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12 Unpaveds found in Fiji. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Cicia Airport (ICI/NFCI)17.74329948S 179.34199524WCIV
Koro Airport (KXF/NFNO)17.3458004S 179.42199707ECIV
Malolo Lailai Island Airport (PTF/NFFO)17.77824783S 177.1967926ECIV
Mana Island Airport (MNF/NFMA)17.6726284S 177.0983429ECIV
Moala Airport (MFJ/NFMO)18.56702614S 179.95079041ECIV
Ngau Airport (NGI/NFNG)18.11560059S 179.33999634ECIV
Ono-I-Lau Airport (ONU/NFOL)20.65891457S 178.74110413WCIV
Rotuma Airport (RTA/NFNR)12.48283482S 177.07112122ECIV
Savusavu Airport (SVU/NFNS)16.80306625S 179.34051514ECIV
Vanua Balavu Airport (VBV/NFVB)17.24516678S 178.95895386WCIV
Vatulele Airport (VTF/NFVL)18.51250076S 177.63870239ECIV
Yasawa Island Airport (YAS/NFSW)16.75930977S 177.54563904ECIV