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16 Fields found in Chile. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Antofagasta Airport (ANF/SCFA)23.44583321S 70.44515228WCIV/MIL
Arica Naval Helipad (SHHV)18.47580338S 70.32272339WMIL
Canchones West Air Base20.42709923S 69.64150238WMIL
Cuartel Gral. I División De Ejercito Heliport (SHEJ)23.68239975S 70.4138031WMIL
Cuartel Gral. VI División de Ejercito Heliport (SHIQ)20.23327446S 70.14427948WMIL
El Bosque Airport (SCBQ)33.5617981S 70.68840027WMIL
Hospital FACh Helipad (SHHF)33.39711761S 70.54585266WMIL
Hospital Naval Viña Del Mar Helipad32.9994812S 71.5421524WMIL
Iquique Air Base (IQQ/SCDA)20.53568459S 70.1812439WCIV/MIL
Los Cerrillos Heliport (SHFA)33.49638748S 70.69527435WMIL
Puerto Montt - El Tepual Airport (PMC/SCTE)41.4399147S 73.09384155WCIV/MIL
Punta Arenas Airport (PUQ/SCCI)53.00405121S 70.85150146WCIV/MIL
Santiago de Chile International Airport (SCL/SCEL)33.39326859S 70.79416656WCIV/MIL
Santiago Military Hospital Helipad33.4512825S 70.53684235WMIL
Temuco Airport (ZCO/SCTC)38.76700592S 72.63725281WCIV/MIL
Viña del Mar Air Base (KNA/SCVM)32.94960022S 71.47859955WCIV/MIL