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19 Heliports found in China. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Baoding AHP38.835392N 115.51844025EMIL
Cheung Chau Helipad22.20797729N 114.03353882ECIV
Erenhot Hospital Helipad43.67045593N 111.95928192ECIV
Heli-Tours Helipad22.29889679N 114.15684509ECIV
Liangjiazhai Helipad30.81553078N 121.46063232ECIV
Liaocheng AHP36.44872665N 116.09485626EMIL
Lixiong'e Helipad30.59339714N 122.08844757ECIV
Lushan Heliport29.66485977N 116.0795517ECIV
Macau Heliport22.19706154N 113.55903625ECIV
Peninsula Hotel Helipad22.30111694N 114.17247772ECIV
Ping Chau Helipad22.54782104N 114.4283371ECIV
Qianyan Ergang Air Base31.97192764N 118.84127045EMIL
Shanghai Expo Helipad31.17521477N 121.46399689ECIV
Shun Tak Heliport (HHP/VHST)22.28884125N 114.1522522ECIV
Tianjin Heliport39.10684586N 117.43682098ECIV
Wuhan Jiaju Heliport30.741642N 114.3161087ECIV
Xingmincun Helipad30.83386993N 121.53360748ECIV
Xingxiang AHP35.29617691N 113.8421936EMIL
Zhumadian Helipad32.96124649N 114.00341797ECIV