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27 Heliports found in England. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Andover Airport (ADV/EGWA)51.20790482N 1.52823687WCIV
Ascot Racecourse Heliport (EGLT)51.42073441N 0.65919918WCIV
Boulmer Airfield (EGQM)55.42053604N 1.60005569WCIV
Cheltenham Racecourse Heliport51.92577744N 2.05467892WCIV
Fleetlands Heliport (PME/EGVF)50.83520889N 1.16908419WCIV
Funtington Helipad50.8679657N 0.87753803WMIL
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Helipad51.86507034N 2.23189497WCIV
Goodwood Racecourse Heliport (EGKG)50.90032196N 0.73692179WCIV
Great Yarmouth - North Denes Heliport (EGSD)52.63626099N 1.7225225ECIV
London Battersea Heliport (EGLW)51.46993256N 0.17952715WCIV
London King's College Hospital Helipad51.46790314N 0.092043WCIV
London Vanguard Helipad51.4906044N 0.025408WCIV
Milton Keynes Campbell Park Helipad52.04522324N 0.74450803WCIV
Milton Keynes Helipad52.01749802N 0.76463801WCIV
Milton Keynes Hospital Helipad52.02553558N 0.734447WCIV
Morn Farm Helipad (Private)50.62517548N 2.51304197WCIV
Newcastle Heliport54.96188736N 1.627846WCIV
Northumbria Hospital Helipad55.07488251N 1.567734WCIV
Penzance Heliport (PZE/EGHK)50.12810135N 5.51844978WCIV
Portland Heliport (EGDP)50.56883621N 2.4505353WCIV
RAF Spadeadam (EGOM)55.05270386N 2.55454898WMIL
RVI Newcastle Helipad54.98051834N 1.61938202WCIV
Sheffield City Airport (SZD/EGSY)53.39506531N 1.38192391WCIV
Silverstone Heliport (EGBV)52.07017136N 1.01266813WCIV
Southmead Hospital Helipad51.49369049N 2.592556WCIV
Strubby Heliport (EGCG)53.31082535N 0.172269ECIV
Tresco Heliport (TSO/EGHT)49.9455986N 6.3313899WCIV