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13 Unpaveds found in Congo. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Boundji Airport (BOE/FCOB)1.03111207S 15.33459187ECIV
Gamboma Airport (GMM/FCOG)1.82948887S 15.88532257ECIV
Kelle Airport (KEE/FCOK)0.07072622S 14.50613499ECIV
Kindamba Airport (KNJ/FCBK)3.73325086S 14.50060654ECIV
M'passa Airport (FCBP)4.36580181S 14.15504169ECIV
Makoua Airport (MKJ/FCOM)0.02150611S 15.5760479ECIV
Marala Airport (FCMR)2.90360045S 12.68578625ECIV
Mossendjo Airport (MSX/FCMM)2.94648576S 12.69961357ECIV
N'Zabi Airport (FCMZ)3.16237235S 12.92450619ECIV
Okoyo Airport (OKG)1.45013189S 15.07214165ECIV
Souanke Airport (SOE/FCOS)2.067343N 14.13729191ECIV
Yokangassi Airport (NKY/FCBY)4.22273493S 13.28656197ECIV
Zanaga Airport (ANJ/FCBZ)2.8468709S 13.82107735ECIV