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11 Unpaveds found in Croatia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Bjelovar Brezova Airport (LDZJ)45.8608017N 16.83580017ECIV
Buševec Velika Glider Airport (LDZB)45.64749908N 16.12457085ECIV
Čakovec Pribisla Airport (LDVC)46.39189911N 16.50029945ECIV
Hvar Private Airport (LDSH)43.18157578N 16.63321495ECIV
Medulin Campanoz Airport (LDPM)44.84336853N 13.90446758ECIV
Otočac Airport (LDRO)44.84622192N 15.28816223ECIV
Sinj Glider Airport (LDSS)43.70029831N 16.67140007ECIV
Slavonski Jelas Airport (LDOR)45.15610123N 17.98810005ECIV
Unije Airport (LDPN)44.62883377N 14.24193668ECIV
Vinkovci Sopot Airport (LDOV)45.25109863N 18.75919914ECIV
Vukovar Borovo N Airport (LDOB)45.38639832N 18.96279907ECIV