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83 Fields found in Costa Rica. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aerodamas Airport (MRAD)9.45760727N 84.20809937WCIV
Agropecuaria Playa Caletas Airport (MRPT)9.75397301N 85.25701904WCIV
Amubri Airport (MRAM)9.52157784N 82.95323944WCIV
Aranjuez Airport (MRAJ)10.05667686N 84.80794525WCIV
Atirro Airport (MRAR)9.84310818N 83.65132904W
Babilonia Airport (MRBB)10.16058064N 83.59312439WCIV
Barra de Parismina Airport (MRBP)10.30194283N 83.34558105WCIV
Barra del Colorado Airport (BCL/MRBC)10.76869965N 83.58560181WCIV
Boca Naranjo Airport (MRBO)9.39454269N 84.12542725WCIV
Carrillo Airport (RIK/MRCR)9.8705101N 85.48139954WCIV
Catsa Airport (MECT)10.51905346N 85.5552597WCIV
Chacarita Airport (MRCH)9.98141003N 84.77269745WCIV
Ciruelas Airport (MRCI)10.50679398N 85.35501862WCIV
Coto 47 Airport (OTR/MRCC)8.60155964N 82.96859741WCIV
Coyolar Airport (MRCL)10.64993N 85.53430939WCIV
Dieciocho Airport (MRDO)8.90369987N 83.42980194WCIV
Don Diego Airport (MRDD)9.55579853N 82.89051819W
Dos Marías Airport (MRDM)9.92554283N 84.99042511WCIV
Drake Bay Airport (DRK/MRDK)8.71910191N 83.64178467WCIV
Duacari 2 Airport (MRDC)10.35149956N 83.63050079WCIV
El Carmen de Siquirres Airport (MREC)10.20199966N 83.47219849WCIV
El Cerrito Airport (MRCO)10.45267105N 85.56047058WCIV
Finca 63 Airport (MRFS)8.65237331N 83.06551361WCIV
Finca Airport (MRET)9.52529144N 84.45044708WCIV
Finca Delicias Airport (MRFD)8.95746326N 83.55007172WCIV
Golfito Airport (GLF/MRGF)8.65400982N 83.18219757WCIV
Guanacaste Airport (NCT/MRNC)10.13939953N 85.44580078WCIV
Guápiles Airport (GPL/MRGP)10.21730614N 83.79714966WCIV
Guatuso Airport (MRGT)10.67685986N 84.82564545WCIV
Hacienda La Pacífica Airport (MRHP)10.452775N 85.14949799WCIV
Jaco Airport (MRJO)9.55962944N 84.55989075WCIV
La Cueva Airport (MRLV)10.68073654N 85.52736664WCIV
La Flor Airport (MRLF)10.65016842N 85.5340271WCIV
La Garroba Airport (MRLG)10.80455303N 84.89932251WCIV
La Guinea Airport (MRLN)10.42135429N 85.47159576WCIV
La Javilla Airport (MLLJ)9.81120491N 85.29450226WCIV
La Victoria de Sarapiqui Heliport (MRLS)10.31679535N 83.91676331WCIV
La Yolanda Airport (MRLY)9.55816841N 84.56224823WCIV
La Zampoña Airport (MRLA)10.30982208N 85.46611786WCIV
Las Islas Airport (MRIS)10.55728722N 83.9715271WCIV
Las Piedras Airport (MRLP)10.35623932N 85.2039032WCIV
Laurel Airport (MRLE)8.44040966N 82.90839386WCIV
Liberia Airport (LIR/MRLB)10.59359837N 85.5442276WCIV
Los Chiles Airport (LSL/MRLC)11.03483677N 84.70626831WCIV
Los Sueños Helipad (MRRM)9.68232822N 84.66107941WCIV
Mojica Airport (MRMJ)10.43261051N 85.17127991WCIV
Murcielago Airport (MRMC)10.91059875N 85.71877289WCIV
Nosara Airport (NOB/MRNS)9.97645855N 85.65296173WCIV
Nuevo Palmar Sur Airport (MRFI)8.91635036N 83.50730133WCIV
Palmar Sur Airport (PMZ/MRPM)8.95104027N 83.46869659WCIV
Palo Arco Airport (MRPA)9.85140991N 85.23789978WCIV
Pandora Airport (MRPD)9.7321701N 82.98320007WCIV
Paso Canoas Airport (MRPC)8.95777988N 83.5503006WCIV
Pelon Nuevo Airport (MRPN)10.4863205N 85.41499329WCIV
Peñas Blancas Airport (MRPS)10.31515694N 85.67633057WCIV
Playa Ballena Airport (MRPY)9.12265301N 83.70497131WCIV
Puerto Jimenez Airport (PJM/MRPJ)8.53570652N 83.30116272WCIV
Puerto Limón International Airport (LIO/MRLM)9.95796013N 83.02200317WCIV
Punta Banco Airport (MRPO)8.35784149N 83.13752747WCIV
Punta Islita Airport (PBP/MRIA)9.85628891N 85.37097931WCIV
Quepos Managua Airport (XQP/MRQP)9.44316006N 84.12979889WCIV
Rancho Nuevo Airport (MRRN)9.5597477N 84.55979919WCIV
Rio Frio / Progreso Airport (RFR/MRRF)10.32535267N 83.88691711WCIV
Roxana Farms Airport (MRRX)10.30901241N 83.75762939WCIV
San Agustin Airport (MRST)10.06514549N 84.87622833WCIV
San Alberto Airport (MRSA)10.14812088N 83.49133301WCIV
San Cristobal Airport (MRSB)10.46927929N 84.57894135WCIV
San Isidro del General Airport (MRSI)9.3491478N 83.71211243WCIV
San José International Airport (SJO/MROC)9.99379826N 84.20903015WCIV
San Vito De Java Airport (TOO/MRSV)8.82705307N 82.9585495WCIV
Santa Clara De Guapiles Airport (MRSG)10.28829956N 83.71350098WCIV
Sarapigui Airport (MRSQ)10.47135162N 83.90699768WCIV
Shiroles Airport (MRSH)9.58652496N 82.95762634WCIV
Sixaola Airport (MRSX)9.50382233N 82.63134766WCIV
Taboga Airport (MRTG)10.35616398N 85.2040329WCIV
Talolinga Airport (MRTL)10.3097086N 85.46638489WCIV
Tamarindo Airport (TNO/MRTM)10.35573101N 85.85300446WCIV
Tambor Airport (TMU/MRTR)9.73919678N 85.01607513WCIV
Ticaban Airport (MRTB)10.39710236N 83.82907867WCIV
Tobías Bolaños International Airport (SYQ/MRPV)9.95715046N 84.1398468WCIV
Tortuguero Airport (TTQ/MRAO)10.56887341N 83.51493073WCIV
Upala Airport (UPL/MRUP)10.89220047N 85.0161972WCIV
Yucatica Airport (MRYT)10.33899021N 83.66835785WCIV