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334 Seaplane bases found in Canada. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aguanish Seaplane Base50.23059845N 62.11249924W
Aklavik Seaplane Base68.22250366N 134.99200439W
Alert Bay Seaplane Base50.58338165N 126.93180084WCIV
Algoma Mills Seaplane Base46.1883812N 82.82396698WCIV
Alice Arm/Silver City Seaplane Base55.46670151N 129.48300171W
Alliford Bay Seaplane Base53.21474457N 131.99232483WCIV
Alma (Rivière La Grande Décharge) Seaplane Base48.56330109N 71.61579895W
Amos (Lac Figuery) Seaplane Base48.49969864N 78.11779785W
Arctic Red River Seaplane Base67.44999695N 133.75W
Armstrong Seaplane Base50.25N 89.05000305WCIV
Armstrong/Waweig Lake Seaplane Base50.13330078N 89.11669922W
Arnprior Seaplane Base45.40750122N 76.35970306W
Atikokan Seaplane Base48.76670074N 91.66670227W
Atlin Seaplane Base59.57239532N 133.71029663WCIV
Baie-Comeau Seaplane Base49.20420074N 68.34059906W
Baie-Johan-Beetz Waterdrome (YBJ)50.28379822N 62.80630112WCIV
Baker Lake Seaplane Base64.3167038N 96.01670074W
Bakers Narrows Seaplane Base54.67860031N 101.66000366W
Bala/Gibson Lake Seaplane Base44.94860077N 79.72609711W
Balsam Lake44.54063034N 78.89309692W
Bamfield Water Aerodrome (YBF)48.83900833N 125.13759613WCIV
Bar River Seaplane Base46.42146301N 84.09973907WCIV
Barrage Gouin Seaplane Base48.35419846N 74.10279846W
Barrie/Little Lake Seaplane Base44.4187355N 79.6655426W
Batchawana Seaplane Base46.91854477N 84.60480499WCIV
Bedwell Harbour Airport (YBW)48.75N 123.23300171WCIV
Bella Bella/Waglisla Seaplane Base52.16669846N 128.13299561W
Big Bay Seaplane Base50.40000153N 125.13300323W
Big Hook Wilderness Camp Seaplane Base53.56669998N 92.94999695WCIV
Bird River Seaplane Base50.40000153N 95.75W
Bissett Seaplane Base51.01670074N 95.6832962W
Black Donald Lake Seaplane Base45.20500183N 76.95670319W
Black Lake Seaplane Base59.15000153N 105.55000305W
Blind Channel Seaplane Base50.41669846N 125.5W
Blue Sea Lake Seaplane Base46.24219894N 76.0483017W
Boisvert & Fils Seaplane Base45.64559937N 73.59690094W
Buffalo Narrows Seaplane Base55.84999847N 108.48300171W
Bull Harbour Airport (YBH/CYBH)50.91790009N 127.93720245WCIV
Burditt Lake Seaplane Base48.91939926N 93.80220032W
Caledonia/Grand River Seaplane Base43.08610153N 80.05169678W
Cambridge Bay Seaplane Base69.12220001N 105.02100372W
Camp Cordero Seaplane Base50.45000076N 125.46700287W
Campbell River Seaplane Base50.04999924N 125.25W
Carcross Seaplane Base60.18330002N 134.69999695W
Cardinal Aviation Seaplane Base45.54750061N 75.62779999WCIV
Cascades Seaplane Base45.58580017N 75.86810303W
Chapleau Seaplane Base47.84999847N 83.40000153W
Church Lake Seaplane Base44.55939865N 64.61219788W
Churchill Seaplane Base58.70000076N 94.05000305WCIV
Chute-Des-Passes/Lac Margane Seaplane Base49.94499969N 71.13610077W
Clova/Lac Duchamp Seaplane Base48.11000061N 75.36579895W
Coal Harbour Seaplane Base50.59999847N 127.58300018W
Cochrane Seaplane Base49.10969925N 81.03330231W
Colville Lake Seaplane Base67.05000305N 126.09999847W
Comox Seaplane Base49.66332245N 124.93360138WCIV
Confederation Lake Seaplane Base51.04999924N 92.83329773W
Conne River Seaplane Base47.92499924N 55.57780075W
Constance Lake Seaplane Base45.40280151N 75.9756012W
Courtenay Airpark Seaplane Base49.6814003N 124.98100281WCIV
Cushing Lake Seaplane Base48.94419861N 90.50859833W
Dawson City Seaplane Base64.0667038N 139.43299866WCIV
Dawson Creek Seaplane Base55.74499893N 120.18299866W
Deer Lake Seaplane Base52.61669922N 94.05000305W
Deer Lake/Keyamawun Seaplane Base52.66669846N 94.41670227W
Deliné Seaplane Base65.1832962N 123.41699982W
Digby Island Seaplane Base54.3131218N 130.40390015WCIV
Dorset/Kawagama Lake (Old Mill Marina) Seaplane Base45.26670074N 78.8082962W
Drummondville Seaplane Base45.85440063N 72.38939667W
Dryden Seaplane Base49.76670074N 92.83329773W
Ear Falls Seaplane Base50.58330154N 93.16670227WCIV
Edmonton/Cooking Lake Seaplane Base53.42559433N 113.10579681W
Elk Lake Seaplane Base47.72790909N 80.32154846WCIV
Faro/Johnson Lake Seaplane Base62.20330048N 133.39300537W
Fenelon Falls/Sturgeon Lake Seaplane Base44.52389908N 78.72927094WCIV
Finlay Bay Seaplane Base55.97919846N 123.77700043W
Five Mile Lake Seaplane Base47.56669998N 83.21669769W
Flin Flon/Channing Seaplane Base54.75N 101.83300018W
Ford Bay Seaplane Base66.03330231N 124.68299866W
Fort Frances Seaplane Base48.62779999N 93.35780334W
Fort Grahame Seaplane Base56.52750015N 124.47299957W
Fort Langley Seaplane Base49.16622162N 122.54299927WCIV
Fort McMurray Seaplane Base56.73329926N 111.36699677WCIV
Fort Nelson (Parker Lake) Seaplane Base58.83330154N 122.90000153W
Fort Reliance Seaplane Base62.70000076N 109.16699982W
Fort Simpson Island Seaplane Base61.86940384N 121.36133575WCIV
Fort St. James/Stuart River Seaplane Base54.42060471N 124.27018738WCIV
Fort St. John (Charlie Lake) Seaplane Base56.28329849N 120.96700287W
Fort Ware Seaplane Base57.41669846N 125.65000153W
Fraser Lake Seaplane Base54.06669998N 124.88300323W
Frying Pan Island-Sans Souci Seaplane Base45.16761398N 80.13071442WCIV
Ganges Water Aerodrome (TC: CAX6) (YGG)48.85449982N 123.49690247WCIV
Gilford Island Seaplane Base50.76670074N 126.48300171WCIV
Gilford Island/Health Bay Seaplane Base50.69714737N 126.60279083WCIV
Gillam Seaplane Base56.35440063N 94.65640259WCIV
Gods Lake Narrows Seaplane Base54.54999924N 94.46669769W
Gold River Seaplane Base49.68330002N 126.11699677W
Gooderham/Pencil Lake Seaplane Base44.79999924N 78.34999847W
Goose (Otter Creek) Seaplane Base53.34999847N 60.41669846W
Gowganda/Gowganda Lake Seaplane Base47.65060043N 80.78530121W
Granitehill Lake Seaplane Base49.09999847N 85.19999695W
Great Bear Lake Seaplane Base66.70829773N 119.68299866W
Green Lake Seaplane Base51.4219017N 121.21399689W
Gunisao Lake Seaplane Base53.51670074N 96.36669922W
Haliburton Seaplane Base45.00830078N 78.5667038W
Harrison Hot Springs Seaplane Base49.30485153N 121.78593445W
Hartley Bay Seaplane Base53.41669846N 129.25W
Hatchet Lake Seaplane Base58.63330078N 103.58300018W
Havre St-Pierre Seaplane Base50.26330185N 63.55059814W
Hawk Junction Seaplane Base48.08330154N 84.55000305W
Hay River Seaplane Base60.85189819N 115.73100281W
Head Lake Seaplane Base44.72140121N 78.91079712W
Hearst/Carey Lake Seaplane Base49.75N 84.03330231W
High Level/Footner Lake Seaplane Base58.61669922N 117.18299866W
Hoopers Lake Seaplane Base43.95389938N 65.99079895W
Hornepayne Seaplane Base49.18330002N 84.88330078W
Hudson Seaplane Base50.09999847N 92.16670227W
Huntsville (North) Seaplane Base45.33140182N 79.25810242W
Huntsville Seaplane Base45.31719971N 79.25779724W
Huntsville/Bella Lake Seaplane Base45.45186615N 79.02576447WCIV
Hurds Lake Seaplane Base45.41669846N 76.65000153W
Hutchison Lake Seaplane Base49.78461456N 86.94096375WCIV
Ignace Seaplane Base49.41669846N 91.66670227W
Inuvik/Shell Lake Seaplane Base68.32373047N 133.63035583WCIV
Kamaniskeg Lake Seaplane Base45.38330078N 77.65000153W
Kamloops Seaplane Base50.69807053N 120.43149567WCIV
Kasba Lake Seaplane Base60.28329849N 102.51699829W
Kashabowie/Upper Shebandowan Lake Seaplane Base48.65000153N 90.40000153W
Keene/Elmhirst's Resort Seaplane Base44.25234604N 78.10243225W
Kenora Seaplane Base49.75N 94.48329926W
Kincolith Seaplane Base55N 129.94999695W
Kitkatla Seaplane Base53.79999924N 130.43299866W
Kitkatla Water Aerodrome (TC: CAP7) (YKK)53.79528046N 130.43885803WCIV
Klemtu Seaplane Base (YKT)52.6076355N 128.52175903WCIV
Knee Lake Seaplane Base54.89080048N 94.80750275W
Kyuquot Seaplane Base50.03329849N 127.36699677W
La Grande-4/Lac Bottine Seaplane Base53.70940018N 73.72080231W
La Loche Seaplane Base56.48329926N 109.41699982W
La Ronge Seaplane Base55.09999847N 105.28299713W
La Tuque Seaplane Base47.46139908N 72.78109741W
Lac Beauregard Seaplane Base46.9530983N 74.89219666W
Lac Berthelot Seaplane Base48.52000046N 76.16249847W
Lac Du Bonnet (North) Seaplane Base50.28329849N 96W
Lac Duhamel Seaplane Base46.14080048N 74.64170074W
Lac Gagnon Seaplane Base46.11750031N 75.11530304WCIV
Lac Gobeil Seaplane Base48.24169922N 69.64720154W
Lac Kaiagamac Seaplane Base46.65169907N 73.89499664W
Lac La Croix Seaplane Base48.34999847N 92.19999695W
Lac Pau (Caniapiscau) Seaplane Base54.84500122N 69.88189697W
Lac Polaris (pourvoirie Mirage)53.80055618N 72.8666687W
Lac Sébastien Seaplane Base48.65169907N 71.14579773W
Lac Sept-Îles Seaplane Base46.93970108N 71.74500275WCIV
Lac Trévet Seaplane Base48.15940094N 76.13780212W
Lac-À-Beauce Seaplane Base47.32139969N 72.76499939W
Lac-Des-Écorces Seaplane Base46.54859924N 75.41860199W
Lac-Des-Îles Seaplane Base46.41189957N 75.51999664W
Lake Muskoka Seaplane Base45.0334816N 79.60157776WCIV
Lake Muskoka/Alport Bay Seaplane Base45.02109909N 79.38279724W
Lake Muskoka/Mortimer'S Point Seaplane Base45.05018234N 79.56148529WCIV
Lake Rosseau/Arthurlie Bay Seaplane Base45.11669922N 79.55000305W
Lake Rosseau/Cameron Bay Seaplane Base45.25N 79.65000153W
Lake Rosseau/Windermere Seaplane Base45.16669846N 79.53330231W
Langille Lake Seaplane Base44.45000076N 64.44779968W
Lasqueti Island Seaplane Base49.49715805N 124.35699463WCIV
Leaf Rapids Seaplane Base56.54999924N 99.9332962WCIV
Little Current Seaplane Base45.98389816N 81.95860291W
Long Lake Seaplane Base49.21229935N 124.02352142WCIV
Lutselk'E Seaplane Base62.40000153N 110.75W
Lynn Lake (Eldon Lake) Seaplane Base56.81649399N 101.01844025WCIV
MacTier/Francis Island Seaplane Base45.15029907N 80.01920319W
Manicouagan/Lac Louise Seaplane Base50.65750122N 68.82279968W
Manitowaning Seaplane Base45.73329926N 81.80000305W
Mansons Landing Seaplane Base (YMU)50.06791306N 124.98133087WCIV
Masset Seaplane Base54.00651169N 132.14196777WCIV
Matagami Seaplane Base49.74200058N 77.61025238WCIV
Mattawa Seaplane Base46.31140137N 78.72280121W
Mcgavock Lake Seaplane Base56.56669998N 101.5W
Miminiska Seaplane Base51.60139847N 88.58080292W
Minaki/Pistol Lake Seaplane Base49.98329926N 94.71669769W
Miner's Bay Waterdrome (YAV)48.85274506N 123.30280304WCIV
Minstrel Island Seaplane Base50.61669922N 126.31700134W
Mistissini Seaplane Base50.41669846N 73.86669922W
Montebello Seaplane Base45.63389969N 74.97750092W
Montreal / Marina Venise Seaplane Base45.63285446N 73.78240967W
Montreal / Vieux Port45.50520325N 73.54681396W
Moose Lake (Lodge) Seaplane Base53.07580185N 125.40100098W
Moosonee Seaplane Base51.2686882N 80.64176178WCIV
Muncho Lake/Mile 462 Seaplane Base59.00999832N 125.77400208W
Nahanni Butte Seaplane Base61.03329849N 123.34999847WCIV
Nakina Seaplane Base50.21670151N 86.69999695W
Namushka Lodge Seaplane Base62.41669846N 113.34999847WCIV
Nanaimo Harbour Water Airport (TC: CAC8) (ZNA)49.1922493N 123.94754791WCIV
Natashquan (Lac De L'Avion) Seaplane Base50.18920135N 61.75389862W
Nelson Seaplane Base49.5N 117.30000305W
Nestor Falls Seaplane Base49.11669922N 93.91670227W
Nestor Falls/Sabaskong Bay Seaplane Base49.13330078N 93.9332962W
New Germany Seaplane Base44.54999924N 64.75W
Nimpo Lake Seaplane Base52.33330154N 125.15000153W
Nipawin Seaplane Base53.40000153N 104.01699829W
Nobel/Sawdust Bay Seaplane Base45.40190125N 80.12580109W
Norman Wells Seaplane Base65.25720215N 126.68499756W
North Bay Water Aerodrome46.33103943N 79.40225983WCIV
Norway House Seaplane Base53.98529816N 97.79389954W
Obre Lake/North of Sixty Seaplane Base60.32030106N 103.1269989W
Ocean Falls Seaplane Base (ZOF)52.35839081N 127.72099304WCIV
Orillia/Lake St John Seaplane Base44.68330002N 79.3167038W
Orillia/Matchedash Lake Seaplane Base44.78329849N 79.5W
Ottawa / Gatineau Seaplane Base45.46440125N 75.68000031W
Ottawa / Rockcliffe Seaplane Base (TR7)45.46383286N 75.64253998WCIV
Otter Lake Seaplane Base55.59999847N 104.76699829W
Parc De La Vérendrye (Le Domaine) Seaplane Base47.0367012N 76.53669739WCIV
Parc Gatineau Seaplane Base45.68273163N 76.20804596WCIV
Parent Seaplane Base47.89149475N 74.64064789WCIV
Parry Sound Harbour Seaplane Base45.33892822N 80.03461456WCIV
Parry Sound/Deep Bay Seaplane Base45.39860153N 80.18190002W
Parry Sound/Derbyshire Island Seaplane Base45.24470139N 80.15499878W
Parry Sound/Huron Island Seaplane Base45.1794014N 80.10669708WCIV
Parry Sound/St. Waleran Island Seaplane Base45.24919891N 80.20359802W
Paulatuk Seaplane Base69.34999847N 124.06700134W
Pays Plat Seaplane Base48.88330078N 87.58329773W
Pelican Narrows Seaplane Base55.16542435N 102.93445587WCIV
Penticton Seaplane Base49.45000076N 119.59999847WCIV
Perry Lake Seaplane Base48.53250122N 80.10720062W
Pickle Lake Seaplane Base51.46670151N 90.19999695W
Pikangikum Seaplane Base51.79999924N 93.98329926W
Pine Dock Seaplane Base51.6108017N 96.81719971WCIV
Pine Lake Waterdome60.80279922N 137.49099731WCIV
Pitt Meadows Seaplane Base49.20941544N 122.70959473WCIV
Points North Landing Seaplane Base58.26670074N 104.08300018W
Pontiac Airpark Water Aerodrome45.52360916N 76.17082977W
Port Alberni Seaplane Base49.28915405N 124.93774414WCIV
Port Alberni Seaplane Base49.23189926N 124.81500244W
Port Alice/Jeune Landing Seaplane Base50.42322922N 127.48622894W
Port Carling/Butterfly Lake Seaplane Base45.09389877N 79.63059998W
Port Hardy Seaplane Base50.71670151N 127.48300171W
Port Loring Seaplane Base45.8923378N 80.10301208W
Port McNeill Seaplane Base50.59223175N 127.08838654W
Port Simpson Seaplane Base54.56669998N 130.43299866W
Port Stanton/Sparrow Lake Seaplane Base44.79999924N 79.41670227W
Port Washington Seaplane Base48.81669998N 123.31700134W
Portage Lake Seaplane Base45.76670074N 80.23329926W
Porters Lake Seaplane Base44.71220016N 63.2989006W
Powell Lake Seaplane Base (WPL)49.88653564N 124.53088379WCIV
Pukatawagan Seaplane Base55.73669815N 101.32700348W
Québec/Lac St-Augustin Seaplane Base46.75139999N 71.39420319W
Queen Charlotte City Seaplane Base53.25N 132.06700134WCIV
Quennell Lake Seaplane Base49.07749939N 123.83100128W
Rainy River Seaplane Base48.71670151N 94.5667038W
Red Lake Seaplane Base51.03329849N 93.83329773W
Red Sucker Lake Seaplane Base54.15482712N 93.56330109WCIV
Rivers Inlet Seaplane Base51.68330002N 127.25W
Rivière Temiscamie Floatbase51.0084877N 72.98983765W
Round Lake (Weagamow Lake) Seaplane Base52.9488678N 91.34992981WCIV
Rykerts Seaplane Base48.98329926N 116.5W
Saint-Boniface-de-Shawinigan Seaplane Base46.47765732N 72.77607727WCIV
Saint-François-de-Laval (Laval Aviation)45.69312668N 73.58090973W
Sand Point Lake Seaplane Base48.33330154N 92.44999695W
Sandy Bay Seaplane Base55.51670074N 102.31700134WCIV
Sandy Lake Seaplane Base53.04999924N 93.33329773W
Sault Ste. Marie - Partridge Point Seaplane Base46.52080154N 84.24079895WCIV
Sault Ste. Marie Seaplane Base46.50380707N 84.32411957WCIV
Savant Lake (Sturgeon Lake) Seaplane Base50.20000076N 90.6832962W
Schefferville/Squaw Lake Seaplane Base54.8280983N 66.80139923W
Seal Cove Waterdrome (ZSW/CZSW)54.32921982N 130.27842712WCIV
Selkirk Seaplane Base50.16669846N 96.86669922W
Sept-Îles Seaplane Base50.2989006N 66.41560364WCIV
Shawnigan Lake Seaplane Base48.63330078N 123.63300323W
Shearwater Water Aerodrome (YSX)52.15000153N 128.08299255WCIV
Shoal Lake Seaplane Base50.43330002N 100.59999847W
Silver Falls Seaplane Base50.5N 96.09999847W
Sioux Lookout Seaplane Base50.09189987N 91.91249847W
Skeleton Lake Seaplane Base45.23189926N 79.43609619W
Smithers/Tyhee Lake Seaplane Base54.71670151N 127.05000305W
Snow Lake Seaplane Base54.88390732N 100.03383636WCIV
South Brook Seaplane Base49.01670074N 57.63330078W
Southend Seaplane Base56.33330154N 103.28299713W
Spout Lake Seaplane Base52.00749969N 121.44499969W
Springdale/Davis Pond Seaplane Base49.54999924N 56.04999924W
Sproat Lake Tanker Base Heliport49.28988266N 124.93917084WCIV
St-Alphonse/Lac Cloutier Seaplane Base46.18878937N 73.65487671WCIV
St-Mathias Seaplane Base45.50279999N 73.25219727W
St. John's Seaplane Base47.46850586N 52.88954163WCIV
Staunton Lake Seaplane Base50.3830986N 90.65859985W
Ste-Anne-Du-Lac Seaplane Base46.88190079N 75.32170105W
Ste-Véronique Seaplane Base46.51470184N 74.99030304W
Stevensville Seaplane Base42.92484283N 79.07847595W
Stewart Lake Seaplane Base49.81669998N 93.71669769W
Stewart Seaplane Base55.91669846N 130W
Stony Rapids Seaplane Base59.25999832N 105.83100128W
Sudbury/Azilda Seaplane Base46.53329849N 81.13330078W
Sudbury/Ramsey Lake Seaplane Base46.47999954N 80.98529816W
Sullivan Bay Seaplane Base50.88330078N 126.83300018W
Surge Narrows Seaplane Base50.21670151N 125.11699677W
Tahsis Water Aerodrome (ZTS)49.91669846N 126.66026306WCIV
Taltheilei Narrows Seaplane Base62.59999847N 111.51699829W
Tasu Water Aerodrome (YTU)52.76305389N 132.03999329WCIV
Telegraph Creek Seaplane Base57.90000153N 131.18299866W
Temagami Seaplane Base47.0625N 79.79329681W
Temagami/Mine Landing Seaplane Base46.96030045N 80.02310181W
Témiscaming/Lac Kipawa Seaplane Base46.77780151N 78.9713974W
The Pas / Grace Lake Seaplane Base53.82072067N 101.1926651W
Thompson Seaplane Base55.75N 97.83329773WCIV
Thorburn Lake Seaplane Base48.26670074N 54.15000153W
Thunder Bay Seaplane Base48.45000076N 89.16670227W
Timmins/Porcupine Lake Seaplane Base48.48329926N 81.19999695W
Tincup Lake Seaplane Base61.74890137N 139.2460022W
Tofino Harbour Seaplane Base49.15000153N 125.90000153W
Tofino Harbour Water Aerodrome (YTP)49.15504456N 125.90927124WCIV
Toronto/City Centre Seaplane Base43.6330986N 79.39440155W
Trout Lake Seaplane Base60.43330002N 121.25W
Ucluelet Seaplane Base48.95000076N 125.55000305W
Uranium City Seaplane Base59.56669998N 108.59999847W
Val D'or (St. Pierre) Water Aerodrome48.0778656N 77.86965942W
Val D'or / Huard Water Aerodrome48.07174301N 77.87384033W
Val-D'Or/Hydrobase Piché Dubuisson Seaplane Base48.08530045N 77.88860321W
Vancouver Harbour Water Aerodrome (CXH/CYHC)49.29439926N 123.11100006WCIV
Vancouver International Seaplane Base49.17704773N 123.16815186WCIV
Vanderhoof (District) Seaplane Base54.01670074N 124W
Vermilion Bay Seaplane Base49.88330078N 93.40000153W
Vernon/Wildlife Seaplane Base50.24288559N 119.34498596WCIV
Victoria Inner Harbour Airport (YWH/CYWH)48.41587067N 123.39662933WCIV
Virginia Falls Seaplane Base61.59999847N 125.75W
Wabowden Seaplane Base54.91669846N 98.61669922W
Wabush Waterdome52.93842316N 66.90116119WCIV
Watson Lake Seaplane Base60.11669922N 128.78300476W
Whaletown Seaplane Base50.09999847N 125.05000305W
Whati Airport Seaplane Base63.13217545N 117.25862122WCIV
Whatì Seaplane Base63.14191055N 117.27579498W
Whistler Water Aerodrome (YWS)50.14417267N 122.95036316WCIV
White River Seaplane Base48.62689972N 85.22329712W
Whitehorse Seaplane Base60.69110107N 135.03700256W
Williams Lake Seaplane Base52.11669922N 122.09999847W
Winfield (Wood Lake) Seaplane Base50.04999924N 119.40000153W
Yellowknife Seaplane Base62.46670151N 114.34999847WCIV
Zeballos Seaplane Base49.98329926N 126.84999847W