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14 Unpaveds found in El Salvador. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Barillas Airport (MSBS)13.2652626N 88.49913025WCIV
Casas Nuevas Airport (MSCN)13.3099308N 88.50618744WCIV
Ceiba Doblada Airport (MSCD)13.21301079N 88.60281372WCIV
Corral De Mulas Airport (MSCM)13.20558834N 88.54734039WCIV
El Playón Airport13.45181084N 88.75390625WCIV
El Zapote Airport (MSZT)13.70795441N 90.02626801WCIV
Espiritu Santo Airport (MSES)13.21932411N 88.55404663WCIV
La Aramuaca Airport (MSAC)13.44781303N 88.11981964WCIV
La Cabaña Airport (MSLC)14.00981045N 89.18476105WCIV
La Carrera Airport (MSCR)13.32870293N 88.52081299WCIV
La Chepona Airport (MSCH)13.18626118N 88.40765381WCIV
Las Cachas Airport13.4667244N 89.19134521WCIV
Punta San Juan Airport (MSSJ)13.17873478N 88.47315979WCIV
San Ramon Airport (MSSN)13.1974659N 87.96091461W