11019897W
Fazenda São Sebastião Airport (SDSB)19.99671936S 47.51534653WCIV
Fazenda São Sebastião Airport (SIRS)19.63659859S 48.78914261WCIV
Fazenda São Sebastião Airport (SISD)18.1470356S 51.27261353WCIV
Fazenda São Sebastião Airport (SSCW)18.0397625S 56.00512695WCIV
Fazenda São Sebastião Airport (SSRM)21.01974487S 56.27602386WCIV
Fazenda São Sebastião Airport (SWXH)13.06400108S 46.25867844WCIV
Fazenda São Sebastião do Castelo Airport (SJSC)18.66111183S 57.62388992WCIV
Fazenda São Vicente Airport (SJHS)19.31041145S 48.34315872WCIV
Fazenda Saudade Airport (SWCN)14.14345837S 51.01530075WCIV
Fazenda Seis Palmas Airport (SIMG)21.09634018S 57.71683884WCIV
Fazenda Seriema Airport (SSGM)21.69321251S 56.56215668WCIV
Fazenda Serinhaém Airport (SNFT)13.83395863S 38.98914719WCIV
Fazenda Serra Alegre Airport (SWUB)15.67495155S 59.19016266WCIV
Fazenda Serra Azul Airport (SJCQ)11.93550014S 40.05070114WCIV
Fazenda Serra Azul Airport (SWRR)14.66802692S 54.56801605WCIV
Fazenda Serra do Cabral Airport (SSVU)17.69798851S 44.34778976WCIV
Fazenda Serra Dourada Airport (SNIF)5.71623993S 56.4354248WCIV
Fazenda Serra Dourada Airport (SSHB)23.32293129S 53.46861267WCIV
Fazenda Serra Grande Airport (SNQE)6.06935835S 49.84010696WCIV
Fazenda Serra Vermelha Airport (SIRW)6.87503624S 45.30741119WCIV
Fazenda Serrinha Airport (SICH)20.66163635S 52.33957291WCIV
Fazenda Serrito Airport (SSVQ)22.41016006S 54.98719406WCIV
Fazenda Sertão do Formoso Airport (SNJE)14.79510403S 46.00455856WCIV
Fazenda Sertãozinho Heliport (SDUW)21.64316559S 46.34539795WCIV
Fazenda Sesmaria Helipad (SNOR)22.59700966S 46.85385132WCIV
Fazenda Sete Airport (SIFA)19.79060364S 56.4768486WCIV
Fazenda Sete Barras Airport (SWGK)12.56202602S 51.69380188WCIV
Fazenda Sete de Setembro Airport (SWTD)13.88090324S 52.40098953WCIV
Fazenda Sete Estrelas Airport (SWZY)11.57722187S 58.23416519WCIV
Fazenda Sete Ilhas Airport (SISI)17.6335125S 50.47173309WCIV
Fazenda Sevilha Airport (SWRC)12.64157486S 51.93081665WCIV
Fazenda Sibéria Airport (SDOE)5.71944666S 45.77980423WCIV
Fazenda Silmar Airport (SWSS)16.15824127S 60.1098938WCIV
Fazenda Silvana Airport (SSSY)22.52261353S 53.49887466WCIV
Fazenda Simarelli Airport (SWSG)13.60500622S 59.31813049WCIV
Fazenda Soberana Airport (SIHB)5.45489311S 46.06309891WCIV
Fazenda Socôco Airport (SNYV)2.11972189S 48.64583206WCIV
Fazenda Sodema Airport (SDKW)12.29628372S 55.5633812WCIV
Fazenda Sol Nascente Airport (SSRD)23.4015255S 55.24896622WCIV
Fazenda Soledade Airport (SIXF)17.3830471S 47.53645706WCIV
Fazenda Sonho Dourado Airport (SDLR)20.46890068S 50.14093781WCIV
Fazenda Soroteca Airport (SIOJ)15.63138866S 58.30867767WCIV
Fazenda Sorriso Metálico Airport (SIYK)17.45638084S 48.21669388WCIV
Fazenda Sorte Grande Airport (SSWB)24.61000061S 52.36000061W
Fazenda Sossego Airport (SWQG)21.45844078S 55.41576767WCIV
Fazenda Soya Airport (SNDQ)12.92215729S 45.56922913WCIV
Fazenda Sperafico Airport (SIWB)23.1902771S 55.28949738WCIV
Fazenda Sto Antônio do Guaporé - Baia do Padre Airport (SWVS)15.86139584S 60.04069138WCIV
Fazenda Sto Antônio Guaporé - Sede Nova Airport (SWVF)16.00907135S 59.92045975WCIV
Fazenda Suely Airport (SSIB)19.48032379S 52.79842377WCIV
Fazenda Suíssa Airport (SDGJ)21.90730476S 49.85685349WCIV
Fazenda Sumaré Airport (SDUH)21.54229927S 53.34515762WCIV
Fazenda Suri Airport (SDZX)14.81377125S 53.12434387WCIV
Fazenda Surucucu Airport (SWOQ)16.74466896S 47.98709869WCIV
Fazenda Symalu Airport (SJQB)8.32877445S 51.10135269WCIV
Fazenda Tamboril Airport (SWZE)15.06108189S 59.37659454WCIV
Fazenda Tangará Airport (SDQN)20.89865112S 55.71076965WCIV
Fazenda Tanguru Airport (SJJG)12.72187614S 52.38067245WCIV
Fazenda Tapajós Airport (SWOS)15.17215061S 48.9530983WCIV
Fazenda Tapijara Airport (SDTE)23.22007751S 49.07598495WCIV
Fazenda Taquaral Airport (SJJK)10.03036785S 56.74053192WCIV
Fazenda Taquaruçu Retiro Airport (SWHZ)10.33531761S 55.95809174WCIV
Fazenda Taquarussu Airport (SWXZ)13.31045341S 60.29273224WCIV
Fazenda Tarumã Airport (SWIL)17.01307297S 54.34890747WCIV
Fazenda Tempero Seco Airport (SJQH)9.40261269S 66.69560242WCIV
Fazenda Terra Alta Airport (SJQQ)2.85942793S 50.9887886WCIV
Fazenda Terra do Sol Airport (SIQS)15.3748579S 57.13109589WCIV
Fazenda Thália Airport (SSTH)25.52019119S 49.68214798WCIV
Fazenda Thauá Airport (SSZZ)17.71411896S 54.41142273WCIV
Fazenda Thoma Airport (SSFT)21.65920067S 53.51110077W
Fazenda Toloza Airport (SWRF)13.18340206S 57.99728012WCIV
Fazenda Tombador Airport (SWFD)11.71918869S 58.04985809WCIV
Fazenda Torrão de Ouro Airport (SSZJ)18.18106651S 54.50158691WCIV
Fazenda Tosana Airport (SDLN)22.59690857S 42.02498245WCIV
Fazenda Touro Branco Airport (SITB)23.01416779S 53.78749847WCIV
Fazenda Touro Peru Airport (SDUF)21.07190704S 57.49576569WCIV
Fazenda Tracajá Airport (SNQA)2.63785529S 47.86299133WCIV
Fazenda Transoeste Airport (SWXY)10.35581493S 50.68284988WCIV
Fazenda Travessão Airport (SIFT)16.14571571S 60.11941528WCIV
Fazenda Treis Coringas Airport (SNUF)19.5182972S 47.85207367WCIV
Fazenda Três Barras Airport (SJBZ)18.95839882S 51.11019897WCIV
Fazenda Três Barras Airport (SSVY)20.94854164S 48.18780899WCIV
Fazenda Três Cerros Airport (SSLW)21.9746666S 56.80175018WCIV
Fazenda Três Companheiros Airport (SWQL)16.6825428S 52.25258636WCIV
Fazenda Três Lagoas Airport (SJNZ)13.25762367S 58.72998428WCIV
Fazenda Três Marias Airport (SSZU)19.50321388S 53.04956818WCIV
Fazenda Três Marias do Água Limpa Airport (SWOO)15.07254982S 51.39346313WCIV
Fazenda Três Perobas Airport (SJNK)12.08019829S 61.63982773WCIV
Fazenda Três Pontes Airport (SSYU)19.83057785S 52.58529282WCIV
Fazenda Três Ranchos Airport (SWIM)16.11994743S 51.67216873WCIV
Fazenda Três Unidos Airport (SSJZ)24.05264664S 54.00709534WCIV
Fazenda Trescinco Juruena Airport (SWTH)10.25625134S 58.25914001WCIV
Fazenda Trêz Irmãos Airport (SILT)20.22795868S 50.96858978WCIV
Fazenda Triângulo Airport (SDKR)15.1746273S 59.17192841WCIV
Fazenda Triângulo Airport (SIQR)13.58161068S 49.82075119WCIV
Fazenda Triângulo Airport (SWIO)17.62137985S 50.14180756WCIV
Fazenda Triunfo Airport (SSTF)17.87298965S 57.13098907WCIV
Fazenda Triunfo Rio Turvo Airport (SJFT)10.09297085S 57.72651672WCIV
Fazenda Tropical Airport (SWXC)12.88589096S 61.29864502WCIV
Fazenda Tucano Airport (SJTU)13.58490562S 57.56412125WCIV
Fazenda Tucunaré Airport (AZL/SWTU)13.46627903S 58.86668015WCIV
Fazenda Tuju Puitan Airport (SSYL)23.34118843S 54.56846237WCIV
Fazenda Tupi Airport (SSJJ)21.80562782S 53.12888718WCIV
Fazenda Turmalina Airport (SNOW)21.98305702S 50.9723053WCIV
Fazenda Uberaba Airport (SIIS)23.65039253S 53.8312645WCIV
Fazenda União Airport (SSKC)19.29229736S 52.06061935WCIV
Fazenda União Airport (SSKD)19.75601768S 55.47894287WCIV
Fazenda União Airport (SWJR)11.94532013S 54.51650238WCIV
Fazenda União de Iguatemi Airport (SSTK)23.68466377S 54.53058243WCIV
Fazenda União Suzanópolis Airport (SIXA)20.53038216S 51.09514236WCIV
Fazenda Vaca Branca Airport (SSVB)23.06718254S 53.82081604WCIV
Fazenda Vaca Branca Airport (SWVH)9.52298355S 56.23800659WCIV
Fazenda Vaca Mocha Airport (SDXR)22.22197914S 57.15793991WCIV
Fazenda Val Paraíso Airport (SNQB)3.16880441S 48.07190323WCIV
Fazenda Vale do Rio Celeste Airport (SWVK)13.03594112S 55.32718277WCIV
Fazenda Vale Eldorado Airport (SDVH)23.00541115S 46.6369133WCIV
Fazenda Vale Rico Airport (SWZP)16.38570976S 54.20262909WCIV
Fazenda Vale Verde Airport (SDNA)19.67194366S 48.99472046WCIV
Fazenda Vale Verde Airport (SJJT)9.95798302S 49.75447845WCIV
Fazenda Vanguarda Airport (SWIK)14.91083527S 51.27869797WCIV
Fazenda Vargem das Flores Airport (SIWN)17.84910965S 49.58224487WCIV
Fazenda Varginha Airport (SIYX)21.95561218S 46.54690933WCIV
Fazenda Varjadão Airport (SNHG)12.33627415S 49.62038422WCIV
Fazenda Varjão Grande Airport (SWCG)18.49154091S 51.29905701WCIV
Fazenda Várzea Funda Airport (SIEL)16.58924484S 57.72750092WCIV
Fazenda Vassoural Airport (SDVS)21.07356071S 48.03256989WCIV
Fazenda Vaticano Airport (SSVV)21.29444313S 56.11861038W
Fazenda Ventura Airport (SJAY)13.14110851S 46.16405487WCIV
Fazenda Vera Cruz Airport (SIZK)14.8743782S 52.11053467WCIV
Fazenda Vera Cruz Airport (SNWO)23.0188446S 54.62980652WCIV
Fazenda Vera Paz Airport (SIJZ)7.39472198S 56.76472092WCIV
Fazenda Veredão Airport (SNTV)15.65538311S 41.65444183WCIV
Fazenda Vertente Airport (SWVL)15.89873028S 55.32143402WCIV
Fazenda Viamão Airport (SIKM)5.29010725S 46.00102234WCIV
Fazenda Vida Airport (SDOD)5.83739567S 45.52971268WCIV
Fazenda Villa Terezinha Airport (SNFZ)17.40554047S 43.93971252WCIV
Fazenda Vinte de Maio Airport (SNRN)21.80888939S 49.9711113WCIV
Fazenda Visa Estância Airport (SSVA)19.06164742S 57.62966919WCIV
Fazenda Vista Alegre Airport (SIZH)19.99612045S 51.51429749WCIV
Fazenda Vista Alegre Airport (SJUQ)19.73940849S 52.6066246WCIV
Fazenda Vista Alegre Airport (SSDK)22.59785843S 53.69147873WCIV
Fazenda Vista Alegre Airport (SSUZ)20.66162682S 50.84325409WCIV
Fazenda Vista Bonita Airport (SICN)22.50634575S 51.81651306WCIV
Fazenda Vista Verde Airport (SWUR)8.49162388S 44.38446426WCIV
Fazenda Vitória Airport (SIZI)18.75483131S 51.47649002WCIV
Fazenda Vitória Airport (SJEX)13.01055622S 46.10777664WCIV
Fazenda Vitória Airport (SSXP)3.65753889S 48.8235321WCIV
Fazenda Vitória do Ivinhema Airport (SSLZ)22.51119804S 53.67068863WCIV
Fazenda Volta Grande Airport (SSGK)21.45427513S 55.46033478WCIV
Fazenda VR Airport (SJRB)10.11474609S 52.50650406WCIV
Fazenda W. Egídio III Airport (SJFW)15.93780804S 46.47857285WCIV
Fazenda Xaimite Airport (SDUK)14.09416962S 52.90275955WCIV
Fazenda Xerez Airport (SINU)21.92346954S 56.70693588WCIV
Fazenda Yanduy Airport (SIDY)24.07777405S 51.81879807WCIV
Fazenda Ykaraí Airport (SWAA)14.54455376S 50.59303284WCIV
Fazenda Yndiana Airport (SIFY)21.77864265S 57.49644089WCIV
FazendaBola Sete Airport (SNHU)4.56918716S 47.47072983WCIV
FazendaMorada do Sol Airport (SSOY)12.29105949S 57.0202179WCIV
Federação do Comércio do Estado de São Paulo Helipad (SJFC)23.55797768S 46.65201187WCIV
Federação Paulista de Futevol Helipad (SDFV)23.52210999S 46.66722488WCIV
Feijó Airport (FEJ/SNOU)8.14112091S 70.34078979WCIV
Feijó Airport (SNFF)3.80991507S 38.61426163WCIV
Felipe Hansen Heliport (SNMQ)26.31697655S 48.8662529WCIV
Fernando de Noronha Airport (FEN/SBFN)3.85445881S 32.4233017WCIV
Fernandópolis Airport (SDFD)20.27688217S 50.21487045WCIV
Filial Campo Florido Airport (SNLF)19.8153019S 48.73747253WCIV
Flamboyant Helipad (SSWY)23.04906464S 47.16772461WCIV
Flamboyant Heliport (SIKL)16.70965004S 49.23869324WCIV
Flextronics Internacional Helipad (SDZD)23.4252491S 47.36191559WCIV
Flores Airport (SWFN)3.07299232S 60.02163696WCIV
Florianópolis Airport (FLN/SBFL)27.67068291S 48.54231644WCIV/MIL
Flow Water Helipad (SJHI)22.75028801S 45.53266525WCIV
Folha de São Paulo Helipad (SDFP)23.53735161S 46.64568329WCIV
Fonte Boa Airport (FBA/SWOB)2.53278136S 66.08311462WCIV
Ford Camaçari Helipad (SIUP)12.67361069S 38.27344131WCIV
Formiga Airport (SNFO)20.39509964S 45.48312759WCIV
Formosa Airport (SWFR)15.55621624S 47.34475327WCIV
Formosa do Rio Preto Airport (SDKJ)11.02159977S 45.18669891WCIV
Forquilhinha Airport (CCM/SBCM)28.72579765S 49.42413712WCIV
Fortaleza International Airport (FOR/SBFZ)3.77661276S 38.53205872WCIV/MIL
Forte Coimbra Airport (SSFK)19.90611076S 57.77944565WCIV
Forte Príncipe da Beira Airport (SWPB)12.4199934S 64.41872406WCIV
Forum Trabalhista de 1ª Instância de São Paulo I Heliport (SJCJ)23.52271461S 46.66175842WCIV
Forum Trabalhista de 1ª Instância de São Paulo II Helipad (SJCR)23.52248764S 46.66183472WCIV
Foz do Areia Airport (SSFA)25.98150063S 51.64070129WCIV
Foz do Iguaçu International Airport (IGU/SBFI)25.59651566S 54.48664474WCIV
Franca Airport (FRC/SIMK)20.59211922S 47.3830719WCIV
Francisco Alvares de Assis Airport (JDF/SBJF)21.79117966S 43.38606262WCIV
Francisco Beltrão Airport (FBE/SSFB)26.05920029S 53.06349945WCIV
Francisco Mellão Helipad (SDJJ)23.59333801S 46.68836975WCIV
Frederico Westphalen Airport (SSWF)27.34774017S 53.40254211WCIV
Frei Caneca Shopping Helipad (SSQX)23.55379295S 46.6526947WCIV
Friboi Helipad (SJBA)23.51372147S 46.73106003WCIV
Frigo Estrela Airport (SJFF)20.2947216S 50.41049194WCIV
Frigorífico Marfrig Airport (SSBQ)21.74551201S 52.47940445WCIV
Frisama Açailândia Airport (SJHX)4.94113111S 47.46193314WCIV
Fronteira Airport (SJFR)12.52548027S 58.23538589WCIV
Fronteira Airport (SSFR)20.27810478S 49.18714523WCIV
Frutal Airport (SNFU)20.004776S 48.96089172WCIV
Furnas Airport (SBFU)20.70256042S 46.33543015WCIV
Furnas Centrais Elétricas Helipad (SSFY)25.47332001S 54.54207611WCIV
Furnas Centrais Elétricas S/A Heliport (SNRG)22.95627594S 43.19165421WCIV
Gabinete Militar Helipad (SIGI)16.68179893S 49.25578308WMIL
Gaivota Aviação Agrícola Airport (SICJ)13.46267128S 58.77830505WCIV
Galeão Air Force Hospital Helipad22.81484222S 43.21553421WMIL
Galletti II Airport (SSXR)2.95138907S 51.14611053WCIV
Gandini Heliport (SDXH)23.25151443S 47.32685471WCIV
Garanhuns Airport (QGP/SNGN)8.83428001S 36.47159958WCIV
Garça Airport (SDGC)22.183321S 49.65605927WCIV
Garibaldi Airport (SSGA)29.2691555S 51.53165817WCIV
Garimbo Tocantinzinho Airport (SNFL)6.06241989S 56.30290985WCIV
Gavião Peixoto Airport (SBGP)21.76581001S 48.40501785WCIV
General Canrobert Pereira da Costa Airport (SSGC)20.45330048S 55.75753403WCIV
General Leite de Castro Airport (RVD/SWLC)17.8340683S 50.95555496WCIV
Gentio de Ouro Airport (SNGT)11.44127941S 42.51845551WCIV
Gilbués Airport (SNGB)9.83166504S 45.36958313WCIV
Gilson Machado Heliport (SNPR)8.20258904S 35.61385727WCIV
Girassol Heliport (SIXT)23.87890053S 45.44720078W
Goiabeiras Airport (VIX/SBVT)20.25819206S 40.28691101WCIV
Goianésia Airport (SWGO)15.3421526S 49.13435364WCIV
Goio-Erê Airport (SSGW)24.22034073S 53.04434967WCIV
Golden Air Heliport (SNVX)27.5423584S 48.62467194WCIV
Gorduras e Margarinas Especiais - GME Heliport (SIYG)3.71925664S 38.47341919WCIV
Gorotire Airport (SNGR)7.7716198S 51.12170029WCIV
Governador Valadares Airport (GVR/SBGV)18.89556694S 41.98254395WCIV
Graciosa Heliport (SDRG)25.3920536S 49.15620041WCIV
Graer Heliport (SWZZ)26.26320457S 48.85860825WCIV
Grajaú Airport (SNGJ)5.80625725S 46.11647797WCIV
Gramado Helipad (SIPX)22.90775299S 47.0042572WCIV
Gran Meliá Mofarrej Helipad (SJTY)23.56365013S 46.65589142WCIV
Grande Hotel São Pedro Helipad (SIUE)22.59890747S 47.88106918WCIV
Gravatai Airport (GCV)29.94939995S 50.9850502W
Grupamento Aéreo da Polícia Militar Heliport (SJRX)24.034338S 46.49363708WMIL
Grupo Julio Simões - Sede Helipad (SDEW)23.54193497S 46.22931671WCIV
Grupo Santander Banespa - Panamericana Park Helipad (SJAN)23.65369034S 46.72518539WCIV