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18 Airfields found in Ethiopia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aba Segud Airport (JIM/HAJM)7.66247463N 36.81814575ECIV
Alula Aba Airport (MQX/HAMK)13.4673996N 39.53350067ECIV/MIL
Arba Minch Airport (AMH/HAAM)6.03934717N 37.59062958ECIV
Asosa Airport (ASO/HASO)10.02052879N 34.58192062ECIV
Axum Airport (AXU/HAAX)14.14675808N 38.77254486ECIV
Bahar Dar Airport (BJR/HABD)11.60809994N 37.32160187ECIV/MIL
Combolcha Airport (DSE/HADC)11.10972691N 39.72610855ECIV
Dire Dawa Airport (DIR/HADR)9.62469959N 41.85419846ECIV/MIL
Gambela Airport (GMB/HAGM)8.12876034N 34.56322861ECIV
Gode Airport (GDE/HAGO)5.93513012N 43.57860184ECIV/MIL
Gondar Airport (GDQ/HAGN)12.51990032N 37.43399811ECIV
Harar Meda Air Base (QHR/HAHM)8.71574879N 39.006073EMIL
Jijiga Airport9.36238384N 42.78911209E
Kabri Dar Airport (ABK/HAKD)6.7328496N 44.24398804ECIV
Lalibela Airport (LLI/HALL)11.97500038N 38.97999954ECIV
Moyale Airport (MYS)3.46954846N 39.10139847ECIV
Shire Inda Selassie Airport (SHC)14.07705975N 38.27258301ECIV
Wilwal International Airport (JIJ/HAJJ)9.33113289N 42.91123962ECIV