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9 Heliports found in Egypt. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Abu Simbel Canal Helipad 122.63772011N 31.85166931ECIV
Abu Simbel Canal Helipad 222.8177948N 31.46256828ECIV
Abu Simbel Canal Helipad 323.00922966N 31.51765633ECIV
Cairo Al Qubbaah Palace Helipad30.09091759N 31.2944088EMIL
Cairo Helipad30.06105995N 31.31953239ECIV
Cairo Heliport30.08413315N 31.31786728EMIL
Cairo Hospital Helipad30.08466148N 31.29728889ECIV
Dheraa Al Bahri Heliport31.04204559N 29.65473557EMIL
Sharm el-Sheikh Hospital Helipad27.8821106N 34.29709625ECIV