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11 Airfields found in Fiji. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Biaugunu Airport (NFBG)16.44938087S 179.7401123E
Kaibu Island Airport (NFKB)17.2545681S 179.48857117WCIV
Labasa Airport (LBS/NFNL)16.46785164S 179.33966064ECIV
Lakeba Island Airport (LKB/NFNK)18.1996479S 178.81632996WCIV
Laucala Island Airport (LUC/NFNH)16.74764824S 179.66722107WCIV
Levuka Airfield (LEV/NFNB)17.71185684S 178.75901794ECIV
Matei Airport (TVU/NFNM)16.69072342S 179.87712097WCIV
Nadi International Airport (NAN/NFFN)17.75494003S 177.44348145ECIV
Nausori International Airport (SUV/NFNA)18.04330063S 178.55900574ECIV
Vunisea Airport (Kandavu Airport) (KDV/NFKD)19.05426788S 178.1565094ECIV
Wakaya Island Airport (KAY/NFNW)17.62974167S 179.01060486ECIV